Awakening Ch. 02

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You may find it helpful to read Chapter One of this series for background on the characters.


“What time does she tee off?”

“Eight fifty-two.”

Janice looked at her watch. “She’ll never have time to practice.”

“She’s playing Beth Samuels. All the practice in the world isn’t going to help her.”

Janice and Mary kept one eye on the clubhouse door as they finished their breakfasts. The Tuesday ladies league at the golf club wasn’t all that big to begin with, so absent players was a big deal.

Five minutes later the petite woman they were waiting for entered the dining room looking more than a little disheveled. Lisa spotted her two friends and took the empty chair they had saved for her.

“God, Lisa. It’s not like you to miss breakfast,” Janice said.

“I couldn’t get out of the house,” Lisa said, looking over their food.

“Want some?” Mary offered.

Lisa looked at the fruit plate and waved it off. “Nah, I’ll get something right before we tee off.”

“So, what kept you? James?” Janice asked in the most mocking tone she could muster.

Lisa was a lousy liar and everybody knew it. Janice and Mary loved to tease her because Lisa was incapable of telling a fib to get out of a situation.

“He KNEW I needed to get going,” Lisa said fidgeting with a fork.

“So it wasn’t that you couldn’t get out of the house,” Mary added. “You couldn’t get out of BED.”

Janice chuckled and Lisa glared at her. “She doesn’t need practice,” Janice said dryly. “She’s plenty loose already.”

Janice and Mary laughed, getting only the slightest hint of a smile from Lisa.

“Stop it,” Lisa pleaded. “I don’t get it often enough to laugh about it when I do.”

“Was it good?” Mary asked, using a piece of melon to simulate a cock.

“If you’re implying there was anything oral going on you are sadly mistaken,” Lisa said.

“That’s too bad,” Janice said.

“He’s not the most imaginative man in bed,” Lisa conceded. She hoped the conversation was almost over. She knew she’d pay a price for being late, but didn’t want it to turn into a counseling session.

Janice and Mary looked at each other as though the same light bulb had gone off in their heads simultaneously. Mary winked at Janice.

“How about we go hit the putting green?” Mary said.

“Good idea,” Lisa said, glad to end the conversation. “I’ll meet you over there.”

Janice and Mary walked together to the practice area while Lisa went to get her clubs. “I know what you’re thinking,” Janice said.

“What am I thinking?”

“You want to invite her over.”

“How’d you know what I was thinking?” Mary said.

“I know you. That was ME sitting there a couple weeks ago,” Janice said.

“Hey, I didn’t think about having sex with you until we were alone.”

Janice looked at her cute friend. “I’m not sure I believe that. But I do appreciate it. Right now I’m saying you’re thinking about having Lisa over and doing the same thing.”

“Want to join me?”

“Of course I do,” Janice said.

Mary laughed. She saw Lisa approaching from the opposite side of the putting green. “We’ll talk about it after the round.”


Janice and Mary introduced themselves to lesbian sex on a hot day in Mary’s house. Mary had initiated it, but neither had necessarily planned for it to happen. It seemed natural at the time and was truly magnificent once they got into it. Now they were both hooked and considered it a pleasant change from the mundane sex they had with their husbands.

Mary was an attractive interior designer married to a corporate executive. She set her own hours and chose her own friends when her husband wasn’t dragging her to social events. She had a perfect face and body, spending much time and money to keep both in top condition. As Janice had found out, Mary’s figure wasn’t Playboy material, but served the purpose very well when it came to sex.

Janice was a mother of two who loved her family and kept herself in shape. Bored with the same old bedroom scene two or three nights a week, she was quick to take up Mary’s offer to experiment. In fact, she considered it the best thing she had ever done up to this point. It gave her a whole new reason to live and love.

Now they sensed the same boredom in thirty five year old Lisa that they themselves had experienced. Their mission was to ‘save’ her. But it wouldn’t be easy. Lisa was very shy by nature and, to her friends’ knowledge, not a risk taker. It would take a concerted effort on their parts to make this happen without costing them a friend.

“Well, it worked when you invited me to your place,” Janice said when she and Mary were alone in the locker room after their rounds were over.

Mary sat next to Janice on the wooden bench. “I suppose. She’s never been over. It would be easy enough to get her there. Then what?”

“We double-team her,” Janice said nonchalantly. “How can she resist both of us?”

“Speak for yourself,” Mary said. “This is a woman who I can assure you has never been with another woman.”

