A Night with Mother-in-Law

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The following is a true story of the time I had sex with my mother in law.


Three years ago my wife decided to get together with her family and rent a large condo for a summer vacation at the beach in Destin Florida. She got together with her sister, her brother and her parents all to go in together to rent a large beach house for all of us to vacation together. I was working on an important project at the time so only could afford to take a 5 days off for this vacation while my wife and her family planned to stay for 10 days. So I was just going to travel to Florida with them and stay my five days and drive separately back so I could return to work.

The first part of the trip went as planned as we all met up in Destin and enjoyed our time on the beach doing the normal beach activities. While we were at the condo my mother in law got a call from her boss (she is a nurse) and they had a lot of nurses sick at the hospital and really were needing her to come back early so she could provide some coverage for the sick nurses. She was open to the idea but she didn’t have her own vehicle to drive back but knew I was headed back the next day so I could return to work so she asked if she could just hitch a ride back with me. We both lived in the same city and of course I didn’t have a problem driving her back. The only issue I had that I wanted to make sure she was comfortable with is it was a two day ride back home and we needed to stay at a hotel for one night and I wanted to make sure she was ok with that. She said not an issue as we would just get a room with two queen beds and we would be fine. There was never any sexual attraction or messing around between us so neither of us thought there would be any issue with sleeping in separate beds in the same hotel for one night. We just figured we would be both beat from the drive and hit the hay and get up very early to hit the road again.

Let me take a minute to describe my mother in law to put things in perspective. She was in her late 50’s, she is a pretty normal looking woman for her age, and is about 5’5″ and about 150 lbs. She has kind of small breasts and a little larger than normal ass. She has always had a pretty face as she looks a lot like my wife who is a nice looking woman. My mother in law has been married for 40 years to my father in law. My father in law is diabetic and not in real good health and I am guessing their sex life ended a long time ago so I guessed she never even thought about sex bahis firmaları anymore.

So back to the trip — we left as planned driving back home. We drove for 8 hours and decided it was time to start looking for a place to stop, eat and find a hotel for the night. So the next town we came to we saw a fairly new looking hotel with a nice restaurant right next door. We went inside and we asked for a room with two separate beds but the clerk at the desk said they were all out of the double rooms and only had one room left which was a king bed suite. I asked my mother in law if she was ok with that as I would just sleep on the floor and she was fine with it as she just wanted to eat and get to bed as we were both worn out from the trip. So I went ahead and paid for the room and we settled in the room.

We had a nice dinner and had some ribs and a few beers together. During the dinner she started asking me about how things were between my wife and me and I told her things were ok but we things were kind of getting stale in our marriage (we have been married for 15 years). She told me she went through the same thing with my father in law and told me some of the things she did with her hubby to keep things alive and romantic. I was surprised with her opening up to me like this — I guess the beer was taking over and loosening her up a bit. But still nothing was happening between us and there were no hints of any flirting or anything like that. We finished our meal and went back to the room.

When we got to the room my mother in law immediately went to the bathroom to take a hot bath and I just sat and watched sport center for a while. When she got out I went and got ready for bed and when I came out of the bathroom I started looking for something to make a sleeping area on the floor as I agreed earlier. My mother in law then told me she would feel guilty to have me sleep on the hard floor and just told me to sleep in the bed. She said it was a big king bed and we could just put a couple of pillows between us and there wouldn’t be an issue. This sounded fine to me as I was worn out and very tired especially after drinking a few beers.

So we turned the lights out and hit the bed and I immediately fell asleep and was sleeping for a couple of hours before waking up needing to take a piss. I got up and took a piss and found my way back to the bed as it was very dark in the room. When I got back in the bed I noticed the pillows were not there anymore and I also found kaçak iddaa my mother in law laying in the center of the bed. I didn’t want to wake her so I just got back into the bed and tried to get back to sleep. As I was laying there my mother in law slowly scooted her body towards mine — she was laying on her side with her butt facing me. She moved close enough to where her butt was touching my thigh and I rolled her way and I took the bait and put my arm around her. She didn’t say anything but she did wiggle her ass a bit and it was rubbing against my crotch. Holy cow! I couldn’t believe what was happening and my cock immediately sprung into action and I now knew she could feel my hard cock rubbing up against her ass.

