Birthday Delight Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: This is a special birthday story dedicated to a good friend of mine. No infringement is intended. Everyone involved is over the age of consent. (18)

It was 3PM just as soon as I left the restaurant in route to Lyn and Victoria’s place. My wandered back to the gift I received from Diane and some of the girls there. A smile crept across my face as I turned on to the street they lived on. Seconds later, I pulled into their driveway. I parked my car next to theirs before shutting the engine off. I got out of my car and approached the door to the apartment. I wonder what they have planned for me here? There’s no telling but there’s only one way to find out.

I stopped in front of the door and raised my hand to knock. Just before my hand made contact, the door instantly opened revealing 27 year old Lynisha Williams standing behind the door in one of her robes. “Hey Aaron. Happy birthday.” She smiled.

“Thanks Lyn. I take it Victoria’s here too?” I asked my ebony haired female friend.

“She is.” Lyn confirmed with a smile on her face. She stepped back and let me enter her apartment. While entering, I instantly recognized the smell of food cooking. “Mmm.. that smell great.” I looked around and called out for my other female friend. “Victoria? You in there?”

“Yep. I’m here. Happy birthday Aaron.” 28 year old Victoria St. James called out from the kitchen. “I’m making you a birthday dinner so I hope you came hungry.”

I sure did.” I replied before smiling. I remember how well Victoria and her sister, Charlotte can cook. Lyn’s no slouch in the kitchen either with her Mom being a big time restaurant chef. “Can’t wait to see what you cooked, V.”

“It’ll be worth the wait Aaron. Kick back, relax and let Lyn and I get everything ready.” Victoria told me. The brunette was wearing a black apron as she was standing in front of the stove stirring the pot. She walked past the opening in the kitchen and something caught my eye.

I noticed that Victoria besides the apron was completely nude. Every since I’ve been friends with Victoria and her sister Charlotte, they’ve always walked around their home nude. I guess it’s a house rule of theirs. Maybe Lyn and her sisters, Kiana and Tani are the same way. Hopefully, I’ll know the answer to that one day.

I’ve always fantasized about sleeping with my two best friends and their sisters. Luck will have to be on my side like crazy in order for that to happen. I was enjoying the view of Victoria’s bubble butt when I didn’t see Lyn approach me. She hugged me from behind, jarring me from my thoughts. “Enjoying the view, Aaron?” she asked me. When I turned around and looked at her, she was naked like Victoria.

“Lyn! I umm..” I stammered out. I tried to get the rest of my sentence out but Lyn cut me off by putting her slender finger to my lips.

“Don’t worry about it. This is part of your birthday present so enjoy it. V and I got something special for you later.” Lyn told me as she guided me to the couch. “Get comfortable and relax Aaron.” I stopped in front of the couch and slipped my feet out of my shoes. Lyn continued on to the kitchen as I sat down. I swung my feet onto the couch, laid down and grabbed the remote. But then I just thought of something. “Victoria?”

“Yes Aaron.?” she replied from kitchen.

“How comfortable can I get?” I asked her.

“As comfy as you want. If you want to go naked, feel free. House rules.” She answered from the kitchen. I smiled when she said that so I stood up and stripped down to my boxers. I folded them up and sat them off to the side. I yawned slightly and thought it was best to take a quick nap while Lyn and Victoria finished cooking.

My eyes opened to the world a couple of hours later as I felt something on my lap. I looked at the figure on my lap as my eyes focused to reveal Victoria’s sister, Charlotte sitting on my boxer covered lap..or at least I thought they was covered. My rod was exposed with one of my friends sitting, or more like straddling it.

The beautiful brunette smiled at me. “Hey Aaron. Happy birthday.” Charlotte, like her sister, has such a beautiful smile and a killer body to go with it. As much as I wanted to look at my naked friend on my lap, nature was calling to me. “Charlotte, as much as I love having you on top of me, I really have to get up before we’re both all wet.”

Charlotte giggled as she ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar got off me. I smiled and shook my head. I quickly got up and headed to the bathroom to relieve the pressure off my bladder. Giving a sigh of relief while the warm stream splashed around in the bowl, my stomach started to rumble. I wonder was that birthday dinner was done yet?

After finishing my business and washing my hands, I made my way to the kitchen to see that all of my female best friends have arrived and naked as the day they was born. If all of them have one or two things in common, it was their bust size and round, soft butts. “Evening ladies.” I greeted them.

“Happy birthday Aaron.” All of them said at once. Victoria was done cooking now and left the food on the stove covered up. She was sitting next to her sister Charlotte who was looking at me with a smirk on her face. Tanisha or Tani for short, was next to her on her left, then Lyn, then Kiana or Kiki for short. As I looked at my five friends, I realized there were no chairs left.

“Umm ladies, you do know that there’s no chairs left right.” I asked them.

They all nodded and looked around at each other. Charlotte spoke up. “I’ll get up. He can have my chair.” She stood up and still had that smirk on her face. I timidly walked over and sat down between Victoria and Tani. Charlotte surprised me and sat down on my lap, resting her bubble butt on my member.

