A Mother’s Pride Ch. 02

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The next morning Sam entered the kitchen and saw Hannah sitting at the table having her breakfast, she barely acknowledged him and the tension in the room was unbearable. He walked over to the kettle, filled it with some fresh water and switched it on, standing uncomfortably as he waited for it to boil.

“Would you like a cup of tea?” He asked his sister.

“No thanks,” came the very curt reply.

More silence, only the noise from the kettle boiling to punctuate the tension.

“About last night…” Sam began.

“Don’t bother,” his sister replied, “mum told me everything! She even says that you two are going to continue this disgusting perversion!”

Sam gulped; Hannah was clearly still angry and disturbed at what she witnessed.

“It was an accident,” he pleaded “things just got out of control but we both really got caught up in the moment and it was amazing…” His voice tailed off as his mind wandered back to the previous evening.

“Yes it was amazing,” Susan said as she entered the room.

Sam glanced down at his mothers stunning figure, sheer nude tights covered only by a short silky robe. She walked over to Sam and gave him a long sensuous kiss as her hand groped his growing bulge through his jeans.

“I hope you are wearing my tights under these,” she whispered into his ear.

“Erm yes,” Sam replied, uncomfortable with his mother’s attention in front of his sister.

Hannah stared at them both, “I can’t believe this, you two are disgusting!”

Susan eyeballed her daughter “Don’t be so narrow minded! Or is this jealousy talking?”

“What the fuck?? Are you deranged, why the fuck would I be jealous of my MOTHER fucking my BROTHER???!!” Hannah screamed.

“Don’t give me that bullshit young lady, I have seen the way you two look at each other, just because it makes you feel uncomfortable doesn’t mean the attraction is any less!” Susan replied firmly, “Sam has already admitted to me that he has fantasised about fucking you!”

Hannah’s eyes widened, what kind of sick twisted family was she born into?

Susan stared at Hannah, “Look me in the eyes and tell me that you have NEVER fantasised about your brother!”

Hannah dropped her gaze and her face flushed.

“That’s all I needed to know!” Susan remarked triumphantly “now get over here!”

Hannah looked at her mother, was she serious? It appeared from the look on her face that she was. She stood up from the kitchen table and walked slowly towards Susan and Sam.

“Get on your knees!” Susan ordered.

“B-b-but…” Hannah began.

“No buts get on your knees now!” Susan reaffirmed as she guided her daughter into a kneeling position in front of Sam. Sam unbuckled his belt and undid his jeans, allowing them to drop to the floor before stepping out of them.

He looked down at his sister; she was dressed for work in a smart skirt, white blouse and black opaque tights he smiled as she reluctantly began to suck his bulging erection through his tights; Susan rested her hand on the back of Hannah’s head encouraging her to take more of her brother inside her mouth.

Susan knelt next to her daughter and began to share Sam, she pulled his tights over his impressive erection and massaged it with her fingers before taking him deep to the back of her throat, Hannah watched amazed at her mother’s ability to take so much without gagging. Susan relinquished with a kiss on the tip of Sam’s manhood signalling that it was Hannah’s turn for more, as she began sucking him deeper she felt her mother push her firmly against his groin, Sam gasped as he felt his penis enter Hannah’s throat and she began to gag.

“Just relax and take it all in,” Susan encouraged and continued to hold Hannah’s head, rocking it back and forth on Sam’s shaft.

Sam’s legs began to turn to jelly as his orgasm began to build. He eased Hannah off and moved over to a chair to sit down; Hannah walked on her knees to his new position and began to hungrily devour his manhood once more.

Susan watched and smiled, just twenty four hours ago the thought of this would have horrified her, now as she watched the scene unfolding she could feel the crotch of her tights becoming moist. She knelt behind Hannah and lifted her skirt, admiring her daughter’s pert bottom encased in the soft black opaque nylon. Susan began to stroke Hannah’s thighs as she continued sucking Sam, Hannah froze briefly as she felt her mothers fingers firmly press against her crotch through her tights and knickers and begin to massage her moistening hole.