“And bahis firmaları how many had you been with before me?”


“I say we do it. We’ll know what to do and when to do it when the time comes,” Janice said.

Mary pulled on her clean shirt. “I’m excited. How about you?”

“Yep. This’ll be fun.”

Over lunch, Lisa cheerfully accepted Mary’s invitation to join her and Janice for margaritas the following Friday evening. Mary made sure to pick a day her husband would be out of town on travel. Janice could always get away…for Mary.

They agreed on a time and Lisa got directions. The easy part was taken care of.


The evening before the ‘party’ at Mary’s, Lisa was in her family room picking up the normal stuff that accumulates on the floor and on tables over time. She kept a watchful eye on the kitchen. If her husband came, it would be through the kitchen with another beer in his hand. He’d been drinking since he got home from work and that was never a good sign.

She purposely looked around the family room for any loose objects other than pillows and magazines. She had learned not to provide him with weapons. The extra shoes she found were thrown into the laundry room behind a closed door.

Just then, James’ steps could be heard not from the kitchen, but from the hallway behind Lisa. She barely had time to turn and lean on the couch before he was there.

“Hey. Anything on TV you want to watch?” Lisa asked with a tense smile.

He wore a pair of shorts and no shirt. Lisa would have been impressed if the body belonged to any man besides him. Very little about him excited her any more. Especially when he reeked of beer.

“Nope. What I want isn’t on TV.”

Lisa felt that awful, sickening feeling in her stomach she had come to know the past year. She didn’t know what had changed, or who was at fault. She knew the alcohol made it worse, but something inside him had changed. He was never romantic in their first six years of marriage and now he was borderline sadistic.

Nobody outside the home knew about it, not even her family. Lisa hoped she could talk him into understanding he had a drinking problem, or something. But he wouldn’t listen. To the contrary, he took it out on her.

Lisa knew better than to ask him what he wanted. Instead, she tried another approach. “Can I get you something to eat?”

She took one step towards the kitchen. His long, muscular arm reached out like a post to stop her. He had it across her stomach and around her waist before she could backpedal fast enough.

“I’ll take one of these.”

He yanked her towards him with ease. She was facing him, their bodies touching.

“No, James. Not now.” Lisa turned her face away, knowing better than to hit him.

He put his hand on her chin and pulled her head around until he could kiss her. After a short, rough kiss, he said to her, “Yes, now. Right here.”

His hand was inside her shirt, clutching at her bra.

“No. Please.”

“Don’t argue with me or I’ll smack you.”

“I’m not…”

His other hand flew through the air and struck her with enough force to throw Lisa against the back of the couch. Still, he was gripping her breast and tugging at the bra.

“Owwwww,” she screamed.

“I said don’t argue with me. Why do you always fight me? Do you want me to get rougher with you? Is that what you like?”

“No. No!”

He had her bra pushed up over her breasts. He yanked up her shirt and leaned against her lower body while beginning to suck on her exposed tits. It hurt her back to be bent over the couch and she could feel his hard cock between her legs. Long ago her body quit responding when he bit her nipples. But he’d never know, or care.

When he began to fumble with the button of her shorts, she made a concerted effort to escape.

“Oh no you don’t. This is the part you like the best,” James said.

He managed to get them open and the zipper pulled down. She learned a long time ago not to wear a belt. It could be used against her. So now he only had to tug on the shorts to get them down, followed by a violent jerk of her panties to reveal her pussy and ass.

“Please. Please! No!”

He twisted Lisa around and shoved her against the couch, giving her bare ass a solid spank.

“Spread ’em.”

Lisa pulled one leg out of her shorts and panties, then spread her legs for him. There was no escaping. At least not without major, major consequences.

At this point all she had to endure was his brutal version of fucking from behind. She would be dry, but that never stopped him. She wouldn’t cum, but he wouldn’t care. She’d cry, but he’d never know.


Mary answered the door and welcomed Lisa with a big hug.

“I’m so glad you could make it,” Mary said, patting her friend on the back.

“I’m glad you did this,” Lisa said. “It’s so nice to get out of the house.”

“Come on in. Janice is already here.”

Lisa stood in the entranceway while Mary closed the door.

“This is…fabulous,” kaçak iddaa Lisa cooed. “What a beautiful house.”

“Thank you. I had a little help with it, but most of it is my original plan. Come on into the family room.”

Mary took Lisa by the hand and led her down the hall. Soon they were stepping into a massive, open living area that was bigger than any single room Lisa had ever seen. Janice rose from one of the couches and went over to greet Lisa.

