A Stranger to Guide Us Ch. 07

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story owes a great debt to “Six Times a Day” and its author, spacer_x, along with many others.


Another week went by in the Smyth house with little contact between mother and son. Josh was busy with his job during the day, as was Allie. But while Josh had made it a point to be available in the evenings, Allie seemed to be keeping her distance again. On Monday and Tuesday she texted him to say that she was working late on a project and that he should heat up dinner on his own. Wednesday was something similar, though she said that she was out with some work friends for drinks.

Now it was Thursday, and Josh had barely glimpsed her except in the mornings before they both departed. He had a hard time not staring at her tits as they wobbled dangerously under her blouse. In fact, they’d looked a bit wobblier than usual, but perhaps that was because he’d been so close to them the previous weekend. Their topless massage session had been cut tragically short by a message from Lana. And while the evening had consummated in a tremendous anal sex romp with Lana, part of him wished that she’d left him alone to see where things went with his mother.

Allie, for her part, seemed to have been scared off by the incident, just as Lana had predicted. Things had gone too far. Josh was hesitant where it all might lead, but perhaps less so than his mother. He knew that she must be lonely, alone for so many years after his father had passed. Her vibrator and dildo collection, which he was embarrassingly familiar with, was a testament to that fact.

But they both knew something was building. He suspected that she had watched him masturbate, and he had eavesdropped on her. Twice he had massaged her, and she had partially disrobed the second time so he could not touch, but at least bear witness to her amazing breasts, clad in a lacy bra.

However, the more Allie stayed away, the more he doubted his decisions. She had been shirtless and in his arms. Should he have been bolder? Should he have just grabbed them and squeezed? Maybe she wanted a “real man,” like in a porn movie. Should he have torn her clothes off, grabbed her head and guided it to his stiff cock. Or maybe he should never have engaged her in the massage in the first place.

He would have liked to turn to Lana for advice, but she had vanished again, as she seemed prone to do. When he was with her, he felt secure. She was both a guiding force and a willing partner. He was quite aware what she was doing with him ¬– training him up from a boy to a man. But when they were apart he felt as lost as before he’d met her, perhaps even more so.

Through the week, the absence of both women in his life wore at him, leaving himself alone with nothing but his own thoughts to gnaw on. All these misgivings blurred through his head as he drove home from work on Thursday. Just then a new text hit his cell.

“Won’t be home til late. Date tonight. Take some money for pizza.” It was from his mother.

He nearly ran off the road when he read the words “date tonight.” His mother hadn’t had a date, hadn’t even mentioned the word “date” for as long as he’d known her. Could she be so desperate to create some distance between them that she’d resort to this?

No, he thought. That’s not fair. She deserves some happiness. Then another voice popped into his head: “But I thought that I could be that person.”

He had to admit that it was true. He couldn’t exactly picture how they would make it work, but in his mind he saw the two of them together, happy and in each other’s arms like a married couple. As comfortable eating breakfast together as they were screwing each others brains out in bed.

When he got home, the place felt particularly empty. It had been threatening to rain all day, and the impending storm front was palpably ominous. After a shower and a fruitless half hour hoping to hear Allie come through the door or at least call, he phoned for a pizza, then ate it in silence.

Around nine at night, he tried calling Lana, but only managed her voicemail. He was tempted to go through his mother’s dildos again but was afraid that she could be home any minute. Then he thought about going up to his room to jerk off to some porn, but that would prevent him from seeing her when she returned, and he really did want to see her. Not to berate her or interrogate her, but to reassert his presence back into her life somehow. So he settled for sneaking into her room and grabbing a pair of dirty panties from her hamper.

When he brought them to his nose he could smell a deep, feminine musk. It rang the alarm bells in the animal part of his brain and he couldn’t help from shoving a hand down his pants just to feel his lengthening cock. He managed to get ahold of himself and wander back down to the living room, where he sat flipping idly through channels while occasionally bringing the panties up to his face. The TV programs zipped by, unseen by his glassed-over eyes. He was lost in a world of thoughts, doubts, and perverted fantasies, a slave sarıyer escort to his own bizarre lusts. And feeling how he felt now, he wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

Then, just as the eleven o’clock news came on, he heard a car out on the street pull to a stop. He went to the front windows and saw a long sedan parked in front of their house. Was this the date, he wondered. It was took dark to tell, and the forty foot expanse of lawn separating the house from the curb make it difficult to see anything inside. Josh crouched by the window, frozen, waiting for any activity. Then suddenly the car came to life again, backed up, and turned up the driveway.

