Anal Pleasure

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We are both naked – you are on your tummy. 3 or 4 pillows are under your pelvis lifting your hips and bottom off the mattress. I come up from behind you and gently push your hair to the side of your neck. I slowly and sensually kiss, lick and nibble around the back and sides of your neck, especially that sensitive area where your neck & shoulder join. I focus on that area and begin to suck and mark you with my hickey. I kiss to the other side of your neck and begin to suck a hickey in that neck & shoulder crevice. You’re moaning/groaning and moving your hips on the pillows involuntarily. I kiss back up to the very back of your neck and begin leaving my ‘lover’s mark, Master’s mark, MY hickey on the back of your neck. You’re pushing your neck up into my mouth. You’ve got 3 large dark purple marks from the Man who OWNS you baby! You are wearing my brand.

I then lick and kiss down your naked back, kissing, nipping and nibbling at your shoulder blades, your shoulders, the sides of your large breasts. I kiss and lick down your entire back covering you with my kisses. As I get to your bottom, I gently and lovingly kiss and lick each beautiful cheek of your ass, kissing, nipping and nibbling. I kiss and lick closer to the crack in your bottom. Just as my mouth starts to enter your crack, I begin sucking harder and harder (OH MY GOD BABY I’M GIVING THE INSIDE OF YOUR ASS CRACK A HICKEY!!) You screech and moan in excitement. The scent of your arousal is strong in my nostrils. I can see how wet and swollen your cunt lips have become. I move over to your other cheek and begin to suck at the same spot on the other side of your cheek and crack. You are going to have matching hickeys at the entrance to your rectum! I can smell the mixing of the aroma from your rectum with the pungent smell of your arousal baby. Your cunt is dripping onto the pillow!

I pull my head back and tell you to spread open the cheeks of your ass. Your brown crinkled star hole winks at me in your excitement. bahis firmaları I flatten my tongue and lick completely over your asshole. The bitter root taste of your bottom is on my taste buds, exquisite! Up and down I lap and lick up the entire crack of your ass. Your hips are jumping all over the pillow! Then I point my tongue and rim around your little brown/pink asshole. I’m trying to get my tongue to fuck your asshole. I feel you relax as the tip of my tongue slips inside your sphincter…OMG…I’m tongue fucking your bottom baby. You are so filthy letting your Man rim and tongue fuck your asshole!

I push my tongue deeper inside of your bottom. I feel you pushing your bottom harder against my face driving my tongue as far as it can go inside of your sweet butt. I pull my tongue out and can taste the dirty, musky, bitter, oily essence of inside your bottom. I sit back on my haunches and reach for the lube on the nightstand. I uncap it and grease up my hard cock. I add some extra at the tip of my cock-head. I tell you to spread your cheeks even wider. You pull them apart as far as you can. I knee-crawl up between your spread legs and place the head of my cock right in the middle of your little pink/brown asshole. I slowly push my mushroom head into your bottom. OMG…watching your rectum swallow the head of my cock as it entered your bottom almost caused me to come right there. I stopped and let you get used to the feeling of my cock in your bottom. The warmth and tightness was sublime! Slowly I pressed in and watched each inch of my cock disappear into your bottom…OOOOHHHHHHHHH…you are so tight baby…my slut’s rectum squeezing her Master’s cock inside of her asshole…You are such and sexy, beautiful and dirty Slut of mine baby.

I push until I am completely buried inside of your bowels. I can feel my heavy shaved balls resting against your swollen wet cunt lips. The sensations are perfect baby…erotic & sensual perfection! I begin to slowly pump in kaçak iddaa and out of your bottom. I replace your hands with mine. My thumbs are just to the sides of your rectum and I gently pull them apart opening your anus. I’m mesmerized as I watch the length of my cock slowly fucking in and out of your tight asshole. I begin to pump a little faster as I feel you pushing back with each of my down strokes to press me deeper inside of you. I see a little ring of brown anal essence and lube forming at the base of my cock as I drive as deeply as I can into your asshole. I give you permission to play with your clit as I fuck your ass. You lift your hips up from the pillows momentarily to slide your hand onto your clit.

I pump harder as your hips and butt move while your rub your hard and erect clit. The little brown ring of essence grows at the base if my cock. I can begin to feel that sweet tingle and sensation at the back of my balls warning me of my impending orgasm. I can tell you are close to cumming too, but I don’t want you to — so I tell you to stop playing with your clit. I know you don’t want to — but you are too good of a slut not to listen. As I’m getting closer, I raise myself up on my knees and lift your hips up as I SLAM and SLAM into your ass. Faster and faster, with animal-fuck lust and passion, I pound into your rectum. I ROAR as I unload my first rope of hot white seed into your bowels.

Again and again I deliver my hot sperm into your bottom. I finally stop when my cock head becomes too sensitive for me to continue. I lean up against you as we lower ourselves to the pillows. I leave my cock in your bottom enjoying the warm, wet and tight sensation, As my cock begins to soften, I tell you to begin playing with your clit. You happily comply and I can feel you squeezing my cock with your muscles as you get closer to your release. I command you to push out with your bottom like you need to poop. I want you to make cream pie with my sperm leaking out of kaçak bahis your asshole. As my cock gets softer, I can feel my sperm leaking out of your ass and dripping onto my shaven balls I tell you to finger your clit even faster and harder You begin your first orgasm with a scream and convulsions.

“More…faster…don’t stop” I tell you.

I know how you get when you begin to have multiple orgasms. Harder and harder you come. Like my sex animal pet, you grunt like a fucking rooting pig as your orgasms take over your body. I pull my softened cock out of your asshole and grab you by your hair. I YANK YOUR HAIR and PULL YOU AROUND so your lovely face is at my loins.

“Clean my cock, my slut”, I command. I can see your eyes as you spy the brown essence your bottom left on my cock. I know in normal circumstances you would have a very hard time complying with my command — but I know you — when you are in the throes of multiple orgasms — there is nothing that you won’t sexually do. I watch as you dive in and begin to suck and lick my ass-stained cock. You eat up and love whatever is on your Master and Lover’s cock. You see some of the slightly brown tinted sperm that leaked out of your asshole onto my balls. You drop your head to lick and suck the remnants off your two favorite orbs.

You continue to grunt and come as your clean your Master’s dirty cock and balls. You are almost ready to pass out from orgasms when I command you to stop. I look at your pretty face as you look up at me. You are completely and totally sexually spent. I smile down at you as you look up into my deep blue eyes. I see a small brown stain on the bottom of your lower lip. I gently lean down and kiss your full lips; tasting the residue from your bottom and my sperm. Our kiss deepens in passion with you realizing that your Man will still soul-kiss you even after your mouth cleaned his dirty cock. I can now fully taste the inside of your mouth as our tongues dance and lick together.

I pull back and tell you softly, “Jen — there isn’t anything I’d ask you to do to me that I wouldn’t do to you. When two people care about each other — there isn’t anything taboo or dirty –it’s just pleasure.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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