A Wonderful Journey Ch. 03

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I lay in a steaming hot bath, feeling some of my aches and pains easing away as I closed my eyes and thought about what had happened to me over the last two days, and realised that I had absolutely no regrets at all. I had enjoyed the most amazing sex I had ever known and I had felt so sexy and desired, more so than at any other point in my life.

As I looked down at my half-submerged naked body I realised that I felt good about myself for the first time in years, and I couldn’t help but run my hands over my big saggy breasts as I recalled the looks of lust and desire in the other women’s faces when they looked at me. Of course I had no doubt given them that look too, and as I closed my eyes I pictured again Mary and Donna, their large soft bodies just begging for my touch, their smooth hairless mounds framing juicy slits that felt and tasted so good.

I was soon touching myself between my legs as I thought about them, touching them, kissing them, fucking them, knowing that I had made the right choice and that I would happily embrace their lifestyle and be a member of their group of loving friends.

I briefly worried about what my darling daughter would say on her return from uni, but I figured that she would be happy for me — she was an open-minded free spirit and I was sure she wouldn’t be upset or dismayed at my newly-discovered sexuality.

I lay in that bath for ages, keeping the water topped up and hot as I let my body relax and unwind, my eyes closed and my fingers moving gently under the water. I kept trying to find fault with what I had done and experienced and I couldn’t find any — it had all been so good, so erotic and so…friendly; it had been good honest sexy fun with horny women who wanted nothing more than sharing good times and good feelings.

I spent the rest of the day in a little pink and fluffy cloud of contentment, my mind firmly on other matters regardless of what I was doing. I popped out to do a little shopping and as I wandered around the supermarket I couldn’t help but eye up the other ladies doing their shopping, picturing what they would look like naked, or in sexy lingerie. Maybe some of them were friends of Mary and Donna; maybe I would get to see them naked, spreading their fat thighs and wobbly buttocks to expose their most private places?

I spent the rest of that day, and most of the next, lost in wonderfully naughty and dirty daydreams, spending hours teasing and touching myself, masturbating slowly and softly for hours on end as I pictured all the wonderful things I had done and what I might do with a succession of sexy and curvy older women.

There were big drooping breasts in lace and satin for me to squeeze and fondle, topped with big nipples for me to suckle on, hardening between my lips. I dreamt of mighty blubbery thighs, wobbling as I stroked and caressed them, easing them apart to gain access to the meaty and juicy slits concealed between them. There were upturned bottoms, big mounds of soft firm flesh for me to stroke and lick, delving into their depths to lick the rosebuds they protected.

It’s true to say that when Mary rang me I was indeed ready to meet more of her friends — I was horny beyond belief and craving the touch of another woman. She asked me if I was up for a little party with several of her friends.

“You mean like an orgy?” I asked her, “Mmm, yes please!”

“I thought you’d like the sound of that!” she chuckled, “how about I pick you up in an hour?”

“Sure, I’ll be ready and waiting,” I said.

I had a shower and made plentiful use of my razor and hair removal cream, making sure my skin was silky smooth and I was squeaky clean. After some consideration I chose the white lingerie I had bought from Helen — stockings and suspender belt, a see through mesh and lace bra, and pretty white lace knickers that stretched across my bum. A blouse and long pleated skirt went over this and some knee-length black leather boots finished it off.

“You look good Jenny,” Mary said as I got in her car.

“Thank you, so do you,” I replied, admiring her low cut top that showed off a lot of cleavage and a short skirt that exposed her stocking-clad legs, “so, where are we going this evening?”

“We are going to Judith’s house — you’ll like her, she’s really nice and friendly — and there should be Carol and Martha there too,” she told me, “actually, I’m sure you’ll get on just great with all three of them, they’re all really nice, friendly, horny women like you and me.”

Mary was right — when we got there and greeted them all three turned to be ever so friendly and welcoming. Judith was about my age but taller and quite buxom; Carol was in her fifties and was short and very round, and Martha was a little older still, very large but with a bubbly personality, the sort of person you got on with right away.

“Welcome to my home Jenny,” Judith welcomed me as she handed me a glass of wine, “we’ve all heard a lot about you and we’re so looking forward to getting to know you, güvenilir bahis intimately.”

“Thank you Judith,” I replied, “I’m looking forward to it as well — Mary has really opened my eyes and shown me what I’ve been missing all these years!”