Without really thinking about it, Josh sprinted across the living room and turned off the TV and lights so the house looked dark inside. Perhaps if his mother thought he was already asleep, he might be able to get a look at the new suitor.

Josh then dashed to a little side entry room off the kitchen that was parallel to the driveway. The car pulled up close, so close Josh had to duck as the occupants looked up towards the window. It was definitely his mother and a man. The man was older, maybe early fifties, though his hair didn’t look grey. Josh waited another moment then slowly raised his head to the window. The pair inside was lit by a yellowish light, and he realized that it was the outdoor sconce that hung on side of the house. Positioned as it was, if they looked at the window they would only see a reflection. He could look all he wanted.

Josh stood up and pulled the curtain back to get a better vantage point. Now he could see everything in the front of the car. The man was buff and well-built, with a dress shirt and khaki pants. He had bushy hair, and Josh thought he possessed a certain arrogance as the man laughed raucously at something Allie had said.

Allie was wearing a light jersey dress that showed off a fair amount of cleavage, and was thin enough that he could see the outline of her bra even in this light. He knew the dress well, as he’d noticed it on her before. They seemed to be enjoying themselves, which only annoyed Josh more. They talked for what seemed nearly an hour, but when Josh checked his watch only about fifteen minutes had passed. His legs were getting sore and he wanted to go away, to be anywhere but here, a silent witness to what could be the courtship of his new stepfather.

Then the man rested a hand on Allie’s knee. He hoped that she might push it off, but he knew by her body language that it was a welcome gesture. He slid a little closer to her and brushed so hair from her face. The man knew he was doing, Josh had to give him that. He was seducing her in a skilled and practiced way, yet made it look like he was as inept and nervous as she was.

He moved in to kiss her. Josh wanted to bang on the windows, but he knew he couldn’t. They kissed, lightly at first, but Josh could tell that they were getting deeper into it. Soon enough, the hand on her knee was sliding up and down her thigh. He moved from kissing her mouth to her neck. Josh could see that her eyes were closed in ecstasy. He slid his hand further up her thigh and her legs parted. Josh could see her panties. The striped pink pair. He knew those panties. This was killing him.

The man continued playing her like a fiddle, hitting her in all the right spots. She was putty in his skillful hands. Then he took her hand, kissed it, and placed it directly on his crotch. She smiled and squeezed, feeling his dick under his pants.

They kissed some more, but Josh noticed that she seemed a bit hesitant to do anymore than give him an over-the-pants rub. She merely continued rubbing it. “That’s it,” Josh thought, “keep him at bay.” But the man would not be daunted by a little shyness on Allie’s part. Without pretense, he reached down and unbuckled his pants. A good-sized cock popped up, about six inches and hard as a board. Josh noted this pyrrhic victory, that if a cock was about to be in his mom, at least it was smaller than his.

She took hold of it gently, running her fingers up and down it. The man said something to her with a laugh, then indicated down to his dick. Josh knew, with sick certainly, that this was an invitation. He could not look away as Allie leaned forward, transfixed, and took the cock in her mouth.

It took Josh quite a lot of willpower not to come in his pants, while at the same time not hurl himself out the window to stop the scene in the car. The competing instincts clashed with such force that he ended up pulling his dick out of his pants then running smack into the door. It reverberated with a thud and he was sure that they must have heard him out in the car. He crouched low for a moment, rubbing his forehead, then peered cautiously through the window.

Apparently they had not heard him because his mother was thoroughly involved in her blowjob now. Her luscious lips bobbed up and down on his cock, which was wet with spit. He was clearly enjoying it, as his eyes esenyurt escort were closed and his hands were buried in her hair, guiding her up and down.

Josh’s hand wandered to his cock without his awareness. He stroked himself slowly at the sight of her. Allie’s head was a blur of bobbing hair, but she kept pulling it back, giving him a better view. This meant a better view for Josh, as well. She sucked him like a pro, switching between long, slow licks and full-on sucking. Her hand moved up and down his shaft in counterpoint to her mouth, saliva dripping off of it in gobs. God, she looked good, he thought.