Sam looked down to see his mother slip her hand down Hannah’s tights and tear a hole in the crotch, she then pushed Hannah’s knickers to one side and slipped two fingers deep inside her vagina, moving them in and out as Hannah began thrusting against them. He continued to watch his mother as she slid her fingers out canlı bahis and positioned her face against her moist crotch, Hannah began moan with pleasure and her sucking began to become more frantic.

“Oh fuck Hannah, that feels so good,” Sam whispered breathlessly, he was so close to exploding but was desperately trying to hold back for fear of how his sister would react to having her throat filled with his semen.

Susan probed her daughter’s warm moist mound with her tongue, pushing deep inside her before gently flicking the tip over her clitoris, now and again teasing Hannah by gently licking her anal passage.

Hannah was now fully involved and all her inhibitions had fallen away, thoughts raced through her head over how warped this was, what her boyfriend would say if he ever found out but all the time thinking about how good it felt. She could feel her orgasm beginning to grow inside and her mother seemed so experienced with her tongue that she doubted that she could hold it in much longer. Just as she was about to climax she felt Sam’s erect shaft pulse inside her throat followed by what seemed like an endless stream of hot salty semen.

“FUCK fuck fuuuucccck!” Sam screamed, “Oh shit, I’m so sorry Hannah,” he apologised as she gagged on his offering.

Hannah swallowed all she could before Susan moved up alongside her and began to help to clean her brother’s mess up, Hannah continued to lick and suck her brothers diminishing erection until he finished ejaculating the sticky fluid.

Susan smiled at her daughter as she removed Sam from her mouth,

“Hey, don’t be so greedy!” She chimed, “share some with me!”

Hannah looked over at her mother, semen dribbling from the corners of her mouth; Susan leaned forward, licking the mess from her face before kissing Hannah full on the mouth. Hannah didn’t think she could possibly be shocked anymore but was taken aback as her mothers tongue entered her mouth, kissing her passionately as her fingers began to explore the ripped hole in her tights once more.

Sam watched admiringly as Susan stood and took Hannah by the hand, gesturing her to sit on the kitchen table she pulled up a chair and sat down, positioning herself between Hannah’s legs. Hannah lay back and closed her eyes as her mother tore the crotch of her knickers, exposing her neatly trimmed lady garden and then began to gently lick her daughter’s crotch, probing her clitoris and pushing her tongue in deep. Sam gripped his softened member and began to stroke and jerk himself, feeling his erection returning.

Hannah began writhing around on the table; her hands gripped her mothers head tightly as she pulled her deeper inside her. Susan responded by thrusting her tongue in deeper and faster, she slid her hands up Hannah’s thighs and pushed a finger slowly but deeply into her rectum.

“Oh god!” Screamed Hannah, “Fuck my arse mummy! That feels incredible!”

Susan pushed another finger in alongside, feeling Hannah tense with the penetration and then relax as her hole stretched to accommodate additional width. Susan was now completely overcome with passion for her daughter, thrusting her fingers in and out as she continued to hungrily devour Hannah’s moist hole with her tongue. Hannah lay back and moaned in pleasure as her juices flowed with her orgasm, Susan gleefully taking all she could produce.

“Did you enjoy that darling,” Susan said as she looked up from in between her legs.

“Mmmmm,” was all Hannah could reply with.

Susan stood up with a satisfied smile and took Hannah by the hand, helping her off the table.

“I hope you are going to reciprocate young lady,” Susan said with a cheeky smile.

Hannah’s smile dropped, “I I I I’m not sure I can,” she stammered.

“Of course you can baby,” Susan replied as she slipped her robe off revealing her attractive older figure clad only in a pair of sheer tan tights.

Hannah’s eyes tracked down her mothers figure, noticing how visible her vagina was through the sheer nylon crotch. She swallowed hard as Susan hopped up onto the kitchen table and beckoned her daughter to sit in between her legs. Hannah slowly sat on the chair and Susan placed her hands on her head, gently guiding her towards her in between her legs. Hannah began to tentatively probe at her mothers nylon crotch with the tip of her tongue.

“Mmmm, that’s good baby, a bit firmer please,” Susan moaned and pulled Hannah’s head more firmly against her.