They hugged and sat together on the couch.

“What do you want to drink, Lisa? We specialize in margaritas,” Mary said.

“Oh, nothing right now. Maybe later,” Lisa said, fearful that her disdain for alcohol might upset the other women.

“That’s fine. Anytime you want something, just let me know,” Mary said cheerfully while heading into the kitchen.

Janice and Lisa chatted for a few minutes before Mary reappeared with a tray of hors d’oeuvres. All three sat around a glass table and munched on the food without missing a beat in the conversation. It was the most relaxed Lisa could remember feeling in a long, long time.

She watched her friends enjoy their margaritas without any noticeable side effects, a welcome change to what she was used to. She was going to hate to see the evening end.

“Do you show the rest of the house?” Lisa asked her host.

“Of course. Come on,” Mary said, always happy to display her talent as a designer.

Janice brought up the rear of the little parade as they moved into the formal living room. Of course, Janice had had the same tour less than a month earlier, but she still enjoyed listening to Mary’s explanation of why each color and piece of furniture was selected.

Lisa was attentive, despite the fact she knew she’d never be able to afford the things she was seeing. But she could dream. She did a lot of that when the reality of her situation at home weighed on her.

They eventually made their way into the master bedroom—an expansive room with a poster bed, couch, a couple of plush chairs and massive amounts of storage space, including dressers and walk-in closets.

“Wow!” Lisa said as soon as they entered the room. “This is great!”

“Wouldn’t you like to know what goes on in here?” Janice said, poking Lisa with her elbow.

“Just think of all the different places you can do it, too,” Lisa said.

Mary frowned. “If everything looks new, it’s because it’s hardly ever used.”

Janice leaned closer to Lisa and said softly, “There’s one way to find out.”

Janice grabbed the handle to the top dresser drawer and started to pull it open. “Hey!” Mary cried out, attempting to stop Janice.

It was too late. The drawer was open just enough for Janice and Lisa to see a few of the bright, silky objects inside.

“Well, well. What do we have here?” Janice asked playfully. She reached inside the drawer and pulled out the tiniest red thong she could find—and there were lots to choose from.

Janice pulled the waistband of the thong until it was stretched all the way open. “I bet THIS gets him hard.”

Mary looked on with a look of repugnance, resigned to the fact Janice was going to make the most out of her unexpected find. “Are you done playing now?”

“Maybe,” Janice said. She looked inside the drawer again. Mary and Lisa expected her to simply put the thong back in its place. Instead, Janice dug her hand deeper into the drawer, under the layer of flimsy garments.

Just as Mary was about to protest, Janice stopped moving. “What the…”

“Don’t you dare…,” Mary began. Before she could finish, Janice’s hand was coming back out of the drawer. Lisa let out an audible gasp.

Janice was clutching a life-size plastic cast of a man’s erect cock. In every little detail the dildo resembled the real thing.

“Holy shit, Mary. Do we know this guy?” Janice asked while rolling the dildo in her hand.

“Why worry about the real thing when you have that?” Mary responded. “Now put it back.”

“No way.” Janice raised the cock to her mouth and slowly ran her tongue along the bottom until reaching the thick head. “We want a demonstration, don’t we Lisa?”

“Yeah. I’m gonna want to borrow it, but I need to know if it works first,” Lisa said.

Janice moved closer to Mary and slid the dildo inside the pant leg of Mary’s shorts. Mary quickly backed away, swatting at Janice’s hand in the process.

“Stop it!”

“What?” Janice asked teasingly. “Just a short demo. You don’t need to cum.”

Janice moved closer again and this time ran the fake cock along the cleavage inside Mary’s shirt. Mary giggled, almost on the verge of giving in to her friends. She also understood this might be the opening she and Janice had been looking for to introduce Lisa to their newfound obsession with each other.

“You want me to use this without cumming? Are you kidding? Obviously, you haven’t used this thing before,” Mary said.

“Nope. I prefer the real thing. But you might be able to convince me otherwise,” Janice said, holding the dildo out for Mary to take.

Lisa couldn’t kaçak bahis believe the turn of events and felt an uneasy excitement building up inside of her. Surely, Mary would back down before having to use the cock in front of her friends. Why did that disappoint her so much, she wondered to herself.

“C’mon, show us how you do it,” Janice urged Mary. “Right, Lisa?”

“Yep. Unless it’s too big for you?”

