At The Airport Pt. 01

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Day 1

I parked the car in a secluded area on the 7th floor of the parking garage and made my way down and into the terminal. I was expecting her any time now. It was warm outside; certainly warm for her considering where she is from. I told her to wear a skirt, my favorite. I was hoping she’d take the initiative and leave the underwear in the carryon. I was hoping to find out soon.

I spotted her leaving the terminal and then she exited the double doors where she stood looking around with expectations clear on her face. I waited a few moments taking in the site. She was, indeed, wearing a skirt. It showed off her legs beautifully and her butt was shaped perfectly by the loose fabric. She had a tight shirt on and was attempting to cause accidents with her cleavage. Her small black bag made me think that she wasn’t inclined to be wearing much this weekend.

I snuck up behind her and slid my right hand across her stomach and pressed myself into her backside while I pulled her tight. She exhaled sharply and I wasted no time reaching up with my left hand and sliding it up her neck to pull her head back so I could sink my teeth sharply into her throat. This elicited another sharp intake and my excitement clearly was having an effect on my pants. I decided that she should know that and pressed my hardness against her backside even harder. She flexed her butt indicating she too was feeling the love.

After our initial greeting I turned her around and pulled her close, giving her a kiss, deep yet soft. I slowly pulled her backwards so she was facing where she came from, the heavens, and finally ended our kiss, letting her up. She gasped for air and gave me that special smile she shared only with me. I smiled and indicated that we should head to the car.

I was cordial in the elevator since there were others riding with us. The last of them left on the fifth floor and despite the all windowed elevator she slid her skirt up showing me that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. It only showed her hip, but it certainly rekindled the fire in my pants. I smiled and pulled down the side of my pants revealing that I wasn’t wearing underwear either. She smiled and flicked her tongue across her lips and my cock jumped.

When the elevator opens I lead her to the car and open up the backseat door. I put her carryon on the floor and pull her towards me again. I waste no time sliding my hand up the back of her shirt, pleasantly surprised at the lack of a bra, and slip my tongue into her mouth to do some exploring. I use my other hand to position her with her back to the entrance to the car and slowly push her back and down into the car. I convince her to slide backwards and then slip in on top of her pinning her down.

With her pinned beneath me I slide one hand under her shirt onto her belly and linger there debating on heading north or south. My mouth, once curious about her slippery sexy lips, descends onto her neck. I consider once again that I must have been a vampire in a past life as I enjoy biting into sensuous necks altogether too much. She cries out in lust as my teeth sink in, her fantasies being stroked as much as my own. I decide eryaman escort bayan to head north and my hand caresses up her stomach and in-between her breasts, pushing her shirt up so that her breasts are hinting at a public display. Her hands decide they want to play and slide up and into the back of my shirt and rake down using her nails to create an essence of exquisite delight. I arch my back with delight and unintentionally but happily shove my hard-on into her crotch. She moans and wraps her legs around my hips pulling me against her. Her skirt slides up as I thank gravity silently. I move my hands over her breasts and tweak her nipples softly. I decide now would be a good time to explore her nipples with my mouth and do so.

Her nipples are as hard as diamonds and, coincidentally, my cock. I grind into her crotch while my tongue circles her nipples. I bite down a few times and enjoy her jerking and moaning. Not wanting to hit the peak in the backseat of the car, I decide that we should probably disentangle and head on to my place. I pull back and slide down her body to her exposed pussy. I can’t help myself and dive in for a little snack. She is completely shaved and her clit is already a little exposed. I flick it with my tongue but decide to slide my tongue inside her for a nice taste. I shove my tongue in and out a few times, noting that she was soaked before I got my wet tongue anywhere near her. She reaches down and pulls my head into her and my nose slides up and down her slippery clit. She is panting with lust and with a few last licks I pull away so we can head home and finish our hello’s.

She moans in dismay as I pull away and close the door, leaving her in the backseat. I open the front door and hop in and start the car. She seems confused but I tell her she can come up front as soon as she strips and reaches her first orgasm solo. I tell her I might even lock her outside if she doesn’t do as I command and wink at her in the rearview mirror. She puts on an evil little smile and tosses her shirt and skirt into the front seat so fast I thought she tore them off.

Instead of settling back into the seats below window level she gets into a doggystyle position with her ass almost into the front seat while she stared out the back window. It was a lovely view in my window. Her fingers slid up into her pussy and back out onto her clit. I could see her other hand tweaking her nipples and she started moaning in pleasure. I put the car in drive and believe I enjoyed her music more than any ever played on the radio. Her fingers were moving all over her pussy, in and out, and back rubbing her clit with reckless abandon. Her breathing was coming in gasps now and I hadn’t even gotten off the 7th floor. I had to stop at a stop-sign and decided to turn around and take in this beautiful site. I could tell she was moments away from reaching an epic public orgasm. She was totally lost in the moment and I figured now would be a great time to lick her ass. She jumped at first then pushed back against my face soaking me with her juices and letting me lick her ass and pussy at will. She started shaking almost immediately and was squeaking something ankara escort along the lines of “I’m cumming omg, omg, omg…” She fell away and I wiped my face and got back to driving.