Hannah pushed her tongue inside her mother, pushing the nylon against her clitoris and massaging it firmly.

“Oh god, mmmmmm,” Susan moaned as she began to writhe on the table, her hips bucking.

Sam stood alongside the table masturbating furiously as he watched, Susan glanced over and smiling at him she reached out and took his erect tool and began to slowly work it with her fingers.

“Oh bahis siteleri fuck that feels good baby, rip open my tights and fuck me hard with your tongue!” Susan screamed out.

Hannah obediently tore open the nylon encasement and buried her face and tongue firmly into Susan’s soaking hot mound, her tongue working deep inside, manically licking and forcing in and out.

“Yes, yes, YESSSS!!” Susan screamed, as she began jerking Sam with more urgency.

Sam reached down and massaged his mother’s nipples, pinching them and then running his fingers up to his mother’s lips. Susan shifted herself to the edge of the table and took him deep into her throat, fondling his testicles as she frantically sucked him whilst Hannah thrust her face in and out of Susan’s crotch.

Hannah felt her mother tense and more juices filled her mouth as she slowed her actions, Susan was still sucking Sam hard and could feel he was close as he stood with his head facing upwards, eyes closed and with handfuls of her hair.

“Ohhhhh fuuuccccckkk!” He moaned as he exploded inside her mouth.

Susan felt the hot semen jet into the back of her throat and greedily swallowed all Sam could offer, his member softening in her mouth as her tongue worked to clean the tip.

Sam withdrew and Susan smiled at them both,

“Wow, how blessed am I to have you two?”

Hannah glanced at the floor, still embarrassed by what had happened and the fact that she had clearly enjoyed it. Sam was looking at his mother and sister, naked with ripped tights and grinning from ear to ear.

Susan eased herself off the chair and walked over to the phone, lifting it off the cradle she dialled a number and waited.

“Hello, yes this Hannah’s mother, I’m afraid she won’t be in today as she has been up all night and is still very poorly.” She paused “Yes, thank you, I’ll tell her…Goodbye,”

Susan smiled at her daughter “Sharon said that she hopes you feel better soon,”

Hannah looked at her mother sheepishly, “I can’t believe you just did that,”

“Well, do you want to spend the day with us or would you rather go to work?” Susan replied.

Hannah stared silently at her mother, despite what had just happened she still couldn’t bring herself to actually admit out loud that she enjoyed being part of their depraved acts.

“Go upstairs and take a shower you two, then come to my bedroom in ten minutes!” Susan ordered.

Sam and Hannah trudged off upstairs and into the bathroom.

“Do you want to go first?” Hannah asked Sam as they both removed their tights, seemingly comfortable with each others naked bodies now.

“Why?” Said Sam, “aren’t you going to join me?” He replied turning on the shower.

Once again Hannah found herself speechless; she hadn’t even taken a shower with her boyfriend before. Sam took her hand and they stepped into the shower together, Hannah glanced down and noticed that Sam was becoming semi-erect as the hot water tumbled over his body. She had to admit, he had a very attractive body and she reflected that she had probably fantasised about him many times before.

Sam squeezed some shower gel onto his hands and worked it into a lather before telling Hannah to turn around. He began to work the lather into her shoulders and down her back, reaching round her body and rubbing into her breasts and down her tummy. Hannah gasped as his soapy fingers penetrated her before running down her legs.

“You fucking tease!” She exclaimed with a smile as she stepped under the hot water, washing the lathered gel off her glistening body and down the drain.

Sam smiled back and passed his sister a bottle of shower gel, she squeezed onto her hands and grinned as him as she began to massage into his chest, down his firm stomach and around his growing erection. She firmly gripped him as she worked him back and forth briefly before rubbing the lather into his testicles and down his legs.

“Two can play at that game,” she smiled.

Sam leaned forward towards her and began to gently kiss her lips; her mouth opened slightly and accepted his tongue as they stood under the hot water, hands exploring each other.

Hannah gently pulled away and turned the shower off.

“Right that’s enough of that,” she said firmly, “We’d better see what mum wants next.”