I was almost shaking now as I was nervous as hell but also I was completely turned on by the idea of getting a little taste of the mother in laws body. I figured what the hell and I decided to go for it and I took my hand and started to caress her tits through her night gown. She immediately started to moan very softly as I rubbed her nipples. I then pulled up her night gown and had full access to her soft little tits. They were not real big but they were still fairly firm with nice big nipples that were getting harder with my rubs. I then moved my hand down to her pussy and was totally surprised to find a completely bare pussy. I am guessing she shaved it for the trip to the beach which is fine by me as I love a nice shaved pussy! Her pussy was really soft and she had some really nice pussy lips which was much different than my wife’s lips. I started to rub her clit and she greeted me with another nice moan of pleasure as I could tell she was certainly enjoying the sexual attention — probably something she has not been treated with for over 10 years.

She then moved her hand back to my hard cock and she started to rub it through my briefs. She stroked it really softly from base to the head as I could tell she was anxious to release my cock from my briefs and get it inside her. So I went ahead and removed my briefs and my cock was totally free now and she immediately grabbed it and started to stroke it. I was absolutely turned on and horny as hell at this point and was leaking pre-cum which I could tell my mother in law was enjoying. She then pulled me close in a spoon position and placed the head of my cock into her pussy entrance and slowly pushed the head of my cock in her. I didn’t move as I wanted her to control the speed and depth of the penetration kaçak bahis into her cunt as I was guessing she hadn’t been penetrated in a long, long time. She slowly pushed down on my cock until I felt her ass all the way up to my nuts — finally all the way in. I reached around and started to rub her clit as I slowly pumped my cock in and out of her hot pussy. I couldn’t believe how hot and wet her pussy was as I figured a woman in her late 50’s would feel much different. As I stroked her clit I could feel her really getting turned on and I then started to really work my cock in and out of her at this point and started to fuck her wet, hot pussy really hard at this point. She really started to moan at this point and told me to fuck her hard and to shoot my cum deep inside her pussy. I was totally turned on at this point and I could feel my orgasm start to build deep inside my balls. I kept pumping my cock deep inside her pussy while rubbing her clit. I told her I was getting close and she said she was close also and told me not to stop and she started to erupt with a huge orgasm and her excitement pushed me over the edge as I felt my cock shoot a giant wad of cum deep inside her cunt. She was shaking and moaning with her orgasm as I felt 3 or 4 more large spurts of cum unload inside of her hot cunt.

We both laid there motionless for a few minutes just catching our breaths from the excitement. Without saying a word we both rolled over and fell back asleep. We woke up really early in the morning as we had to get up for the drive. I figured I would try to get another piece of her ass before we left as this would probably be the last time I ever had the chance to fuck my mother in law again. So before we got out of the bed I pulled her close and started to stroke her wet pussy again and she responded with a nice little moan which told me she was ready for some more action. I didn’t waste much time and just put her on her knees and entered her in doggy style. She was completely slippery from all of the cum I dumped in her from our earlier sex and I pumped my cock in and out of her fucking my mother in law really hard. She seemed to be enjoying the attention as I fucked her pussy and after a few minutes I could feel myself getting close as I told her I was about to cum. She then stopped me and pulled my cock out of her pussy and told me she wanted me to cum on her tits. So she rolled over and she grabbed my cock and started stroking it and I couldn’t hold it anymore and I started shooting cum all over her tits and belly. She got up and jumped into the shower.

That was it — we didn’t talk about our little fling together for the rest of the trip back and never talked about it since then.

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