A New Life Pt. 01

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How it all started:

It was the summer of 2009 and I had just turned 21. I was moving to Florida to live with my Uncle and start college. I was excited and scared at the same time as I have never left my little island of Hawaii. The night before I went drinking with my cousins and ended it with screwing my sister’s best friend in an abandoned house. So today was the day.

To describe me, I am 5′ 9″, I am your average soccer player build. Not fat, but not skinny. Not muscular, but cut up. I am an island boy so I have tan skin. My mother is a local Hawaiian and my father is a Caucasian male. I love surfing and being in the water. Ohh yeah and my name is Kona.

Back to leaving the island. I was ready to board the plane with backpack, tickets and ID in hand. My eyes were filled with tears as I hugged each of my twenty family members that were there to see me off. I jumped in to the security and all those memories ran just ran through my head as I got closer to leaving the place I called home. Saying goodbye to 21 years of my life. So here we go on a new adventure.

I landed in Florida and met my Uncle Ray and his wife Julie and hugged them both. Lined up was the rest of the family whom I have never met before. I met his 2 sons and their wives Tony and Jane, Ray Junior and Melissa, then his daughter Kai and her husband Pete. They were in their 40s and way older than I was. Then there was Kai’s daughter Angel, who was 2 years younger than me and kept asking me about Hawaii every chance she got to talk to me. So the trip from the airport to the house was full of Hawaii discussions.

My mind was caught in a state of disbelief as I continued to take in the new vibe around me. I was overwhelmed with how it all looked just like it does in TV. How the accents were way different than mine. How thick my accent was compared to theirs. Not a single thought of sex crossed my mind, which was surprising for me. Now here we go starting a new life.

First hint of desire:

Fast forward past the summer in to the start of the college semester. Angel and I have become really close to each other. We would have lunch together at a local cafe and hangout at night listening to music and drinking a couple beers. We would talk about our crushes and things that made us mad that day. The usual things close cousins talk about, along with more questions and curiosity about Hawaii.

One weekend Angel asked me to hangout at her parents house cause she was bored.

I drove over, walked up to the door, then texted her “I am at the door”.

She opened it up and I walked in, then gave me a hug. We sat down on the couch and started chatting while scanning through movies on TV. bakırköy escort We got into this one random movie and we got really in to it. Midway in to the movie, there was a love scene. My hormones started going crazy. My shaft started to get hard and I was kind of feeling awkward. To make things less awkward, I said “ohh man, look at that, he is gonna get some tonight”. She giggled and responded, “Right, I always wondered how weird they feel doing that with a co-worker”. We both started laughing. I told her I was gonna run out and smoke. She ended up joining me outside.

Angel: They were getting really in to it.

Me: Yeah, it’s that late night movie thing they do.

Angel: Haha, yup, it is a good movie though.

Me:Yes it is.

Angel: When’s the last time you did the boom boom.

I laughed so hard at what she called it.

Me: HAHAHAHA!! The night I left Hawaii.

Angel: Dang, that is about 5 months now?

Me:Yup, I have been so focused on school I never really thought about it.

Angel: I hear yah.

We walked back inside and continued our conversation as the movie continued.

Me: When was the last time you did the…hmmmm…boom boom.

Angel: Well, don’t tell anyone, but my last boyfriend and I did some stuff.

Me: Like boom boom?

Angel: Hahaha. Kind of. I got on top of him and he we did it for about 5 min and then I got off, because we were on a lunch break and already running late.

Me: Did you guys finish?

Angel: No, we just went back to our work.

Me: Dang that sucks.

Angel: Meh, my favorite part is kissing.

Me:Interesting, but I can see how that feels good.

Angel: Hahaha. Yeah, it does.

Me: I did have a dream of kissing your step cousin Taylor.

Angel: Oh my god.

Me: hahaha. What?

Angel: You have dreamed of kissing her?

Me: Yeah, why? Is that bad? I mean, we are not related or anything. Not sure why her though.

Angel: Well, don’t be weird about this, but I dreamed of kissing you when you first got here.

My eyes opened wide as I was very very surprised about what I just learned. Let’s take a step back to describe Angel.

She was 5′ 4″, an average build, not fat and not skinny. Not athletic or any type of supermodel body. She was cute, but not amazing. She had B cup breasts and an average butt. I wasn’t attracted to her, until now when my hormones are running crazy.

My response to make it less awkward was to bust out laughing really hard.

Angel: Shut up asshole.

Then she started to laugh also.

Me: I am sorry, that was so unexpected and I am flattered.

Angel: beşiktaş escort ll, don’t be flattered, it’s not like I planned on dreaming about you.

Me: So was I good?

