A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 10

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[This story contains very graphic descriptions of bodily functions and those offended by this subject should definitely proceed no further. All characters are well over 18 years of age.].


Jackson saw Graham smile during the introductory remarks delivered by Commandant Elizabeth at the Men’s Camp for reorientation. He had trouble restraining himself when he thought that this was the very man who had caused his dear wife—whom he loved even if she had sent him to this hellhole—to be punished so humiliatingly, and as it turned out, totally wrongfully.

He managed to keep his feelings under control but was wracked with pain and guilt because he knew he needed to do something that showed Graham what happened to men who had behaved as terribly as he had and caused Eleanor such miserable consequences. As his unit was marched back to their barracks by Sergeant Denise, he was suffering from the realization that right now, he was hardly disposed to take the action he deemed necessary.

Sergeant Denise, who had caned Jackson earlier for staring at her with clear thought as to what she might look like in an undressed state, was quite proficient in observing the temperament and behavior of the men assigned to her during their three-week reorientations. She noticed immediately that something was really bothering Jackson and she called him over.

“I don’t want to punish you this time,” she said in a much warmer tone as he looked up, very fearfully in view of what had befallen him the last time he stared at his superior. “But I can tell that something is bothering you big-time and it isn’t the fact that I caned you back before the introductory lecture,” she continued. “If you tell me,” she said quietly, “I really will try to help, because I do believe in working to resolve problems here with the men who come through.”

Jackson did look very skeptically at her but slowly realized that this very attractive if severe blonde woman was sincerely interested in helping him solve his problem. So he decided to play it straight and tell her all.

“Sergeant,” he began, remembering never to drop the required title of respect, “I was upset because I noticed a man in another unit who had done my wife very serious harm. I know that I am not in a position to start anything here that will cause more problems but I couldn’t entirely keep my face from showing both my surprise and disgust, and also my despair because of my inability to do something to make it right for my wife.”

Sergeant Denise realized that he was telling her the straight truth and she respond sympathetically.

“You are right in restraining yourself,” she said calmly, “because it would only benefit him were you to instigate a fight now. I know it is hard for you to accept but you might just allow me to help you in this matter because I have read about the case you mentioned—it got quite a lot of general attention, you know—and I would like to help you put this right.

“So sit tight and just do what I say and no more,” she concluded, and then smiled a rare smile and quite a beautiful one, Jackson thought. They proceeded to the barracks where Sergeant Denise allowed all the men under her command to use the facilities and prepare for lights out.

Once they were in their beds, she left the barracks and walked over to the one where she knew Graham was housed. She discreetly looked for her friend, Sergeant Linda, who was in charge of this group. Linda was not as striking a figure as Denise but had a tight, compact body that was in perfect shape from steady exercising and stringent dieting.

Sergeant Denise motioned to her to join her outside the barracks and the two walked over to the Commandant’s building where there was a staff room. They fixed themselves some coffee and sat down in the comfortable lounge chairs provided for the camp’s noncommissioned officers.

Denise explained to Linda who Graham was, and why she was bothered by the situation and not just because Jackson was in her unit. Linda frowned when Denise mentioned the case in which Eleanor had been found guilty of adultery and ordered by the court to be infibulated for a year.

“I never was too happy about that, Denise,” Linda said rather bluntly, “because that guy got away scot-free and even if his wife got her revenge.”

“That’s pretty much the way I feel,” Denise responded. “I have a feeling that we may just be able to implement a little needed justice here if we approach this properly. Do you mind if I mention this to the C.O. so she’s aware of what we have in mind? I think she’ll agree, even if it’s not exactly spelled out anywhere as proper, but I’d like to have her in on it.”

Linda nodded her assent and Denise made her way to the Commandant’s office, where Commandant Elizabeth was still reviewing the day’s paperwork for the entering cohort of men. Linda decided to follow Denise, so the two uniformed sergeants entered the small room where the camp commander was finishing her day’s work.

