A Siblings Love Tale. Pt. 05

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Greetings fans, my sincerest apologies for the extended time lapse between the previous chapter and this one. First I was in hospital with pneumonia, then I lost my writing program (the trial period ran out and I didn’t have the money to buy it) and then I got hit by a car whilst out cycling. I am back now and hope to continue pleasing you all with my stories.

To those of you whom have read the previous chapters, I’m glad you enjoyed them enough to want to read this one. Welcome back.

To those of you who have not read the previous chapters, I welcome you anyway. Although I strongly advise you to go read them before continuing here. If you are not a fan of gay male content then steer clear of part two.

Now, let’s get on with it shall we?


Part 5 – Still kissing cousins

The intercom sounded shortly after we’d finished breakfast, Jan had arrived. Val buzzed her in and went out to meet her. When she brought Jan into the house Jan’s face was bright red.

We all took our turn saying hello, Jan blushed even more when Jason and I hugged her against our naked bodies. She Had been quite chubby when she was small and was still rather chubby now, but the fact that she had grown up made her look a bit slimmer.

“Come dear, let’s get you out of those clothes.” Aunt Rhoda said, taking her hand and leading her to the bedroom with the rest of the girls in tow. “We’ll get you comfortable…” Was all I heard before they got out of earshot.

A few minutes later Sammi came back. “For the time being we are just a normal family.” She advised Jason and myself. She didn’t have to explain, we both understood what she meant.

A few minutes after that Aunt Rhoda came through with Jan hiding behind her and the rest of the girls around Jan, it was as if they were herding her in.

“Gentlemen, I present to you the lusciously beautiful Jan.” Aunt Rhoda said stepping out from in front of Jan. The already red faced girl went even redder as she tried to cover herself up. “Come now Jan, you’ve seen both of them naked, so it’s only fair that they should now get a look at you.”

All the girls joined in to help Aunt Rhoda pull Jan’s hands out of the way gently. Through the corner of my eye I saw Jason’s hands move to cover up his cock, so I glanced over and saw him trying to hide his erection. He glanced at me shyly and grinned, then turned his gaze back to Jan.

“You really are beautiful.” I encouraged her.

“Yes you are.” Jason agreed.

This encouragement seemed to comfort her slightly. “Thank you.” She blushed.

She stood there motionless as we admired her voluptuous body, her breasts, although much bigger than any of my sisters, Aunts or the twins, were still rather perky and her nipples were large and erect. Her curves were still slightly evident and her pussy was as hairy as nature intended it to be.

“Why don’t all of you go outside.” Valerie suggested. “It’s lovely out there. I need to sort something out and I need Jason’s help, then we’ll join you.”

“I agree.” Jessy said. “It is lovely out there. Anyone want anything to drink?” she offered.

“We’ll get something to drink later.” Vanessa replied, half leading, half pulling Jessy behind her.

On my way back from grabbing a few towels (there weren’t enough sun-beds) I saw Val leading Jason into her bedroom. She winked at me with a smile and then closed the door behind them. I understood that she was going to help Jason sort out his erection so that neither he nor Jan would be embarrassed by it.

They came outside fifteen minutes later to find us laying around talking. Val offered drinks and went back in to get them, Jason took up a place on one of the towels and avoided looking at Jan as much as he could.

Later Sammi got up to go make lunch and Jan offered her a hand which she accepted gladly. Aunt Rhoda took advantage of Jan’s absence. “You seem to really like her Jason.” She said quietly.

Jason blushed but answered. “She is really beautiful.”

“I’ll have you in her before she leaves tonight.” Aunt Rhoda said confidently.

“Really?” Jason brightened. “You really think you could do that?”

“Yes I think I could.” She turned to look at me. “What about you?”

“If you succeed with Jason, then try get her to come back tomorrow. “I replied. “I’ll have my chance then if she’s willing.”

“I plan on trying to get her to stay overnight.” Aunt Rhoda confided. “I want to have a go at her as well.”

When Sammi called us in for lunch I saw Aunt Rhoda give Jan a pat on the ass followed by a giggle which produced a giggle from Jan and turned her face red.

“I could cuddle your ass all day.” Aunt Rhoda told her.

“Aunt Rhoda!” Jan exclaimed.

The rest of us laughed.

“That’s my name, don’t abuse it unless you’re screaming it in ecstasy.” Aunt Rhoda joked.

Jan’s face went redder.

“What about if it’s not you who’s exciting her?” Jessy asked laughing.

“Well then she better be screaming their name in ecstasy.” Aunt Rhoda chuckled.