Angel: Hahaha. I don’t know crazy. I don’t remember how it felt.

Me: So tell me how it happened.

Angel: No, that is weird.

Me: Come on, you know you wanna tell me and see what I say after.

Angel: Hahaha. You asshole.

Me: Come on, I promise not to laugh anymore. I am really interested.

Angel: Ok. Ok. So we were at Grandpa Ray’s house having dinner. After dinner, me and you ran off in to the attic. Then I grabbed your hand and pulled you close to me and we started kissing.

Me: Interesting. You remembered it to.

Angel: Uhh…duh. I was kinda not normal.

Me: So…do you have a crush on me?

I got closer to her. I was going to take advantage of this conversation.

Angel: Uh…What?!! I did before.

Me: So if I offered you to make that dream reality, would you say no,since you don’t have a crush on me anymore?

Angel: Are you crazy? Yeah, that was before.

I got closer as she backed up a little. Our shoulders were touching and I could feel her body getting hotter.

Me: So have you been thinking of how my lips tasted and how it would feel to have our tongues touch?

Angel: No…no…I am not thinking…

I went in for a kiss. Quick, but soft to see how she would react.

At first her head went back as our lips touched. Then I slowly let my tongue tease her lips to test her reaction. Her hands were on the couch pushing her body back. Then…her tongue responded. She opened her mouth a bit wider to allow my tongue more room to enter. With every kiss made my tongue would go a little deeper, until finally it met hers. That was it, she started to kiss back. Then she would try to talk in the middle of every kiss.

Angel: I…can’t…believe…we are…doing this.

Me: Do…you want… to stop.

Angel: No…keep going.

I put my hands under her but and lifted her so she got on top of me. We continued to kiss. I took off her shirt and she took off her bra.I saw the perfect little nipples. They were small and perfect. A light tan color and perfect to nibble on. I immediately took one nipple in to my mouth. Softly kissing it and teasing it with the tip of my tongue. She began to moan. I then moved to the other nipple to make sure they re both hard and her small tits were ready for my hand to hold them.

I reached down to her waist band and slid my hand in. She grabbed it resisting the urge to let me touch her. She looked in my eyes while breathing very hard beylikdüzü escort said “That might be going to far”. I ignored her reasoning and moved my hand deeper in to her underwear. When I finally touched her, she let out a deep moan as I started to rub her.

Angel: Fuck, you know how to tease.

Me: Yes and I am going to make you get off before we are done here. So hush and keep kissing me.

She went right back to kissing me while one hand was in her pants and the other playing with her nipples and squeezing her tits. I wanted to keep playing with her until she was close to climax and then start fingering her once she hit it. Her breath got faster and faster.

Angel: Ohh shit. Fuck you kai. I am gonna cum.

I put my middle finger deep in to her and told her to kiss me. Her thighs clinched my waist as she hit her climax.

Me: Cum for me Angel. You know it’s wrong and it feels so right. Cum hard.

The sweat that built up was now dripping on our faces, even more after she came.

Angel: I want to see your cock now.

I took off my belt, unbuttoned the top, and she unzipped it. She grabbed my cock and immediately started to jerk me off. I told her to spit on her hand and make it wet. She did so and it felt amazing. I continued to finder her while she jerked me off. I was already teased and she was squeezing my cock so hard. She began to kiss my neck which put me over the top.

Me: Angel, your gonna make me cum.

Angel: Cum with me. Finger me harder and lick my nipples.

She squeezed my cock tighter as I stuck another finger in her. I felt my cock start to pump as I sucked on her little nipples. With every stroke, I got closer and closer.

She went right to my ear and whispered. “Cum for your little cousin you dirty boy”. That sent me over the edge. She stopped me from licking her nipples and stuck her tongue in my mouth while my cum bursted out of me. She slowed her strokes down as she kissed me slowly and hit her climax also. “Cum with me” I yelled as our hips thrusted towards each other in response to the climax we had both hit. She threw her legs to the side to get off me. She rested her head on my shoulder and grabbed my cock and gently stroked it.

Angel: Fuck that was amazing.

Me: Was your dream better?

Angel: Not fucking close. That was the first time I ever came.

Me: Fuck that was definitely worth it.

Angel: Luckily you ignored me and I am glad you did.

Me: Yeah, well we better get cleaned up here, cause I am exhausted now.

Angel: Yup, I agree, do you regret it?

Me: Hell no. That was awesome. It’s not like we fucked.

Angel: I was kinda wishing we did.

She got up with her close and walked away.

Me: What, for real?

Angel: Hahaha, I will see you in the morning cuz, thanks for that,

I sat there in disbelief about what just happened. I should probably just let that go and enjoy what I got. I wonder what the future holds.

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