She leaned back and rested her head on my shoulder and sighed contentedly. “Perfect.” She whispered. The other four had big smiles on their faces. Kiki adjusted her glasses on her face before speaking. “You think we should have dinner now or do the surprise?”

Lyn chimed in. “Dinner. I’m starving right now.” The other girls giggled as they got up. Charlotte remained on my lap. “Umm.. aren’t you going to get your plate?” I asked her.

“In a minute. I love where I’m at right now.” Charlotte told me. I shook my head and smiled. “I love it too but I haven’t had anything to eat since my piece of birthday cake at work.”

“Just a little while longer Aaron.” Charlotte leaned back and whispered in my ear. “Your dick feels really good pressed up against my ass right now.” I must admit myself, Charlotte’s soft butt feels good. But right now, my stomach is really telling me “feed me, get booty later.” or something along those lines.

Charlotte stood up and helped me to my feet. We both looked down and saw that I was at full mast. Charlotte looked at me and winked. “After we eat, we’ll have that surprise ready for you.” What surprise are they talking about? This wasn’t it? Anyway, I’ll worry about that later, right now, I need food.

I made my way to the cabinet and grabbed a plate. Lyn stopped me. “Wait a second sweetie. Use the “fine china” and they’re over by the stove already.” She told me as she held her paper plate full of Victoria’s home cooking. I smiled as I saw her shovel a fork full of food in her mouth. Her version of “fine china” is paper plates so that way no one will have to do the dishes later.

I grabbed my little piece of “fine china” and looked over what Victoria cooked. A stove top full of food and I don’t know where to begin. Decisions, decisions. I started making my plate with a couple pieces of baked ham, fried chicken, corn bread. I looked down at my plate and had little room left already. I sat that plate down and grabbed another one and loaded it with the rest of the food.

I walked back over to the table carrying both plates of food carefully and smiled as I saw the ladies were waiting for me. Plus there was a chair that appeared out of no where. I shook my head and smiled. As I sat down, all the ladies where holding hands around the table. I reached up and grabbed Lyn’s and Victoria’s hands.

Afterwards, Victoria said grace. In short, she blessed the food and me on my birthday. An echoes of “Amen” rang out around the table and everyone dug in. I looked over my plate and again couldn’t decide where to start. I picked up my fork and just started eating. I smiled after the first bite, Victoria has really outdone herself.

Twenty minutes later after the food has disappeared, Lyn went over to the refrigerator and took out a decorated cake. My ebony haired friend turned around and carried it over to the table and sat it down. The cake read “Happy birthday Aaron” on it. Kiki grabbed ankara götü büyük escortlar the candles and inserted them into the cake as Lyn lit them with a nearby lighter.

The girls sang “Happy birthday” to me while I smiled. Like earlier in the day, I took a deep breath and blew out the candles. Four of my friends applauded while Lyn left and came back with a knife and started to cut the cake. The girls got their pieces and I later got mine. Pretty soon, half the cake was consumed along with a few glasses of milk.

I looked around the kitchen to see my friends socializing among each other again but they were whispering something they apparently didn’t want me to hear. I shrugged, stood up and went in the living room. After flopping down on the couch, I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV but unfortunate, there were no games on. Matter of fact, nothing good was on that I would like to watch.

I flipped to a music channel, set the remote down and leaned my head back against the couch. I closed my eyes and enjoy the tunes coming from the TV. Soon an up tempo rap song came on and I opened my eyes. When I did, I instantly rose to the occasion. I saw all five of my female friends booty shaking to the beat.

Charlotte looked back and saw I was at attention and winked. She told the others and one by one they looked back and smiled. All five turned around, smiled and continued to dance to the music until it went off. Kiki stepped towards me. “Aaron, we had a special dance for you but we decided to warm up for the time being. So sit back and enjoy.”

I nodded and watched the girls dance and shake and jiggle in a few places. After a few minutes, Lyn reached off the remote and turned off the TV. Victoria went over to her entertainment center and turned on the CD player. She opened it and put in the CD while the other girls turned around with their backs to me. Victoria chose the song and hurried into the same position as the other girls.

The song cued up as the girl did a couple of poses. As it went on, the girls started to booty shake to the beat, bent over and shook their butts at rapid pace before returning to the start position and did it all over again. But each time on a different verse one of the girls gave me a lapdance. First it was Charlotte, then Lyn, Kiana, Victoria and Tani.

As the song ended, the girls held their bent over position and told me to enjoy the view, which I did to the fullest. Couple of minutes later, all of them stood up and came over to me. Victoria extended her hand. “Come on, your gift is not done yet.”

I had a confused look but took my friend’s hand and stood up. Victoria lead me to her bedroom with two of our friends following. The other two turned off the lights and the radio and later made their way to Victoria’s bedroom. “Lie on the bed Aaron please.” Victoria commanded.

I did what I was told. I got on her big king sized bed and relaxed. Victoria and Lyn got on either side of me. I looked at both of them before speaking, “Now ladies. What’s this surprise?”

All 5 of them looked at each other before Tani spoke up. While blushing she said, “We wanted to give you the birthday of a lifetime. All of us will sleep with you Aaron.”

