A Real Gamble in AC Ch. 01

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**I have posted under another name in the past, but I don’t have access to that account any longer, so I took my story and remade it to a much better story. All of the information is true.**

For as long as I can remember, my sister and I have had a very close relationship. The one thing that has made our relationship even closer than other brother-sister relationships is that we have been having sex with one another for as many years as I can remember. I am not sure what the precursor was to the sexual nature of our relationship, but after we started having it, I learned very quickly that I could initiate it and with minimal resistance, she would be more than willing to take a good fucking and she would never make me wear a condom, which made it all the better. She has never had good relationships with men, which probably could be attributed to her low levels of self-confidence and self-esteem, so she had the propensity to marry real jackasses.

When she got married the first time, I was still able to fuck her, as much as I wanted. She divorced him and came back home and the sex continued, but after long, she was getting married a second time and the sex stopped cold-turkey. I was happy, if she were happy, but disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to get a piece of ass whenever I wanted.

I work in a pretty stressful position as the executive of a small agency within a larger organization. I started to get burned out from all of the nonsense that I had to put up with, so I called my sister for some comfort.

“Sue, I really need to talk to you about something and I hope that you keep this in the strictest confidence. I am so fucking stressed out from this damn job that I am ready to go nuts and walk away from it all.”

“Guy, I don’t want you to feel upset, because you know that I love you and care about you.”

I replied, “Maybe if things were like they had been at one time, the stress would go away and I would have a reason to stick around.”

There was a moment of silence, which had actually felt like a lifetime, but it ended when Sue started to say something. “I have a wonderful idea. I know that you don’t ever use your vacation time, so why don’t you take the next couple of days off and join me for some fun in the sun in Atlantic City. I have a comp for a suite, so we would only need money to gamble with.”

Before I get further into this story, I should take a moment to describe the two of us. Sue is 35 years-old with very fair skin due to our Irish ancestry and is about 5’3 and 175 pounds with light brown shoulder length hair and hazel colored eyes. Oh…you probably want to know about the goodies. She doesn’t shave her pussy, so she has a lot of hair down there, which is fine with me because every other woman that I have fucked was either bald-eagle or had a landing strip. It doesn’t take much at all to get her all soaking wet, which I have always loved. Her tits are a 36C cup and shaped like the most perfect cantaloupes that you would ever find and they are all natural, which I love even more. She isn’t the perfect, waif looking model-type, but big girls need loving too and I am all the more willing to help out. I am 25, 6’0 and 225 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, and a ten inch package that is five inches thick.

It was a Monday afternoon that was as hot as hell in Philadelphia, so I went to her office to pick her up in my brand-new sports car, which was one of the good things that came out of working this crumby job. She hadn’t seen it before and all of the girls in her office came outside to ogle it, which caused a decent stir in my pants, but I tried to control it because my sole focus for the trip was to relax and forget about everything for a little bit. We got to the gambling mecca in a little over an hour or so, because I heard those pesky Jersey State Troopers have been really cracking down on speeders. We arrived to the hotel and I threw my keys to the Valet Guy, who had a huge grin on his face when he saw how sweet my car was. We checked into the hotel and the woman at the desk was quite friendly with us and provided us with a key to our luxury suite on one of the upper floors.

As soon as we got into the room, we immediately dropped our bags onto the floor in amazement as we saw how beautiful it looked. The room was incredibly spacious with a living room-type area as soon as you walked in and at the back of the room was the bedroom. The bedroom was incredible with two king size beds and a view of the Atlantic Ocean.

My sister loves to gamble, so she didn’t need to be asked twice if she wanted to go down to the gambling floor and play for a little bit. We agreed to meet back together at 11pm, so that we could get some shut-eye, as we would be there for the next couple of days. I decided to head over to the tables while Sue decided that she was going to play the slot machines. Time flew by pretty quickly and I found that I was doing really well on the winnings, so I decided that I needed to walk away bakırköy escort with what I had won. I met up with my sister, who had lost a good bit of money, so she was agreeable to heading up to the room.