“To tuzla escort what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?” Commandant Elizabeth asked the two with a bit of levity in her voice. “I’m happy to see you both because after a long day, I’ll be happy to sit down with you two and have a bit of an attitude adjuster,” she smiled, referring to the liquid refreshment, alcoholic in nature, she had in her cabinet.

“I think we’ll be happy to join you, Commandant,” Denise replied to the invitation, “but I wanted to brief you on a little situation that involves two men who arrived in today’s cohort, one in my unit and one in Linda’s. And thank you for your generosity with the goods,” she grinned.

“Oh,” said the Commandant, as she poured some very excellent single malt into three heavy glass tumblers she kept atop the liquor cabinet. “Please tell me what this is about so I can figure out our course to achieve the result we can all agree on,” she said plainly.

“One of the men in my unit is the husband of that rather notorious woman who as you may recall from the news stories was convicted of adultery and infibulated for a year,” Denise began.

“Oh yes,” Commandant Elizabeth interrupted. “Not many of us are not aware of that.”

“Leaving aside for a moment why he is here, in that he married her and certainly made her life better, but she clearly was sufficiently motivated by his behavior to send him here,” Denise continued. “But in Linda’s unit is the man who was the co-respondent who received no punishment and who, as you know, was never even married to that woman who pressed the charges.”

Elizabeth grimaced and said, “I won’t even ask why he is here. But Linda, do you know?”

Sergeant Linda scrunched up her nose and said, “I looked quickly at the papers and apparently, a woman with whom he had taken up was disturbed by—shall we say, his inconstancy—and turned him in to the local District office. The official record did not reference the legal proceedings, no doubt because he was not convicted of anything, and I think he had gone missing. So we are the first to match these matters up.”

Denise now asked Commandant Elizabeth if she could say something to suggest a course of action. The Commandant nodded her approval.

“We need to be careful here,” Denise said. “I want to keep the husband out of it. He noticed the co-respondent, whose name is Graham, by the way, and obviously seeks to make things right but I told him to hold his fire or he’d be the one in trouble. I want to get this Graham in here with Sergeant Linda, question him, let him lose his temper, and then punish him, perhaps as your toilet orderly here for a while, Commandant.”

“Do you think he will rise to the bait?” Commandant Elizabeth asked, in a very uncertain tone.

“I feel he will if we handle it right,” Denise said, “and I think Linda will work with me on this.”

“You two can go ahead then,” Elizabeth stated. “I don’t want to hear any more about it until and unless you have reason to put in a punishment referral and I can assure you I am disposed to take the action you suggested in that instance.”

“Well,” Denise rejoined with a placid countenance, “that’s fine as far as I’m concerned and I think Linda will agree.” Her companion immediately nodded her agreement.

The three officers sat back and enjoyed their single malts.


At the formation early the next morning, Sergeant Linda called out Graham’s name and ordered him to follow her to the Commandant’s building. Graham started wondering what this was about but he had managed to evade being noticed by behaving himself, so he wasn’t going to jeopardize that by alienating his sergeant just now.

When they arrived there, he was taken by Sergeant Linda, who had a blank look on her face, to a small room with a desk and three chairs. The third chair was very plain and metal, and she motioned to him to sit in it. She left the room, closed the door, and soon returned with Sergeant Denise.

Looking at the attractive blonde and the compact and impressive brunette sergeants, Graham momentarily was trying to decide which one he’d rather have in bed. He did not know that both preferred the company of their own sex so his likelihood of success in seduction was not good.

“You probably have little idea as to why you were summoned here,” Denise began.

Graham decided to try to maintain a light tone and answered, “I have a feeling you didn’t want me to have a drink with you.”

“You are here for reorientation,” Linda said firmly, “and from what I heard then and have heard before, you are in some need of reorientation.”

“I don’t believe I have done anything improper here, Sergeant,” Graham rejoined, anxious to forestall any serious discussion.

“We are interested in why you were sent here,” Denise stated, “so we can determine the best kind of reorientation program for you.”