My eyes went wide. Never in my widest dreams that I’m going to have sex with five of my female friends. I looked around and they each nodded. A smile appeared on my face. As I grinned from ear to ear I thought of something but said it out loud. “Who’s going first and what’s the order?”

Victoria spoke up. “We’ve drawn straws while you was napping and Charlotte goes first, then Lyn, Kiki, me and Tani.”

Kiana spoke up. “We’ve all made sure that we’re on the pill and not on our periods when your birthday came around so you’re safe on that.”

Charlotte straddled me and started to rub my bare chest. “Do you have any protection yourself?”

Oh crap.. I didn’t think about that. Hell, I wasn’t even sure that I was getting any today, much less for a birthday present. I shook my head no.

Charlotte smiled that beautiful smile again.”It’s okay. I wouldn’t mind feeling your hot baby batter inside me, Aaron.”

“I didn’t know you talked like that Charlotte. I’ve always thought you was the quiet one.” I told her out of surprise.

“I am quiet but I’ve been giddy all day and I’ve always wanted a piece of you. All of us do. We just didn’t ankara çıtır escortlar know how to go about it until we thought of your birthday and it clicked from there.”

Tani looked at me before she spoke. “Aaron, we all care about you and love you a whole lot. We wanted this to be the best birthday ever for you.” She squeezed between Charlotte and Victoria and gave me a soft loving kiss on the lips before she backed away. “Now with all of that said.. ” she looked at Charlotte. “Have fun Charlotte and save some for us.”

Charlotte smiled and nodded. She leaned down and started to give me a soft loving kiss like Tani. “Ready?” I nodded while Victoria and Lyn slid off the bed and watched. I wrapped my arms around Charlotte’s naked body as my hands went directly to her soft bubble butt. Our tongue wrestled for control as I gave Charlotte’s butt a soft squeeze.

We broke the kiss as she smiled down at me. She started to pepper me with kisses again as she went down my body until she got to her destination. She grabbed my member and looked at me. She winked before giving it a long lick. As Charlotte began her oral ministrations, Victoria and Lyn laid beside me again and began kissing on me. Kiki and Tani found an open spot on my chest and kissed and rubbed on me there.

Five beautiful women on me felt like Heaven on Earth so to speak. Each of them felt good on a specific area and I couldn’t hold back how good it felt. I felt something wet and warm so I looked down and saw that Charlotte was giving me oral. She sucked and licked around the head before taking more of me in her mouth.

I had my eyes closed for a brief minute and soon opened them to see one of the girls straddling my face. I stuck my tongue out and gave a tentative lick. Whoever this was tasted slightly sweet. Liking the flavor I went in again and gave another lick, a long one. The girl on top moaned revealing it to be Victoria.

“Please don’t stop Aaron.” She begged. I smiled afterwards but soon resumed on my sweet treat. Victoria moaned as I stuck my tongue between her folds. I wrapped my arms around waist to hold her in place before really going to work on my friend. I suddenly moaned as Charlotte continued her work on my member. From the way I felt wetness and warmth all over my member, I guessed that Charlotte was deep-throating me.

Minutes later after my oral assault on Victoria’s sweet spot, she couldn’t take anymore, climaxed and went down to help her sister get me off. “Ooh.. Charlotte, save some for me.” She managed to get out. The St James sisters resumed their attack on my member as I looked over and saw the Williams sisters in a hot make out session.

Lyn and Tani was tag teaming Kiana as they sucked on her breasts and both was frigging her at the same time. Kiana usually the soft spoken person she is, was being vocal from her sisters ministrations. Lyn had two fingers in her sisters’ folds while Tani paid attention to Kiana’s clit. Minutes later, Kiana shrieked as she climaxed and collapsed with a smile on her face.

I returned my attention to the St James sisters on my rod as they started to pick up their pace. The pressure started to build while Charlotte and Victoria took turns sucking me off. I gave them a warning but they continued. I gave a loud moan and came heavily in Victoria’s mouth. I had to breath slowly to regain my composure.

Victoria looked at Charlotte and pointed at her puffy cheeks. Charlotte nodded and approached her sisters and kissed her. The next thing I knew, Charlotte had some of my cum in her mouth while Victoria kept some of it. Both swallowed it and looked at it each other while to determine something.

“Sweet.” Victoria answered.

“Very sweet. Someone has been drinking a lot of juice.” Charlotte said. “Lyn. Kiki. Tani. You ladies should try this some time.”

The Williams sisters nodded as they made their way over to the bed. The St James sisters got on the bed as well and cuddled me on one side while the other set of sisters cuddled me on the other side. “Let’s rest up for now before we continue.” I told them and they nodded.

As the evening and night went along, each girl kept their promise and gave me their bodies for my present. We kissed, hugged, sucked, groped, licked, and anything else you could think of over the past few hours. And now with all six of us sharing one bed, I sighed happily. For now I can honestly say that this birthday delight has been the best birthday ever.

Author Notes: Need your help. Should I continue these two parts as it’s own series? From Chapter One will be Aaron and Diane. Chapter Two will be with Aaron and friends. Anyway, thank you for taking time out to read this. Have a blessed day.

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