“So Jan, if you could, which of our names would istanbul escort you rather be screaming out?” Sammi asked.

Jan’s eyes ventured down to her plate, she didn’t answer.

“Ok,” Sammi said. “Let’s go round the table, ladies first. Aunt Rhoda, whose name would you rather scream?”

“All of yours.” Aunt Rhoda answered.

“Nope sorry, you can only pick one.” Sammi giggled.

“Ok, then it would have to be John’s.” Aunt Rhoda said.

“What about you Vanessa?” Sammi asked.


“Your turn Jessy.”

“Aunt Rhoda’s.”








“My mom’s.”



“For me it would also be John’s” Sammi said. “What about you John?”


“Is that because you haven’t had her ye…” Realizing what she had been about to say, Sammi stopped, but it was too late, she quickly moved on. “What about you Jason, whose name would it be?”


By this time Jan was looking at each one of us in turn, ladies included. The look on her face said she understood what Sammi had said. “Are you all having sex with each other?” She asked. She didn’t sound disgusted, just awestruck.

We all kept quiet, not because we didn’t want to tell her, but because we wanted her to draw her own conclusion.

“What’s it like?” Jan asked after a while.

“What’s what like?” Aunt Rhoda asked.

“Having sex with family. Doesn’t it feel wrong?”

“Answer me this.” Aunt Rhoda said. “If you had to choose between having sex with a stranger or someone you truly love, who would you pick?”

“The person I truly love.” Jan said simply.

Realization dawned on her face.

“So.” Sammi asked her. “Who at this table do you love most?”

“I can’t answer that.” Jan said. “I mean… I haven’t seen you guys for so long.”

“Ok, well why don’t you think about that and let us know later.” Aunt Rhoda suggested. “In the meantime, now that you know about us we’re going to be our normal selves. Maybe it’ll help you feel a bit more comfortable about the situation.”

“Hopefully it won’t chase her away.” Jason added.

“Hopefully not.” Aunt Rhoda said.

The rest of lunch went quite smoothly, then we all washed up and cleaned the kitchen before going to the family room, it was too hot outside to enjoy it.

While washing up Jason had accidentally bumped into Jan and had immediately got an erection which he tried to hide at first, but after a whisper in his ear from Aunt Rhoda he gave up and continued working with it. It attracted Jan’s attention quite a bit.

In the family room it was quietly planned that Jason end up sitting next to Jan, his cock still erect. Aunt Rhoda sat next to me with her hand closed round my shaft, probably as a hint to Jan which went unnoticed at first since she could barely take her eyes off Jason’s.

About ten minutes later she looked over at Aunt Rhoda who was talking to her and saw what she was holding in her hand. Blushing, she decided to do the same with Jason.

No one commented, so as not to disrupt the flow.

Jan just sat there holding Jason’s cock, answering when she was spoken to in the most normal voice she could muster. Jason told me much later with a huge grin on his face that she had been trembling quite intensely.

After a while Aunt Rhoda let go of me and went into the kitchen, taking Sammi with her. Soon Sammi came back and called Val to the kitchen. One by one each of us were called except Jason and Jan.

We sat at the table talking normally, hoping that they wouldn’t come through as well. They finally did, about twenty minutes later. Both of them with sheepish looks on their faces. Jan’s was far more evident.

“I’m going to assume nothing happened in there.” Aunt Rhoda said to them. “I never heard Jason’s name being screamed.

To this Jan went bright red and Jason just smiled and shook his head.

“Get back in there.” Aunt Rhoda ordered, then she turned to me. “Looks like they need some guidance.” She stood up and held her hand out to me so I stood up and took it. “Come on you two.” She said to them.

They followed us back into the family room where Aunt Rhoda lay down on the carpet. She didn’t need to tell me what to do, I climbed on top of her and buried my cock deep inside her.

“See how it’s done?” She said to Jan patting the carpet next to her.

“I… I don’t think I could do it with you guys in here.” Jan stammered.

“We gave you the opportunity to do it with no one around and you passed it up, now you have no choice.” Aunt Rhoda patted the carpet again.

Hesitantly Jan lay down beside her.

Jason wasted no time in climbing on top of her, although he didn’t enter her immediately. He rocked gently on top of her, rubbing his cock against her vagina.

“I don’t think I can do this.” Jan said pushing him off.

She stood up and went to sit on the chair.

“Get up.” Aunt Rhoda avcılar escort told me. “Go sit on the chair, I’ll sit on you while I talk to her.”

I sat down and Aunt Rhoda sat down on me, guiding me into her as she did. She rocked slowly on my lap while she talked to Jan.