“It’s nice to have another convert to the sisterhood,” she purred a she caressed my shoulder softly, “us ladies need to look after each other.”

After a bit of a natter Judith thought it would be good if we started off with an ice-breaker in the lounge; this entailed stripping down to our undies and watching each other masturbate. That sounded like a lot of fun and made my pussy hotter and wetter than it already was. We made our way into Judith’s front room and divested ourselves of our outer layers so that all five of us were in our underwear or lingerie. Judith’s lounge had real wood flooring, leather sofas facing each other and a big old rug in between them.

I sat on a sofa next to Mary, who was wearing navy blue hold-ups, a matching half cup bra that pushed her ample breasts up, and some pretty black lace knickers. Directly opposite me was Judith in a matching cream and burgundy set of bra and French knickers; to her left was Carol in red stockings and suspenders that were stretched tight across her meaty thighs, with a matching mesh bra that made no pretence of giving her breasts any support and lacy red knickers, and Martha was in a black lace body stocking with an open crotch, her enormous boobs spilling over the top of it.

Legs were spread and hands went down, and in moments we were all intently watching each other as we played with ourselves. For awhile the only sounds were heavy breathing and low moans and groans of pleasure as five horny women played with five wet pussies.

“I think you should all take your knickers off,” Martha said, “I seem to be the only one who came commando tonight!” she had a point — we all had our hands in our knickers but could plainly see her fingers moving wetly in her neatly-trimmed snatch.

We all agreed with her and so we all whipped out knickers off, all of us proudly displaying our exposed female charms. Like myself and Mary, Judith’s pussy was smooth and hairless and I admired her long smooth labia as my host rubbed and stretched them. Carol’s was hairless too and I was surprised to see that her large and meaty labia were pierced — each petal had three golden rings in them and she was pulling on them.

After a few minutes of this delightful voyeurism we were all very aroused and very wet, the air in the room redolent of our excitement. The sight of all this semi-clothed corpulent female flesh was making me hungry, and the more I watched Judith’s fingers move in her honey pot the more I wanted to taste it.

“I feel it only right and proper to pay my respects to the host,” I said as I launched myself from the sofa to kneel before Judith, “if you don’t mind that is?”

“Jenny, I would be honoured,” she smiled sweetly at me, removing her hands from her sex and beckoning me closer with them. Her pussy really was very pretty and I gazed at it for a moment, liking how it glistened with her secretions and how it was a little bit open, hinting at what lay inside and beckoning me in.

I moved in and started to lick Judith’s folds, enjoying the taste of her womanhood as she moaned softly and happily. I heard some of the others moan too as they watched me eat Judith’s sex, and I could also hear the wonderfully dirty sound of fingers thrusting wetly into wet cunts. I had my arms resting on Judith’s fleshy thighs and my thumbs pulling back her soft thick outer lips, fully exposing her inner lips and her clit.

As I licked, lapped and sucked her slippery folds, enjoying the ample supply of pussy honey she was feeding me, there was movement behind me and I felt hands on my upturned arse. I wondered who it was that was teasing my slit with their fingertips but I didn’t stop what I was doing, I was enjoying Judith’s cunny too much.

Whoever it was, they were having a field day exploring my pussy, spreading my wet lips and pushing two fingers deep inside me. I felt the warmth of their breath on my upturned bum cheeks just before they started to kiss them, their fingers still playing with my quim.

“Oh Jenny, you eat pussy so well,” Judith moaned as I took her clit between my lips, sucking and licking it, “you’re going to have me cumming in a minute!”

I smiled up at her as I released her hard little bud and lapped up more of her juices before returning to her clit, flicking my tongue rapidly across it. She gasped and jerked her hips up, her hands going to the back of my head and pulling me in closer. There were still two fingers moving in my pussy and those sweet lips were still planting wet kisses across my buttocks as my juices oozed from me.

“Suck it baby!” Judith groaned as she pressed herself against my face, as I chewed on her swollen clit, “I’m cumming!”

The fingers in my pussy were almost forgotten as I kept Judith’s clit between my türkçe bahis lips, my face riding her bucking pussy as she shook and wobbled with orgasmic delight. Once more I felt so horny knowing that I could do this to a woman, to make feel so good that she could come all over my face. As Judith’s cries and movements started to subside I released her clitoris and lapped up her juices as they oozed out of her inflamed pussy.