The reverse psychology worked. Mary wasn’t about to let either of them think she couldn’t take the whole thing. She was afraid, however, that once she got started she wouldn’t be able to stop. Hopefully, Janice would take that opportunity to include Lisa somehow. It was worth the gamble.

“To big?” Mary said with contempt. “They haven’t made one too big for me.”

That got derisive ‘oooooohs’ from Janice and Lisa and all three women smiled. Then the mood turned a little more serious as Mary unbuttoned her shorts and let them fall to the floor. As suspected, she wore one of the silky thongs from the collection Janice had stumbled upon earlier. As Mary removed her shorts and sandals, Janice and Lisa couldn’t help but inspect their friend’s legs and ass.

Janice, of course, had already had the pleasure of seeing Mary naked. Still, it was new enough to her to be a very erotic occasion.

Mary took the plastic cock and rubbed it over her pussy, pressing the material of her tiny thong into her slit. “If I’m in a hurry, I might not take off the thong. But since we have some time…”

Mary pulled off the little garment and tossed it on top of her shorts. Lisa’s heart pounded. She was somewhat in awe of Mary’s incredible body, yet insecure about being around the other women in such a sexual situation. Her conscious pulled her in two directions.

What she had no way of knowing was that her friends were about to drag her into the middle of something she had never dreamed of.

This time, Mary put the dildo directly onto her bare clit and slowly moved it up and down. Her eyes were closed and her lips were slightly parted. Janice moved behind her. Lisa watched as Janice’s hands slid under the bottom of Mary’s shirt, up her chest, and onto her breasts. Lisa could see the outline of Janice’s fingers as they massaged Mary’s large tits.

Lisa was on the verge of saying something. But what? Her mind was spinning so fast she couldn’t put a thought together. Then she watched as Janice lifted Mary’s shirt up and over her head, exposing the beautiful breasts. All the while, Mary rubbed the dildo over her pussy and clit.

Janice’s fingers slid back and forth across Mary’s nipples. Their two heads were touching with Janice resting her chin on Mary’s shoulder. They both looked over at Lisa with wry smiles.

“Maybe we should tell her,” Janice said in a voice just barely loud enough for Lisa to hear.

“I think it’s time,” Mary confirmed.

Janice tightened her grip on Mary’s breasts. “Lisa, we have a confession to make. Mary and I have, uh, been together. We’d like you to join us.”

Lisa was shocked by Janice’s words, but at least it made the current scene a little more understandable. “You mean you’ve…you two have…”

“We’ve had sex,” Mary said bluntly. “It was fabulous and we want you to experience it, too.”

Lisa couldn’t speak.

“Please,” Mary pleaded. “You won’t regret it.”

Lisa looked at Janice, who just nodded back. She would not have hesitated to say ‘You must be crazy’, except for the fact her pussy was getting wetter and wetter watching Mary play with herself and Janice fondle her tits. She never, ever felt this way around James.

“Well, maybe I’ll watch,” Lisa finally said.

“That’s fair, don’t you think so Mary?” Janice said, eager to get started.

“Yes. Now get naked,” Mary ordered.

Mary climbed onto the bed in the short amount of time it took Janice to undress. Lisa sat on the edge of the couch closest to the bed, providing her with a perfect view. If her heart was pounding before, it was nearly bursting from her chest now.

Janice took her place on the opposite side of Mary’s body from where Lisa sat, giving Lisa an uninterrupted view of the proceedings. What she saw was Janice beginning to lick all around Mary’s left breast while Mary continued to massage her pussy with the dildo.

“I’m not putting this inside me until you suck on that nipple,” Mary told Janice.

Janice answered by immediately opening her mouth wide and using her hand to push a good portion of Mary’s breast between her lips. As soon as her tongue began working on Mary’s nipple, the dildo began to disappear.

Lisa watched as the fat head of the fake cock pushed aside the lips of Mary’s pussy. Mary spread her legs another few inches. Then the head was gone and the thick, vein-covered shaft of the cock methodically slid inside Mary’s vagina.

Janice sucked loudly on the erect nipple.

“Oh my God,” Mary moaned. “Harder. Bite it harder, Janice!”

Mary lifted her ass off the bed just an inch or two to accept more of the dildo. It was about half gone when she began to pump it in and out of her vagina. Lisa could see the dim light in the room glisten on the surface of the cock each time it came out. Lisa’s own pussy desperately needed attention, but she wasn’t that brave, yet.

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