When we got up to the room, she fixed herself a drink while I drew a bubble bath for her, as I thought that she might be as stressed as I was. There were a couple of candles in the bathroom, so I lit these as well, to add to the ambiance that I was trying to create. Sue thought that I was being a really sweet younger brother, but I had some other motives on my mind and they could be sweet, if that is what she wanted.

She walked into the bathroom wearing her clothes that she had been wearing all day, so it was time for her to strip. She gave me her drink and told me to look away while she stripped out of her clothes. Come on, I am a guy and you have to know that I had to look out of the corner of my eye. She might be a bigger girl, but she was my sister and I loved her unconditionally-and she had a pussy and tits, which makes everything alright. She lifted her leg, as she stepped into the warm water that was enveloped with white, foamy bubbles and I could see her pussy lips part.

I almost dropped her drink as I was watching this, but I tried in earnest to maintain some sort of composure. She slipped underneath the bubbles and I gave her drink back and we chatted for a few moments before she told me that she needed some “private” time.

I was a little disappointed at this thought, because I was hoping to see something or even get something, if you know what I am trying to say. I went back into the bedroom area of the bed and pulled down my shorts, so I could jerk off to release the tension that had been building in my pants. There was some lotion next to Sue’s bed, so I pumped two or three big squirts into my hand and laid back down onto the bed. I slipped my pants down with the other hand and grabbed my rock hard cock with the lotioned hand. I started at the base and stroked up and down in a very slow and deliberate manner until I was ready to cum, which didn’t take me very long. As I could feel the cum getting ready to blast through my pisshole, I picked up the speed of my strokes and the noise of the lotion rubbing about on my cock became louder and louder. It was too late to stop to grab a tissue, so I kept pumping and pumping and pumping and the cum blasted high into the air. I heard the bathroom door getting ready to open, so I quickly pulled my pants back up so Sue didn’t see what I had just done, although it might have gotten her into the mood.

It seemed like forever until she came back out of the bathroom, but she had finally come up wearing a towel around her wet, dripping body. She smiled sheepishly at me, as she admitted that she had forgotten to bring her nightgown into the bathroom with her, so she had to get it out of her luggage. She bent over to go through her bag and the towel rode up enough that I could see the lips of her hairy pussy almost smiling back at me. Although I had cummed a couple of minutes before, I got an instant hard-on and said that I needed to run to the bathroom. As soon as I got into the bathroom, I dropped my shorts and grasped by cock with a firm hold and started to stroke it with my left hand, as I had myself perched up using my right hand on the wall. I stroked my hard cock with some of the fastest velocity known to mankind and thankful that I still had some lotion on my hands from my jerk off marathon a couple of moments before. In almost no time and with a loud grunt, I sprayed my man-juice all over the place.

I walked back towards the bedroom where Sue was sitting on the bed wearing her sheer nightgown and a huge smile. I mumbled under my breath that it must have been something that I ate, which caused me to be in the bathroom for so long. We talked about a variety of topics for a good amount of time, as the picture on the television danced in the background. We were just about ready to fall asleep when I had a brainstorm of sorts. I knew that my sister was hard up for money, because she was working in a low paying/dead-end job and just dropped a boatload of money to the one-armed bandit, so she wouldn’t be able to refuse money, if I had offered it to her.

“Sue, I have this king sized bed all to myself and it is pretty lonely in here, so I was wondering if you wanted to make a quick C-note.”

With some himmering and hauling, she agreed to join me in the bed, because it would provide her with more money to gamble with. Her body had still been warm from the bubble bath that she had taken a little while ago, so I was more than happy to snuggle up against her soft skin. I started to get hard again, as I smelled the faint smell of her lovebox juice mixed with some fragrance that she had sprayed on after her shower. I asked her if she would like to double her newfound money.

“What exactly do you have in mind, mister?”