“Thank you hun,” she said as she sat up and pulled me up to her face, kissing me and tasting herself as her tongue found mine, “I enjoyed that!”

“I could tell,” I chuckled as she wiped the sticky residue on my cheek with her thumb.

The woman who had been fingering me moved up behind me, pressing herself against my back, and I turned my head to see it was Carol, coming in to kiss me. We traded tongues for a bit before she asked me to lie on my back so she could eat my pussy.

My pussy certainly craved some attention, so once Carol had given me room I happily lay back on the soft thick rug in between the sofas and spread my legs wide. Carol was quickly in position, head down and with her majestic rear in the air as she pressed my thighs back further to fully expose my sopping wet gash.

I cried out happily as she started to lick me like a cat cleaning itself, long slow swipes of her tongue up the length of my wet slit, again and again. As I was enjoying that wonderful treatment Martha got up from the sofa to my right and stood over me, smiling down at me as she dropped onto her knees either side of my head.

Her ripe pussy was there right in front of me, all red and swollen and glistening with her juices. The smell of her was strong and arousing and as we maintained eye contact past her huge breasts and saggy tummy I lapped those slick folds greedily. Martha smiled down at me, reaching down and stroked my face as I enjoyed the tangy taste of her musky juices, my mouth and tongue soon coated in them.

“Oh baby, you’re making me so wet,” she purred, “your mouth feels so good.”

I smiled back at her as she caressed me, pulling her fat outer lips back as I sucked on her juicy folds. She was indeed wet, her juices almost dripping into my mouth they flowed so much. Carol was driving me wild her exploration of my sex, making me almost as wet as Martha as she fingered, licked and sucked my throbbing slit.

I was in heaven, pussy juices flowing into my mouth and flowing out of me into another willing mouth. My head was surrounded my warm, soft wobbling flesh and I loved it, Martha’s fingers tangle din my hair as she muttered sweet nothings, gently rocking her hips back and forth and smearing her honey on my face. I was quivering and pushing myself into Carol’s face as she opened me right up, driving her tongue up inside my cunny as far as she could.

I felt more hands on my body but I was a little bit out of it, and it took me a while to realise that there were now two tongues licking me down there; my legs had been moved and my buttocks pulled wide apart, with one tongue lashing my clitty while the other stabbed at my bum hole. This coincided with Martha shifting her body so that I was now licking her anus, something I did with full and complete enjoyment.

“That is so fucking hot,” I heard Judith moan, “so beautiful!”

“God, I’m going to cum in a minute!” Martha moaned happily as she wriggled her ass in my face, riding my tongue as she frigged her clit, “Jenny’s eating my arse so well!”

I didn’t feel too far off cumming myself and I would have been bucking about on the floor if I didn’t have three large and lovely ladies holding me down. My quim was so wet and my clit was on fire as I worked my tongue deep into Martha’s arse, extra lubrication being offered by the cum dribbling down from her ripe pussy as she frigged herself.

“Oh Jenny, Jenny, Jenny!” Martha started mumbling as her orgasm blasted through her body, meaty thighs quaking either side of me, her belly wobbling and her body clenching as she came. I could feel her anus twitching around my tongue and her spasming quim oozed cunt dream down onto my face, pressed as it was into her sex.

I started to cum too, struggling for breath as fingers rubbed my clit frantically and more fingers moved in my bum, fucking me hard and fast. I was still firmly pinned to the floor and Martha had shifted back, pressing her drooling snatch against my mouth and feeding me her nectar as I had mine fucked out of me.

I was still cumming when Martha eased herself off of me, and just as I got my breath back she dropped her face to mine, holding my head as she kissed me hard. I was snorting through my nose as I finished cumming, quivering and shaking as Martha chased my tongue with hers, keeping our mouths glued together.

“Thank you Jenny, you were wonderful,” Martha said once I had finished my messy cum. Carol and Mary were sharing a sloppy kiss to as they eased themselves up, and for a minute or two I just lay there on my back, on the rug, with my legs apart, gathering güvenilir bahis siteleri my wits.

“That was amazing Jenny!” Judith said after the others had helped me up and I plunked myself on the sofa next to her, “you really seem to have taken to this!”