They spoke for a few minutes, the only part I actually heard was Aunt Rhoda asking Jan which part she didn’t think she could do, the having sex with her cousin, or the doing it in front of others part. I also heard Jan saying ‘All of it?, but that was when Aunt Rhoda changed from rocking back and forth to gyrating and everything else was lost.

I do know that Jan and Jason didn’t do it. Not then anyway. When Aunt Rhoda finished with me she sucked me clean and then went off to clean herself up, Jan, Jason and myself went back into the kitchen to join the others. Aunt Rhoda explained to the others what had happened.

When the weather cooled off a bit, enough to enjoy it again, we went back outside. Jan sat next to Jason on his towel so I took the sunbed that she had been on earlier. Kim came to join me on it and straddled me with her back to me so she could still be social with everyone else.

It wasn’t long before Kim was done with me that I noticed Jan straddling Jason, also with her back to him. No one had made any comments or fuss when it happened. I tapped Kim on the back and when she turned to look at me I mouthed for her to stop so I could concentrate on this new development.

Jan rode Jason slowly at first, but then started riding him harder. It seemed she was now so lost in what she was doing that she’d forgotten where she was. Before long we could all hear the sound her very wet pussy was making as she thrust hard back and forth.

The conversation had come to a halt, all of us were focused on them. At one point Jan looked up and noticed us all watching her, she blushed, lowered her head and continued. Her orgasm was too close for any of it to matter. She ground herself on Jason’s cock till she finally threw her head back and moaned. Her body shuddered hard.

Just as she was gaining control of herself Jason started moaning. Jan lifted herself off him quickly and collapsed at his side while his cum fountained up and splattered all over his stomach and chest.

Aunt Rhoda was the first to move, she was off her sunbed and had her mouth wrapped round Jason’s cock before any of us realized what she was going to do.

“Mmmm. Jan you taste good.” She said when she let Jasons cock fall limp from between her lips. “I would love to taste you first hand.”

“What do you mean?” Jan asked uncertainly.

“My mom means that she would love to bury her head between your legs.” Lisa explained.

“In case you’re still unsure.” Aunt Rhoda clarified. “I meant that I want to eat your pussy. Would you like to spend the night here?”

“I… I don’t know… I mean… I don’t even know how that happened.” Jan stammered. “One minute we were all talking, the next I was…”

“You were what, fucking Jason?” Aunt Rhoda asked.

“Well… Yeah.” Jan blushed again and lowered her head.

“So did you enjoy it?” Aunt Rhoda asked her.

“I’m sure you know the answer to that.” She never raised her head.

“Well then you will definitely enjoy me eating your pussy.”

Before dinner Jan called home to let them know she would be staying out all night, she never mentioned where she was. We understood, but we explained to her later that she shouldn’t hide the fact that she had come to visit us.

After dinner Aunt Rhoda had dessert, on the carpet in the family room in front of all of us. She made Jan squirm and squeal in ecstasy, then the rest of the girls got their chance. By the time they were all done poor Jan was exhausted, but she still looked at me and asked if I wanted to take my turn.

“Jan, you are spent.” Aunt Rhoda told her. “Why don’t you sleep by John tonight, and if you’re feeling up to it, you can have him in the morning. Sammi, you can sleep by me.”

Aunt Rhoda smiled and winked at Sammi.

“That sounds like a good idea.” Jan said. She lay there on the carpet too tired to move.

We sat there chatting for the next few hours and then all made our way to bed.

When I woke up in the morning I was alone, but that only lasted a few minutes. Jan came back in, her hair damp and she was looking fresh.

“I just had a quick shower.” She explained. “You can go shower if you want to, I’ll be here waiting when you get back.”

I sprung out of bed and dashed into the bathroom. It has got to be the quickest shower I’ve ever had, yet it was rather thorough.

As soon as I walked back into the room Jan put her arms around me and showered me with kisses. She slowly edged me toward the bed and pushed me down onto it, then she got on the bed, turned around and straddled my head. As she lowered that big hairy pussy onto my face she took my cock into her mouth, and down her throat. I almost came at once.

Jan isn’t a huge girl, she’s only about twenty kilograms overweight, and quite şirinevler escort a bit of that extra weight is sitting between her legs. Her pussy lips are very voluptuous, and the hair just makes it look bigger. I planted my mouth on that pussy and licked, sucked and nibbled till it sounded like I was a dog lapping up porridge. I don’t know if it was what I was doing or the sound of what I was doing, but Jan seemed to be enjoying it thoroughly. The more she enjoyed, the more she pleasured me.