I told her that beşiktaş escort I thought that it would be really fun, if we were to sleep in the nude together and that it would be perfectly natural, as we were brother and sister. She was quite hesitant about it, because now that she was married for a second time she had some newfound morals, but I know that she had been entertaining the thought of what it would be like for me to fuck her brains out again, as I had done so many times in the past. To sweeten the offer, I offered to raise the offering price and she gave it a lot more thought that she did about my initial offer, but agreed to do it. What can I say, I am good salesman or I will do whatever it takes to seal the deal when it is something that I want.

She pulled her nightgown off while she was still laying under the covers, but I got out of the bed to pull off my boxer shorts, so that she could get an eyeful. Sue was glued to my cock, as I was pulling down my boxers and it popped out. She tried to play it off, as she hadn’t been looking, but I could tell that she was which just gave me more of a reason to be hard. I got back underneath of the covers and snuggled up against her ass, which was now bare. I understood perfectly that she was a big girl that needed a whole lot of loving, rubbing, caressing, and fucking and it would be only appropriate if all of this was coming from her baby brother. Instinctively, she grinded her ass back towards my cock, which didn’t bother me in the least.

After a few minutes of this and my cock ready to scream, she turned over towards me and told me that she was feeling a little cold, because the air conditioner was on full blast, so she wanted to snuggle up against me so that she could keep warm. I could feel her pubic hairs rubbing against my thigh and cock, as well as she soft tits on my chest. We embraced for a few minutes before I decided that I was going to cop a feel on her plump ass. I allowed my arm to slide down her back, which caused her to shiver, just a little bit. I got down to her ass and I rubbed my fingertips all over her ass and started to play with the crack. I took one of my fingers and started to play with her asshole, which made her squirm even more because there isn’t a woman in the world that doesn’t like to get her asshole tickled, although she continued to pretend that she was fast asleep.

I started to scoot down the bed a little bit, so that my mouth was on the same level as her tits. I took my hand and grasped a tit, so that it wouldn’t move as I started to suck on it. Just as I was about to wrap my lips around the nipple, she opened her eyes and almost let out a shriek.

“What the fuck do you think that you are doing, you fucking pervert?”

“I am sorry, Sue, I must have been dreaming or something. Besides, I don’t know what you would get all bent out of shape about, because we have done it plenty of times and the safest sex is between siblings.”

She started to get teary eyed and I was about to jump back into the other bed when she grabbed my arm. She explained that her husband hadn’t been taken care of her needs and it had been so long that a man had made a move on her that she was unsure of what she should do, especially since she started to dislike her body. I explained to her that I thought that she had a great body and deserved to have a man make love to her. I reminded her how many times we had made love before in the past and how good it would make her feel, again.

With a gentle but firm motion, I laid Sue on her back, so that I could get ready to do something that she needed to have done and something that I needed. Her small tits were beaming up towards the ceiling, so I got on top of her body and gave both of her nipples a kiss before taking the left on in my mouth while massaging the right one. I suckled like a little baby getting breast fed from his mother, which made Sue move all about on the bed. She whispered in my ear that I needed to start sucking on her right tit, because it was getting jealous of the other one. I am a Tit Man, so I was so content with just sucking on her tits and would have been more than happy to spend the next couple of days doing just that, if she would allow me.

After sucking on her succulent tits for a while, I saw the ice bucket was sitting on the nightstand between the two beds. I reached in and grabbed a cube of ice and took it between two of my fingers. I rubbed the ice all around her chest, tits, stomach, and all of the way down to her pussy. I learned a very long time ago that women love to have ice rubbed around and inside of their pussy, so I did it to my older sister. She started to thrash all over the bed, but after awhile she started to calm down a little bit and actually started to enjoy this cool sensation. After a few minutes, I felt the temperature of her pussy had dropped a good bit, so I slid my body down the bed and got myself ready to perform oral sex on her. I have beylikdüzü escort to admit that I have never eaten a woman’s pussy before, because none of the women that I have ever dated were into it, which was alright with me as long as they would suck my cock.