“Judith, I am having the time of my life,” I panted as I watched her take her bra off so that she was naked, “I just wish I had started so much earlier in life!”

“Well, I’d say you’re doing a damn good job of catching up!” she chuckled a she reached around and undid my bra, letting me shrug it off so my boobs spilled free, “and I feel blessed to know you Jenny.”

“Thank you Judith, that means a lot to me,” I said sincerely as she moved in close to kiss me. It was a long slow, intense kiss, full of passion and desire and it had my pussy throbbing as she played with my nipples.

In front of us the other three were getting down to it with each other, and for a while Judith and I were more than happy just to watch. Mary was on her back and Carol had got on top of her in a 69, and as they gorged themselves on each other’s juicy slits Martha retrieved a long smooth dildo from her handbag, smeared it with lube, and slowly worked it into Carol’s arse as Mary held her fat buttocks wide open.

Judith and I repositioned ourselves so that our legs overlapped each other, enabling us to play with each other while we watched the dirty little tableaux in front of us. We traded long and lustful kisses and talked quietly and softly, turning each other on even more as our fingers moved in each other’s juicy slits.

“Tell me, have you ever used a strap-on dildo before?” Judith asked me.

“No, I haven’t, but I’d like to try it,” I said softly, thinking back to some of the videos I’d watched on the web.

“Great, because I want you to fuck me,” she smiled, “I’ll go and fetch my favourite.”

She got up and hurried out of the room, leaving me to play with myself as I watched Mary, Carol and Martha grunting and moaning in front of me. Judith soon returned with the strap-on and I stood up as she showed it to me before helping me put it on. It was a leather harness with quite a few straps, and a large thick curved cock attached to it, made of hard purple plastic with a swollen head and big rounded dimples all along its length.

Putting it on the base of the cock pressed against my clit, and I groaned as Judith tightened the straps, especially the one that ran across my pussy and up the crack of my arse. I looked down and shivered with excitement to see eight inches of solid fake cock rearing up from my loins, running my fingers over it.

“Oh yes, it suits you!” Judith gushed as she knelt in front of me, “Let me suck it a bit!”

It looked horny watching Judith run her lips back and forth along the dildo, giving it a good coating of her saliva like it was the real thing — no wonder guys liked having their cocks sucked; I had no idea how it felt, but it looked good! When Judith was finished sucking my ‘cock’ she laid back on the sofa, spreading her legs wide.

“Come on Jenny, fuck me,” she said, reaching down to pull her cunt wide open, “fuck me hard!”

I knelt on the sofa in front of her, shuffling into place as I held ‘my’ cock in my hand, guiding it into her open pussy. Judith groaned happily as I slowly thrust into her, excited at the view of that thick fake cock stretching her wide open, aroused by the pressure against my clit. I kept on pushing, inch after inch of hard plastic sinking into her until she had taken it all and was looking very happy about it.

“Oh yes, that feels so good,” she sighed happily, “now fuck me sweetie.”

With my hands pressing against her thighs I slowly pulled most of the dildo out of her cunny, the knobbly shaft coated with her cream, and then thrust it back in, feeling it press against my clit and making me groan. I slowly got the hang of it, swivelling my hips and fucking the dildo into Judith with long steady strokes.

“Oh yeah, that’s the way Jenny!” Judith purred, “You’ve got it!”

I settled into a rhythm and I was enjoying it just as much as Judith was, the harness rubbing against me and pressing against my clit, and I could feel my juices between my skin and the leather harness. Judith was pushing back against me, matching my thrusts, and was groaning and gasping with pleasure as I fucked her. Looking down at ‘my’ big cock spearing into her was so exciting and arousing, they way her cunny gripped it and smeared it with cum on every out stroke.

“Oooh Jenny, I’m going to cum,” Judith groaned happily as she rubbed her clit, “I’m going to cum all over your big fat cock!”

“Cum for me,” I groaned as I fucked her harder and deeper, loving the way her tits wobbled back and forth from the force my fucking, “I want to see and hear you cum!”

I was not disappointed — Judith had a very wet and loud climax as I fucked her, bucking about and crying out loud as she came on ‘my’ cock. I buried its whole length in her wet and leaking pussy as she gasped through the last of her climax, her movements transmitted through it to me, rubbing and pushing it against my clit. I bent forward and we kissed a long and lusty kiss as Judith came back down from the peak.

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