“So give us an idea of why you were referred,” Linda added.

Graham hesitated tuzla escort bayan and decided he looked pretty good with his trimmed mustache even if he had been made to wear these ridiculous white shiny panties. “I was referred because a woman I knew was offended at my seeing others while I was dating her,” he said. “I don’t think I’m being treated fairly because as far as I know, dating several people is not a legal violation.”

Denise took this in and said, “So I gather. I also understand that you were a co-respondent in a legal matter and never appeared in that tribunal.”

Graham blanched now that he realized why they were after him and had somehow learned about his past.

“I don’t think that has anything to do with this situation,” he said carefully. “I was sent here by the woman I was dating and that is the whole reason.”

“I hope you are not denying the accuracy of my other statement about your past,” Denise responded coldly.

“I am not,” Graham said with extreme care. “But I do not feel that it is required that I discuss that here. That matter is closed.”

“Should we decide to do so,” Denise responded, “we could both report your presence here to the authorities as a fugitive in that matter. In fact, we likely would be commended for doing so.”

“I’ve tried to stay out of trouble,” Graham responded. “I have not succeeded as it concerns my being sent here but I feel you are dredging things up and wish you might consider that this has been closed and consider my reorientation rather than further extension of that old matter.”

“Just so,” Denise said firmly. “It is our view that you need to account for what happened there and for which it turns out a woman was unjustly and severely and humiliatingly punished because you did not appear to set matters right. Recognizing and acknowledging what you did is part of any successful reorientation, I believe.”

“Are you going to send me back to the court?” Graham asked plaintively. “Is there any way this could be dealt with here?”

“Well,” Denise said, “I’m disposed to recommend to the Commandant that you be punished here and if you behave yourself, we might release you without any particular designation other than that you were disciplined as part of needed reorientation.”

“May I ask what the punishment would be?” Graham asked much more hesitantly.

“Actually, you may not,” Linda chimed in, “as punishments are in the sole discretion of the Commandant. However, you may expect it to be relatively severe in nature.”

“I guess I have little choice in the matter except to request that I be sent back to the court immediately,” Grant said, and he told himself that maybe these bitches would not do that if he behaved himself. “I decline to request that and will accept whatever you do to me and hope we can end this with that, assuming I will continue to behave myself here as I have tried to do up to now,” he said.

“Good,” Denise said. “We will refer this to the Commandant then. There will be no guarantees.”


A half hour later, Graham was brought into the Commandant’s office by two other noncoms—Corporal Nancy and Sergeant Jana.

“You have been referred to me for special disciplining in pursuit of your reorientation,” Commandant Elizabeth said to Graham in the presence of the two officers.

“Have you anything to say?” she asked.

“Only that I have agreed to accept punishment as it supports my reorientation,” Graham said.

“Your punishment will accomplish just that,” Elizabeth intoned, “by developing your humility and stimulating your further respect for women in this Republic. You will forthwith be taken to the chamber used by the officers in this brigade for their relief where you will serve all of us as our toilet receptacle servant in the unit’s toilet. The length of your service will be determined by your attitude.”

Graham blanched as he had not expected this, even though the Commandant had referred to it in her introductory lecture.

“I beg you to reconsider,” he pleaded. “I really have done nothing to merit this punishment since arriving here.”

Commandant Elizabeth stared at him. “You declined to request transfer and now punishment has been imposed and you will serve until it is decided you have completed your term. That is all,” she concluded and the two officers took him by the arms as he wept and cursed his situation.

There were two toilet holes in the officers’ latrine. Under them was a shelf, accessible through a panel under the front of the toilets that opened. Graham was stripped and told to lie on the shelf as it was pulled out. Once he had lain down, the shelf, with him on it, was slid back into place under the two toilet openings. He was far enough below the seats so he could not reach them and positioned above the water below him which could be flushed to remove the contents without spraying him. By selecting one or the other of the two seats, a user could determine whether her waste—solid escort tuzla or liquid—would land on his face or lower on his body. All he would see would be her bare posterior as she sat on the seat and then he would be tantalized by the superb view he would have of her most private parts. This ecstatic sight would then be followed by her release of her urine or feces on his face or body but he would have no advance knowledge of which opening between her legs would open and deposit its contents on him.