I started my licking the back of her knee, which a stripper once told me was a very sensitive area on a woman’s body. I ran my tongue along her upper thigh until I reached her pussy. I spread her legs as far apart as I possibly could and ran my tongue from the very bottom of her snatch near the crack of her ass all of the way to the top near her rotund belly. I licked it like a kitten would lick their fur when they were trying to clean themselves. After doing this, I stuck my tongue inside of the hole and tasted a very sweet juice, which I started to slurp on. I remember someone once telling me that you should use your tongue to make the alphabet during oral sex and it will drive a woman crazy.

Before I could reach the letter, “F”, she was cumming like crazy and Sue grabbed the back of my head and kept it firmly on her pussy, as she screamed with great might, “EAT MY PUSSY, YOU SISTER FUCKER.” I kept eating her pussy, as if it was the finest cuisine that I have ever had, which kept her cumming and cumming, but I was quite nervous that one of the adjoining rooms would be awoken at these violent screams.

After she seemed to relax a little bit more and stop cumming, I moved back up her body towards her lips, as I kissed every part of her body. As I reached her mouth, she pulled me close to her to give me what turned out to be the longest and most passionate kiss that I have ever had with a woman. She licked the leftover love juice from around my lips and swallowed it and stuck her tongue deep into my throat. The whole time she was moaning as she was drinking her own juice, which was quite erotic to say the least.

At this point, Sue was practically begging me to fuck her fat pussy and I was all ready to go, so I lifted Sue’s legs up a little bit, so that her knees were bent, which would allow for me to slide my rock hard ten inch cock into her glistening pussy. I took my cock in my hand and rubbed it on the outside of her pussy before putting it inside of her. I have a thing about teasing women during sex, so I only placed the head of my cock inside of her before pulling it out. On the next pump, I went all of the way inside of her and she let out the loudest groan that she has ever let out, as I could feel her pussy walls being stretched to capacity.

“OH GOD!! FUCK ME BROTHER BEAR, FUCK MY PUSSY SO FUCKING HARDDDDDD!!” With each pump, I tried to go deeper into her pussy than the previous one. I pumped so fast and furious that you could hear my scrotum slapping against her skin. Every time that I went deeper, she arched her back and started to dig her fingernails into my back. If I were to be stopped by the police, they would have thought that I raped someone with all of the scratches on my back.

“Sue, I am going to keep pumping your pussy with my fat cock until I cum like a mad man and you are filled with enough cum that you could have a baby-our baby. You aren’t going to have anything to say about it, because you love your baby brother and you want to make him the happiest man in the world.”

She continued to make all kinds of faces-faces of pleasure, faces of pain, faces of joy, and all kinds of other faces-with each pump and after a few minutes, I could feel the cum getting ready to burst through my cock like a rocket. I pumped faster and faster, because I wanted to finish inside of her before she had second thoughts. I came and came and came and came, as if I hadn’t jerked off in years although I jerked off an hour or so ago.

Exhausted, I dropped onto my sister’s now heaving chest and laid there for a little bit. She ran her fingers through my hair and whispered to me that she loved me. I wasn’t sure that she had reached orgasm and I secretly knew that I have been the only person that could ever give her one, so I secretly vowed to myself that there would be plenty of them for her over the next couple of days. I wanted to make sure that she could cum so I went back to work. I asked her to take her fingernails and rub them along my ball sack, so that I could get hard again. I was already inside of her pussy, so it wasn’t going to be hard at all (pun not intended) to get all worked up again. She took her long red-coated fingernails and rubbed my ball sack with such precision and passion. It had sent shivers up my spine and I was hard again in no time. She let out a very low moan, which I knew would be a precursor to the fucking that she was about to give me as I gave her, as she went for the “BIG O” and her first orgasm of the night.

I started to pinch her nipples, as I started to pump her pussy again. There was no wasting time on this fuck, because we both were already warmed up and ready to go. I pumped in and out of her pussy with slow and deliberate thrusts, so that I was hitting the cervix (if she had been pregnant, the baby would have all kinds of bumps in his still forming head from all of the thrusting that I was doing). She was moaning and biting her bottom lip with each thrust, so I kept up the motion and rhythm that our bodies had secretly worked out with one another.

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