Band Parents Ch. 04

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I apologize for taking so long to write this next chapter of “Band Parents” and suggest you go back and read the first three installments so the story is fresh in your mind. I have a few more episodes in mind that I hope to finish in a more timely manner.

“What’s gotten into ME?” Lily giggled. “Look who’s talking! Where on earth did you ever get the idea of going down on me after you’d cum in me?”

I hesitated.

“Oh, just something I ran across… you know… Something I read about somewhere.”

Lily raised an eyebrow. “Where?” she asked, pressing me for an answer.

“I forget, exactly,” I lied. “Probably on line, you know, Literotica or something.”

“Are you sure it wasn’t in an e-mail from Linda?” my wife asked. Her expression was cryptic.


“Lily, I…”

“You’re what, Billy? Sorry you fucked another woman?” Lily said flatly. “Or are you sorry I found out?”

I looked at her in stunned silence.

Lily’s expression softened and she kissed me softly. “Billy, I’m not angry,” she whispered. “I mean, I was, but I’m not now. Actually, I want to apologize for reading your email. I was just trying to find out what time the marching band competition is for this weekend and I figured an email from the band parents’ president would have it.”

I finally found words to say. “I’m sorry you had to find out like that,” I said, and I really meant it, “but why aren’t you angry?” I knew that discovering my affair with Linda by reading an email to me must have hit Lily pretty hard.

“I was angry, Bill. I was really hurt at first, reading a letter from your lover thanking you for a wonderful fucking, but then she went on to describe what followed, and the sheer eroticism of it overwhelmed me. When I read how Charles had come out of his hiding place and had sex with her right after you, I got really wet in spite of my anger. Did you know he was watching?”

“Yes,” I said, “but he didn’t canlı bahis şirketleri know I was in on his secret.”

“Damn!” Lily breathed. “That’s just like the letters in those porno magazines — guys getting off watching their wives have sex with other men. And he licks up all the cum like you just did?”

“That’s what Linda says.”

“Wow! Did you know I got so hot reading about how he licked all that cum out of her that I had to play with myself right there at your desk?”

“Really?” I was a bit shocked. Lily rarely masturbated, or at least she didn’t usually tell me if she did.

“Uh-huh! Three times! And I was still horny this evening.”

“I noticed that,” I chuckled.

Lily went on. “And then you went down on me after you’d cum inside me, and … Oh God, Bill, that was just so incredible. Thank you!”

“Uh. Anytime.”

“How about tonight after you fuck me again?” she chimed as she scooted down and took my half-hard tool in her mouth. I tried to grunt out a reply, but in the end I had to let my stiffening rod give my answer for me. Maybe Charles and Linda were onto something. This had to be a modern day record for me to get a third erection in the same evening, and Lily looked rather proud of herself when she finally lifted her head up from my saliva-slickened cock.

She grasped my dick firmly in her hand and quickly straddled my hips, facing away from me. “I’m going to ride you, honey,” she said, smiling over her shoulder at me. “Ride you really hard. I’ve always loved that view of Lily with her round buttocks jiggling as our hips slam together. Whether in this position or doggy-style, it’s quite an erotic sight. Plus, I know when she’s riding me this way that it’s an open invitation to play with her ass, so once she established a steady pace on my cock, I moved my hands to her buttocks and began to spread them apart with my thumbs. Lily bent forward, placing her hands on my knees, to give me canlı kaçak iddaa better access. I dipped a thumb in the wetness leaking from her pussy and then began to push into her rosy sphincter. I felt Lily push down to open herself for me.

“You sure know how to treat a lover, Bill,” she purred as most of the length of my thumb eased into her backside. “Have you fucked Linda’s ass yet?”

“No,” I replied. “It’s virgin territory. She told me nobody’s ever been there.”

Lily grinned at me over her shoulder. “She doesn’t know what she’s missing. I love the feeling of your sweet cock in my rear.”

“Do you want that tonight?” I asked hopefully. It had been a couple of months since she’d let me fuck her ass.

“Not unless you think you can get up a fourth time,” Lily laughed “This load’s going in my pussy. You promised to lick it out, remember? But damn your thumb’s sure making my ass feel good. Push it in deep!” No more words were spoken. Lily rode me hard and I arched my hips upward to try and meet her forceful downward strokes, my thumb lodged as deep as I could force it in her tight and twitching anus. I could feel her fingernails striking my balls occasionally as she frantically rubbed her aching clit with her full hand.

Even though we’d both cum already, I knew there was no way this fuck was going to last long. In only a matter of minutes, I felt Lily’s explosive orgasm wrack her body. Her pussy clamped down on my cock almost as tightly as her anal sphincter grasped my thumb. She ground herself down against the base of my cock and came with a primal howl that would have been mistaken for agony except there was no mistaking the pleasure she was feeling. I was already close myself, so her intense climax triggered my own and I shot what sperm I had left into her hungry cunt. Each jerk of my cock brought another deep moan from Lily, accompanied by a tight squeeze of her ass and pussy.

I could have called it a night canlı kaçak bahis at that point. After all, Lily and I aren’t youngsters, and we’d just had sex that matched the pace of twenty-somethings on honeymoon. Lily had other ideas and pulled herself up off my rapidly deflating cock, scooting herself back toward my face. She covered her pussy with her hand to catch the drips of semen that were already beginning to flow from her, and let me lick her fingers before settling her dripping quim over my face. My thumb was still lodged in her ass and now my tongue was working her vagina as she squeezed the cum into my waiting mouth. I drank it eagerly.

Lily, for her part, leaned down and began to lick our combined goo off my cock, moaning contentedly around my rapidly deflating cock, occasionally commenting about how much she loved the taste and asking me if I liked licking up the cum that was running out of her pussy. I could only grunt out a reply that I hoped was taken as a yes because I kept my mouth clamped tight to her pussy as my tongue strained to pull more of the tasty elixir out of her depths.

Despite Lily’s best efforts – her mouth felt fantastic – my worn-out rod could not rise to another erection. Still, she licked every trace of our juices off me, even sucking it out of my matted pubic hairs, slurping like she was a starving woman, moaning from the tonguing I was giving her. In between slurps and moans, she encouraged me to lick up every drop of sperm from her gushing twat as I continued to work her asshole over with my thumb. In just a few moments, she reached yet another climax and it pushed the last remnants of our coupling out of her vagina and into my waiting mouth.

I eased my thumb out of her backside as she climbed off my face and turned around to kiss me deeply, also licking my face to capture the juices her pussy had left on my chin. She moved from the bed to the master bathroom, where I heard water running. She returned with a warm washcloth and gently washed my face and then my limp genitals. When she had returned the washcloth to the bathroom, she lay next to me, naked, and pulled the covers up as she turned out the light. We snuggled close and were soon fast asleep.

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