I squirted my load into her mouth (or down her throat), but I continued mauling her pussy like there was no tomorrow. I couldn’t tell for sure, but I’m sure she still sucked my limp cock until her orgasm sent electricity through her body. She shook like cartoon characters do when holding electrical wires, but still I didn’t stop. Finally she found enough self control to roll off me. We both lay there for the next twenty minutes or so.

As soon as Jan noticed my cock twitching back to life she ordered me to get on top.

“Fuck me hard John. Pound my pussy. Make me scream your name.” She growled this last.

I got on top of her, slipped my now really hard cock into her and started pumping my hips.

“Faster.” She panted after a few minutes.

Her nails were gently digging into my lower back. It felt good.

“Faster John. Fuck me harder. Yes, yes, yes. Don’t stop.” God she sounded so sexy when she growled those words.

I kept pounding, and it actually felt like my cock was getting harder and bigger with each word she growled.

“I’m close.” She growled. Her voice getting louder. “Oh god yes. I’m so close.” Her voice rose to just below a shout. “Argggggg.” The tendons in her neck stood out, her hands moved down to my ass and pulled me deep into her. “Ohhhh yesssssss.” She growled loudly.

I’m pretty sure everyone in the house heard her, but I didn’t care. I felt like I was so close now, I tried to pull out of her, but she was strong, she kept me wedged inside her, so I had no choice but to release inside her. It wasn’t a problem for me, I was just thinking of what she had done yesterday when Jason started cumming.

“I’m sorry I didn’t scream your name.” She said when she got control of herself. “I really wanted to, but I just kept thinking ‘Oh yes’.”

“No problem. None of us scream each others name. That was just a way of asking you who you’d be most willing to have sex with.”

“Well maybe one of these days I will be able to gain just enough control to replace ‘Oh yes’ with ‘Oh John’.”

“I don’t care either way, as long as you enjoy it.”

“You wanna know something?” Jan asked softly. “There is one name I would love to scream out.”

“Whose name is that?” I asked.

“My dad’s.” She surprised me with that. “I’ve seen his cock, he is huge.”

“Really?” I propped myself up on my arms.

“Yes, when he’s soft he’s about your size, but it gets much bigger when he’s hard.” Jan started blushing now. “I’ve masturbated plenty while thinking about it in me, but he’s such a prude, so I know it’ll never happen.”

“Why don’t you try getting him drunk?”

“I did. It wouldn’t even stand up. I still don’t know if he doesn’t remember or if he’s just keeping very quiet about it.”

“Wow, so you actually tried?”

“Oh yes, I’m not proud of it, but I really wanted to feel it inside me. Please don’t tell anyone.”

“I won’t.”

I kept my word, I never said anything to anyone else about it ever. Later that day when I found myself alone with Jan again I asked. “What about your mom, is she as much a prude as your dad?”

“Why, are you interested?”

“No. It’s just that I realized that I never asked you that this morning.”

“If she were willing, would you fuck her?”

“I don’t know actually.”

“Well to be honest, I think she’s the one who taught my dad to be a prude.”

“Who’s a prude?” Sammi walked into the kitchen where Jan and I had been talking.

“Jan mom and dad.” I answered.

“Oh, Yes I know they are.” Sammi giggled. “Why were you talking about them?”

“Just talking about why we don’t see them.” I said.

“Oh ok.” Sammi turned to Jan. “You are welcome to come and stay here anytime you want. Just remember that you can’t keep John to yourself.”

“I understand, and thank you. You guys will definitely be seeing a lot more of me round here now.”

“Good.” Sammi stepped toward Jan and hugged her. “I’m really happy to hear that, we’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you guys too.”

“Oh!” Sammi stepped back from Jan and looked at me. “I’ve got a plan, and I’ll need your help. I’ll explain later.”

That evening in bed Sammi explained her plan to me. She had obviously overheard everything that Jan had said to me in the morning.

“So what do you think?” She asked when she finished.

“I don’t know what to think.” I was glaring at her. “It could get us into a lot of trouble.”

“So are you saying we should forget about it?”

“It’s probably better that we do.”

Sammi got out of bed. “I’m going to get Aunt Rhoda. I want her opinion.”

Sammi came back a few minutes later with a sleepy Aunt Rhoda behind her. They both sat on the bed and Sammi repeated everything to her.

“I’m pretty sure things will turn out fine, but if it looks like there’ll be problems we’ll have to deal with it. When were you planning on doing this?” Aunt Rhoda actually looked excited.

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