I got through the airport and was onto the freeway when she poked her head over the seat and asked if she could come sit up front. I told her it would be fine but she couldn’t wear any clothes in my car. She acquiesced and crawled over the seat and it was a site to see. All of that naked beautiful flesh in all the right places… She decided that she didn’t want to sit upright due to the lack of clothes so she laid across the front seat. I had to slide my seat backwards so she could put her head in my lap. She put her head down and noticed that my cock was rock hard and threatening the structures of my pants. Without asking she pulled my zipper down and undid my pants and reached in to grab my cock.

She pulled it out with relative ease and immediately put it in her mouth. It was warm, wet, slippery, and tight; everything a man wants. She didn’t do anything special, but it felt fantastic. She just sucked on it and rolled it around her tongue. My hips wanted to shove it deeper but I couldn’t move. It was a pleasurable yet agonizing drive home.

By the time I pulled into the driveway my dick was almost sore it was so hard. I allowed her to put her skirt and shirt back on and we practically ran into the house. She knew exactly what I wanted and began stripping as soon as we crossed the threshold. She looked up questioningly and I pointed a direction. I began tossing my clothes in random directions as it dawned on me a fantasy was coming true. As I was turning the corner I could hear the shower start. When I entered the bathroom, I could barely see her figure behind the semi see through curtain. The bathroom shower was about 5ft long by 4ft wide. It was perfect for couple showers.

I opened the curtain and stared at the dripping gorgeousness that was displayed for my hungry eyes to eat up. I just stood there staring till she motioned me to join her. Stepping in was surreal. It was like this was a dream. I stepped in and slowly walked over to her and pressed up against her. I kept moving forward till she backed into the wall and then I started kissing her and letting my hands probe all over her now wet-slick body. My mouth soon wants more and so I step back and grab her ass and pull her body to me so I can bite, suck, nibble, and lick her breasts and nipples. I grip her ass nice and tight allowing my fingers to slide all the way down her crack. Her nipples are hard again and I decide that I’d like to make her even more slippery.

I grab the bottle of shampoo and put some in my hand and proceed to wash her hair with her backside to me. The soap slides down her back and I press my cock against her backside. She spreads her legs and slips my cock in between her legs. She starts moving her hips back and forth holding my dick in her thighs. I slide my soapy hands around and massage her breasts. It feels fantastic. I pull her under the shower and rinse her off. Before I can do anything else she slide down my body and swallows my cock. I sincan escort bayan start moving my hips back and forth reveling in the feeling and sight of my cock disappear in her mouth. I can feel the beginnings of my orgasm and want to hold off a little longer so I pull her up and slide down her slick body.

My tongue settles on her clit and I go to town. I lick up and down, left and right, circles, and then I start sucking, nibbling and alternating licking again. Her legs are spread nice and wide so I slide two fingers inside her and start pounding her in and out till her legs are shaking. Finally, she collapses with little spasms coursing through her body. On the ground I make my way up and lick her stomach and bite on her nipples a little. I finally make my way all the way up and give her a nice long deep kiss. I know she can taste herself and she doesn’t seem to mind at all. That is so hot.

I help her up and on wobbly legs I turn her around and lean her forward against the wall. I rub my cock head up and down her pussy and then slowly slide it in and out till I get it all the way in. I start off slow, moving my hips back and forth sliding in and out of her soaking pussy. I start picking up the pace and she starts pushing back against each thrust, impaling her deeper and deeper. I get going to a good pace and then reach around and grab a handful of her breasts, squeezing them at will. With my other hand I reach around and rub her clit and she jumps being so sensitive still. I decide to give her clit a little more time to recover and instead decide to slap her ass. I spank her till she is red and she just moans harder and harder. I can feel her pussy clench on my cock every time I slap her. I reach over her and grab a new bottle, this one is conditioner. I spill some on her ass and rub it all over, especially her button. She is still pushing back and moaning and I decide to slip my pointer finger in her ass. She squirms around a little but moans even more. I can feel my dick with my finger and vice-versa. She immediately starts shaking as she hits another orgasm.

I continue to finger her ass for a few more minutes while I slide my cock in and out of her. I use my other hand to hold her up since her legs are barely supporting her. Finally she can’t stand anymore and I sit down and motion her to climb on top. She smiles and grabs the conditioner. She pours a hefty amount on my cock and literally sits her ass on my cock, slowly. I slide further and further in and her eyes roll back in her head. She grabs one of her nipples and starts pulling on it. Her ass is incredibly tight but the conditioner is working perfectly as she starts sliding up and down slowly at first but quicker and quicker as time passes.

I start to feel that indescribable feeling welling up and I know I am about to blow my load. I can tell she is getting close to another orgasm because her ass keeps tightening up every time she pulls on her nipple. So, I start rubbing her clit again and she arch’s her back saying she is about to cum again. I can’t hold back any longer and just as her ass clenches down in orgasm mine begins. I shoot and shoot up her ass. It is amazing. She finally stops clenching and unclenching her ass in orgasm and her breathing returns to normal. She has this dazed look in her eyes and I know I mirror it. She slides off me and we let the water flow over us as we smile in bliss…

Part 1 done….

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