Big Bra Shop Grand Opening Ch. 02

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After closing the shop up for the day the five of us headed back to our place to continue the action. Cathy drove, Marissa sat in the passenger seat with left Chloe and me to get to know each other in back seat of the BMW.

Chloe had undone her shirt so that I had a perfect of her tits and it was while playing with her nipples through her bra that I remembered that I had an appointment in 30 minutes back at the office. I grabbed my mobile and called my secretary, a flat chested ultra conservative young lady called Beth.

As Beth answered the phone a wicked smile came over Chloe’s face as she reached around undid her bra strap and then unbuckled my pants and pulled them down to reveal my semi-hard cock. Chloe obviously wanted to have a bit fun and as I talked to Beth back in the office Chloe began to give herself a tit-fuck by sliding her massive tits up an down my shaft. As I was about to hang up Chloe quietly whispered in my ear to keep Beth on the ankara duşta veren escortlar phone as she wanted to bring off as I spoke to Beth.

As Beth ran through my next weeks appointments Chloe continued to fuck me with her tits. Marissa had now turned around and was providing her own encouragement and Cathy was having trouble keeping her eyes on the road. When Chloe placed her mouth of the head of my cock as it protruded through her cleavage I couldn’t help but catch my breath.

“What the fuck is going on there?” demanded Beth

“I’m in a tight squeeze at the moment and won’t be back in for the rest of the day.”

I hung up so that I could focus my full attention on Chloe who was now wanking my 13inch prick with both hands. Marissa had taken to giving a running commentary so that Cathy didn’t feel left out. I could feel a familiar aching in my huge balls as Chloe attempted to cup them in one hand. This was never really ankara fetiş yapan escortlar going to work but I commended her for her efforts while she continued jerking me off.

The sight of this buxom beauty taking 12 inch strokes of ,y glistening cock was almost too much. I felt that an explosion was imminent at any moment.

“Do it babe, jerk that monster off, make him cum everywhere!” yelled Marissa.

That set off a chorus as the girls started chanting “cum cum cum cum cum..”

I invited Marissa to join us in the back seat to which she gladly agreed. She climbed over and sat on my left and immediately placed her mouth of the head of my cock as Chloe continued to stroke me.

“Hey let me give you a hand there,” offered Marissa.

The next thing I knew I had both girls jerking me off in complete unison. They giggled to themselves still not believing that here they were in the back seat of a BMW jerking off the ankara iranlı escort 13 inch cock of there bosses husband.

After a few minutes I couldn’t hold back any longer as I felt the cum traveling up my huge shaft and I started blowing a massive amount of cum. The first shot caught Chloe on the face, the second missed her and hit the roof while the next smacked into Marissa’s tits.

“What about me, I don’t I get any?” demanded Cathy.

“You sure do,” replied Chloe.

Who was continuing to wank me off and aimed my cock which was still firing huge strings of cum in Cathy’s direction.

“Oh my God!!” exclaimed Cathy as a huge blast of cum hit the windscreen in front of her.

Marissa took over and continued to pump my shaft and I returned the favour by blowing more cum onto her nipples she which eagerly massaged into her heaving breasts.

That was me done and as I looked around I saw the damage down. Chloe, covered in cum was licking her tits clean, Marissa was wiping cum from her pretty little face, cum was dripping from the roof and Cathy was busily wiping cum from the windscreen so she could see where she was going.

I just laid back and rested knowing that we were nearly home and the day was not yet over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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