Then the man said something, and with a lecherous look on his face, he thrust her head down so she was forced to deepthroat him. Josh couldn’t see her face, but her hands were beating at his thighs. He relented, and she lifted herself up, a thick stream of spit stretching from her lips to the tip of his dick. She wiped her mouth and gave him an annoyed look — a look Josh knew well from 18 years in her house.

What was going to happen now, he wondered. His mother was not a woman you wanted mad at you. But instead of packing up to leave, she let have him a stern word, then bent down again and started licking his balls. Josh was shocked. She must have been a hornier, or a sluttier, woman than he’d imagined.

She was really giving his balls a bath and he appeared to be loving it. So did she. She licked and licked, and the man responded by jerking off his cock and whacking it against her face.

Then he guided her face up to his and said something. She said something back. He had a pleading expression on his face. She shook her head in the negative. He nodded yes, and she plunged her mouth back down around his cock.

Josh could not imagine what required such debate, but she looked so beautiful, so altogether sexual as she gave this stranger the blowjob of his life that he didn’t really care. He needed to come in the worst way. This image, he knew, would be etched in his head forever. His mother, acting the slut, and it was gorgeous.

Over and over Allie’s lips traveled up and down the length of the man’s cock. Josh pounded his own cock along to the same rhythm, imagining it was his cock in its place. Then the man took Allie’s head in both hands and plunged it down, jerking and spasming. Josh came at the same time, blasting the side of the door with his cum. He just barely noticed that his mother’s hands were flailing again, beating at the man’s legs. Finally her fist connected with his nuts and he let go, doubled over. She spit out what must have been an entire load of semen right in his face. He grimaced and said something nasty to her. Josh could imagine what words might be.

He wanted to run out and protect her again, but now he had to contend with the huge pool of cum he’d just gotten all over the door and the carpet. It was still dribbling out from his dick, in fact. He zipped up his pants quickly, and just in time, too. For at that moment the passenger side door opened and Allie leapt out. Now Josh could hear them just fine.

“You’re the fucking asshole, asshole,” and she spit twice more into the car. “I told you ‘no.'”

From inside the car, he heard a muffled, “…fucking cock-teasing bitch.”

“Yeah,” she yelled back. “Well next time I’ll be a cock-BITING bitch.”

With that, he revved the car up and threw it into reverse. Allie was left standing there, looking furious and forsaken. Josh wanted to go to her, but he knew it would be worse if she knew he’d seen her. He only had time to run a spare rag over the cum and dash back into the living room, then up the stairs to his room.

What followed, as far as Josh could tell, was little more than a series of noises. He heard the door slam, then a heavy object hit the kitchen counter, then the clink of a glass, and then silence. He hung in the door frame to his room, ready to leap into bed if she came up, but there were no sounds for a long time.

Josh prevaricated for a while, then decided to go down. He made his way slowly and noisily coming down the steps to telegraph his arrival. When he rounded the corner, he saw his mother sitting at the kitchen counter with a glass of wine in front of her. Her eyes were red and she wiped at them, as well as running a finger and thumb around her mouth to wipe her lips.

“Oh, hi,” she said in an unusually chipper voice. “I didn’t know you were up.”

“Yeah,” said Josh. “I just heard the door close.” He gave a fake yawn. “Meant to take a short nap as soon as I got home and just woke up now.” He realized immediately that the story made no sense, because the pizza box from dinner was sitting right in front of her, but she either didn’t notice or didn’t care. She didn’t say anything, in fact.

“So how was the date?” The question fell flat, as the answer was fairly obvious.

“It was a stupid idea,” she said. “I never should have thought that…”

Josh didn’t want to let it drop, though. “That what?” he prompted.

“Oh… avrupa yakası escort I don’t know. That anyone would be interested in dating… me.” She took another sip of wine to avoid his eyes.

Josh stepped near to her and took the wine glass from her hand. “Mom, look at me.” Her eyes were starting to well up again. Josh took her face in his hand.

“Mom, you are beautiful. Any man would want to date you. I know they want to. I’ve seen the way guys look at you for all my life. You turn heads. You make other women jealous. You had a bad date? Hey, I’ve had ’em too.”