Corporal Nancy and Sergeant Jana told Graham that the officers would be using these toilets and they would choose which seat to use in their discretion. He was directed to refrain from speaking as anything he said would be recorded by a voice-activated recorder near where he was positioned.

“If you’re a good boy,” Sergeant Jana smiled, “the Commandant will let you out after a half day or so. If I were you, I’d make the best of this or she will keep you here for days with some time allowed for you to sleep in a cell nearby.”

Graham grimaced and cursed his fate to himself.


As the day proceeded, it was about 15 minutes before the first user of the toilets appeared. Sergeant Rhoda, who ran the mess hall, and was a large woman as befit her job, walked in and looked into the hole over Graham’s lower body, where he could not see her face.

She said nothing, but stood in front of the seat over his face, lifted her uniform skirt, pulled down her panties, and seated herself over his face, blocking the light except for a slight crack in front where her legs were spread apart. She sighed and then released a powerful jet of strong morning pee that hit Graham right in his face as he suddenly closed his mouth to keep it from choking him.

He looked up and could see little besides what looked like a rather hairy crotch of what he assumed to be a large woman. Now he feared the worst as he heard her grunt and then a large smelly dark turd started to emerge from her rear and hang over his face before dropping off and smacking him right on the nose before rolling off into the water below.

Rhoda reached for some toilet tissue, wiped herself front to rear and dropped the messy used tissue right between her legs and onto Graham’s face where the tissue lay until he managed to blow it off his face into the water.

She flushed the toilet for which Graham was thankful, and pulled up her panties, dropped her skirt, and left.

Graham now realized that this was going to keep happening over and over when women whom he would never be able to identify would use him as a toilet target.

Over the next few hours, several women, most he assumed worked in the office, used the facility. They apparently were used to men being punished by being placed beneath the toilet, and knowing that he could not see who they were, were hardly conscious of his presence since he was strapped into position and could not move.

Graham found that he feared every new arrival and after he had been repeatedly doused by what seemed to be very strong pee—after all, it was morning and the women had often not yet urinated and had also had their morning coffee—and a certain number of them had defecated on him as well. One woman user clearly was small as he could see that she had a really pretty ass if he couldn’t see the rest of her. But she had not grunted so he was totally taken by surprise when her anus opened and she deposited a long thin very soft piece of shit that smeared on his face.

The next woman, though, was an even nastier specimen, he concluded. She sat her bare rear on the seat and then he saw her hand reach down and extract a string and suddenly a tampon, a very soaked one, fell right on his face. Then some of her period blood oozed out and came down on him as he almost wretched and tried to keep it from going into his mouth, nose or eyes but had little ability to move given his restraints. He saw her slide a fresh tampon into her vagina and told himself that at least she hadn’t shit on him.

Denise made it her business to stop by and use the facility to do her business. The blonde sergeant waited until she knew she had a sizeable bowel movement to release and she quietly sat over his face—Graham wondered why almost all of them did choose to sit over his face—and released her pee while she quietly pushed her large movement out so it landed on his face and only belatedly fell off into the toilet water.

At the end of the day, the two noncoms who had strapped him in, came in, pulled out the shelf, looked at the mess Graham was from his toilet duty, and took a hose and hosed him down. They smiled and told him that the Commandant had ordered them to have him change his clothes—they brought new ones—and appear before her.

When he was put in a new shirt and fresh panties, along with socks and shoes, he was brought to her room by them.

Graham was very subdued and scared he would be returned to the horrible toilet shelf.

Commandant Elizabeth smiled at him and asked him if he had learned from his experience to have more respect for women.

He responded quickly that he was very respectful and felt he had been punished very severely.

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