A Piercing for Hannah

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It was a beautiful summers day, and my lover and I decided to go downtown and do some window shopping. One of the shops that we saw was a tattoo/ piercing shop. We stopped in front of it and looked in. We started talking over the possibility of us having out pussies pierced. Hannah said she would never have it done. I told her that if I told her to have it done she would have to. Hannah knew she would do as I said, after all she was not only my lover, but also my slave. I took her hand and looked into her eyes. Then I pulled her to me and told her she would have it done right now. Hannah tried to pull away from me, but I pulled her with me. We entered the store and everybody looked to see these two beautiful women coming into this type of shop.

I asked for the owner, and when he arrived I asked to have Hannah’s pussy lip pierced. After he looked at Hannah and saw her beauty he pointed to a room and told us to go wait in there. When we opened the door, we saw a table and chair in the middle of the room. I pulled Hannah to the chair, she fought me the whole way. I told her to stop resisting or she would pay for this. THIS. Hannah just kept begging me not to go through with it. I sat in the chair and pulled her over my lap. I held her down and lifted her dress, she was wearing my favourite pair of sky blue panties. I rubbed her adorable ass, then smacked it very hard. Then I smacked it again, Hannah cried out, and I told her to shut up and this is what she gets for disobeying me. I spanked her ass several more times. It looked so adorable beet red, under her cute little panties. I stood her up, and got out of the chair.

I sat Hannah in the chair, and she wasn’t fighting anymore. I leaned bahis firmaları over and kissed her deeply on the lips. I told her that I love her, she smiled so wonderfully because she knew that she was truly the love of my life. We had been through a lot, and here we were head over heels in love. Hannah watched with excitement as I bent to tie her legs to the chair. The I reached for her hands and kissed up her arms passionately. Then I tied them together behind her back. She was now at my mercy. I stepped in front of her, and stared at her beauty. Then I knelt in front of her, reached up under her dress and pulled her panties down to her knees. I lifted her dress to expose her gorgeous pussy, freshly shaved and ready for a piercing. I gently rubbed Hannah’s bald soft pussy lips, and she moaned with enjoyment. I just had to taste her, right here right now. I lowered my lips to her pussy, I could see already how excited she was. As my tongue entered her moist pussy, I tasted her sweet juices. I pushed my tongue deeper into her. Hannah raised her hips to meet my tongues. She wriggled wildly in the chair. I know my baby very well and I knew she was close to cumming. I stopped eating her and she begged me for more. I stood up and stepped back, Hannah looked so beautiful like that.

Just then we noticed that the owner was standing in the doorway. Hannah looked so embarrassed to be caught like that. I pushed two fingers into her wet pussy and asked the owner what we needed to do to get Hannah ready. He told me that he would have to get Hannah’s lips numb before he pierced it. I told him I would take care of that for him. I pulled my fingers from Hannah’s hot wet hole, licked them clean and then kaçak iddaa brought them down hard against her pussy lips. Hannah jerked and cried out. I spanked her pussy lips again, and again. Hannah cried out very loudly. I reached under my dress and pulled down my panties. I stepped out of them and brought them to her pussy. I soaked my panties with her juices, then I spanked her pussy again. As she cried out, I stuffed my panties into her mouth to quiet the screams. I spanked her pussy lips continuously until they were pink and swollen. Then I called the owner over, and asked if she was ready. He said yes, so I stepped back and let him lean over my baby. I looked into her eyes, and as her pussy lip was pieced she cried out into my panties and tears filled her eyes.

The owner stepped back and asked what I thought. I bent down between my lovers legs. Her breathing was fast she was scared as to what was next. I knew my lover trusted me with her life. I also knew that Hannah loved to be humiliated by me because she knew that I loved her so deeply and would never let her come to any harm. I pushed my tongue deep inside her wet pussy. Hannah was so wet from the piercing and my earlier tongue lashing. I pushed a finger into her ass, and started to gently finger fuck her tight hole. When I looked around I noticed there were several men watching me make love to my beautiful bitch. Some of them were even jerking off as they watched. I tore Hannah’s panties from her and rubbed her juices into them. Then I tossed them to the owner and told him to jerk into those. That was the closest anyone other than me was going to get to my lovers sweet pussy. I then turned all my attention to my baby. She had been kaçak bahis such a good slave, and her pussy looked better than ever with that cute ring hanging from it. As I buried my tongue back into her deep into her hot hole, my hand fucked her tight little ass. Hannah moaned loudly as my tongue made love to her clit. I ate my baby better than have ever before. When Hannah was close to orgasm, I pushed a third finger into her ass, and began to fuck her hard, She raised her ass up off the chair, and muffled screams echoed through the room as she filled my mouth with her delicious juices. I sucked up all I could but still there was some left leaking onto the chair.

I untied my lover, and lifted her from the chair into my arms. I pulled my panties from her mouth and kissed her deeply. I love Hannah so much, and now she has my ring on her pussy to remind her always of my love. I tossed my panties into the chair, and we went to leave. As we approached the owner, he was finishing his jerking session into Hannah’s torn panties. He smiled and told us there was no charge. Hannah and I left smiling holding hands and feeling even closer than before. When we got to the car I pulled out my mirror and lifted Hannah’s dress to show my baby her new piercing. Hannah simply loved it, she immediately started playing with it and her pussy. She told me how happy she was to be wearing my ring. My fingers joined hers in her wet pussy, and together we got her off right there in the parking lot. After Hannah came so hard she cried, we kissed and held each other for a moment. Then we both expressed our feelings of true love for one another.

Afterwards we went back to our house. We bathed together, where Hannah showed me her ring again up close, as she sat on my face. Since we have had Hannah’s pussy pierced she has become obsessed with playing with it, and having me kiss it in my own special way! Next time it will be her nipples!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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