She smiled a little at this.

“Want to tell me what happened?” he asked. He already knew, but he thought it would be better to let her lead.

“I guess I just wasn’t ready,” she said.

“Was he pushy?”

“A little, I guess.” She blushed. “We shouldn’t be talking about this. You don’t want to hear this stuff from your mom.”

“I’m an adult,” Josh said matter-of-factly. “And I’m probably the only one you can talk to about this, right?” It was true. Allie didn’t have many close friends.

She let that sink in. “I suppose you’re right. I’m not going to give you all the details, but here’s the basics. I was set up on this date through a friend at the office, Maggie. She said she only knew him a little, but that he was older and handsome. She said that she thought I could use a date. She wasn’t half-wrong, either.” At this, Allie gave a half-laugh, half-moan of exasperation.

“So what happened?” asked Josh.

“We went to dinner. He was a perfect gentleman. Then he drove me home and things got… well, you know.” She squirmed and giggled.

“I know. Go on,” he prompted.

“So we were, you know, kissing, and then he wanted… more.”

“And you weren’t ready for more,” said Josh.

“No, well… no. Maybe. Yes, then no. Does that make sense?” She grimaced. “Oh, this was all my fault. I led him on.”

“Mom, that’s not true. A gentleman lets the woman lead. As soon as you said no, he should have stopped.”

“And when did you become the paragon of gentlemanly behavior?”

“I’m taking lessons,” he said with a grin, as there was more than a little truth in that.

“I’ll just bet you are,” she said. She flashed that smile, that sexy smile where she was biting her lower lip. It drove him crazy. Without thinking about it, he flung his arms around her. She responded in kind and drew him in close. They simply held each other for a while. He could feel her breathing, feel her tits squashed against his chest and her hot breath on his neck. She smelled good, he thought, like a woman should smell. He let his face slowly sink into her neck until his lips were upon it. She moaned with pleasure.

“Oh, Josh. I love you so much.”

“I love you, too.”

“You’ve become such a wonderful, grown man.”

At that, he felt his cock stiffen. He couldn’t stop himself, and leaned his groin into her. Allie shuddered and pulled away. Her eyes were wide with shock, as if she’d just woken up from a dream.

“This isn’t… we shouldn’t…” she backed out of the kitchen. “I’m sorry be such a bother to you. I’ll promise I’ll leave you alone.”

“Mom, no wait! I don’t want you to leave me alone.”

But she had already turned the corner and headed up the stairs.

Later, Josh followed her up. He listened at her bedroom door, but heard nothing, so he made his way up the last flight of stairs to his room. So close, he thought. So close.


About an hour after shutting his eyes, a loud crack of lighting caused him to wake. The storm that had been building all day finally broke. He could hear the wind roaring outside, shaking the ancient oak and causing its branches to beat against the outer wall. He lay still for a while and listened. Josh had always liked thunderstorms, but they terrified Allie. She would usually find an excuse to be near him whenever a storm erupted.

Another crack of thunder shook the house, making it sound like the epicenter of the storm was directly over their heads. This was the worst storm they’d had in years, judging by the sound. He wanted to go down and check on his mother, but her abrupt departure made him second-guess.

Then a third bolt of lighting rent the sky and, sure enough, he heard the squeak of Allie’s bedroom door. Then, a moment later, his door opened and he heard her whisper.

“Josh? Josh? Are you awake?” She took the first couple of steps up to his room. “Josh?”

“Yeah, mom. I’m here.”

“Oh, good. It’s just… I wanted to check on you. Because of the storm.”

It was cute, he thought, that even now after all these years she would try to cover. The sky lit up again and Allie gave an unintentional shudder.

“Do you want to hang out here until the storm is over?” he asked.

She mused for a moment, then said, “That’s probably a good idea. Just to be safe.” The room was quite dark, but Josh heard her amble up the stairs and cross the room. Just as she neared his bed another bolt of lighting flashed and Allie was illuminated. She was wearing hardly anything at all — a tight, pink silk top with a plunging neckline and a matching pair of panties. Her tits bulged and wobbled dangerously in the half-second the room was lit as she hopped lightly across the room and into his bed.

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