They stepped from the shower and dried each other, Hannah beginning to relax and accept the feelings she had inside. They walked naked hand in hand to their mother’s room, Susan was in her en-suite shower and on her bed were a number of pairs of tights of varying colours.

Sam picked up a pair of sheer grey tights,

“Here sis, these would look great on you,”

Hannah laughed and took them from him and sat on the edge of the bed. He watched as she slowly and seductively slipped them up over her silky thighs and adjusted the waist band.

“Wow, bahis şirketleri you look so amazingly sexy sis,”

Hannah’s face flushed and she glanced over at the selection of tights.

“Why don’t you try those navy blue ones?” She said with a cheeky smile.

Sam obligingly picked up the tights and sat on the bed, sliding his hand into the foot and over his toes, up over his legs. He stood up and pulled the tights over his large erection and adjusted them to make him feel comfortable.

“mmm very nice,” Hannah giggled.

They heard the shower turn off and few moments later Susan stepped from the en-suite still towelling herself off. She admired her two children in their respective tights and went over and selected a pair for herself.

Sam and Hannah silently watched their mother as she slipped her attractive legs into a pair of barely black sheer tights and pulled them up over her hips.

“Now, I am just going to watch you two for a while, you are both going to follow my directions, do you understand?”

Sam and Hannah both nodded and Susan went and sat in her wicker chair. “I think we have all had enough foreplay for now don’t you think?”

Sam and Hannah both smiled and nodded.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” demanded Susan looking at Sam, “are you going to fuck the cock teasing slut or not?”

Hannah looked uncomfortable with the term her mother described her in but couldn’t help accepting the fact that right now what she wanted more than anything was Sam inside her.

She lay on the bed and Sam joined her, they began to kiss and fondle each other as Susan looked on approvingly and began massaging herself through her tights.

“Fuck please!” She demanded “rip open her tights Sam,”

Sam obliged, tearing open the crotch and unable to resist buried his face in briefly before being scolded by his mother for delaying the penetration. He moved up in between his sister’s legs and tore a hole in his own tights, pulling his erection through the hole and guiding it to the entrance of his sister’s moist hole.

Hannah took a deep breath as her brothers large shaft slid deep inside her, wow she thought, if only her boyfriend was as large and the she let out a giggle. Sam looked at her wondering what he had done but Hannah reassured him and told him what she was thinking. A huge grin formed on his face as he began to work himself in and out of his sister.

“Suck her toes please baby,” Susan said in a husky voice as she continued to pleasure herself.

Sam took Hannah’s left foot in his hands and began to lick, suck and gently bite her toes, all the while kneeling in between her legs and moving in and out of her.

“Mmmmmmm,” was all that Hannah could say as she lay back with her eyes closed.

Sam took her right foot and repeated the attention, his pace quickening with his deep thrusts.

“That’s it, fuck her hard baby,” Susan said, her breathing rapid.

Sam released Hannah’s right foot and moved up her body, kissing and biting her nipples before kissing her neck and finally sliding his tongue deep into her mouth as his back arched and he began to thrust deeper and harder inside her.

Hannah’s breathing quickened and her moaning increased, Susan was now forcing three fingers through the nylon inside her before she could take now more. She ripped open her tights and picked up the dildo she had lying next to her. Sliding it deep inside her she began working it hard and fast as she watched her son and daughter’s pace building.

Hannah’s legs wrapped around Sam and pulled him tight against her; she dug her fingernails in his back and screamed out in pleasure. Sam began pounding with such ferocity that the headboard slammed back and forth against the wall, talking was now impossible. Susan and Hannah’s collective moans were deafening as Sam puffed breathlessly, pumping his sister harder and harder, faster and faster.

Hannah lay back, her hips bucking as orgasm after orgasm passed through her body, Susan screamed out in pleasure as her pace slowed with the dildo. Sam could feel the orgasm coming but, after ejaculating twice already this morning, was struggling to reach the final climax. He continued to thrust, his fitness showing as Hannah’s was reduced to a quivering wreck from the multiple orgasms. Finally he felt his member twitch and pulse inside her, unloading a meagre offering due to excessive early use.

He collapsed on top of his sister, both unable to speak and out of breath. He felt Susan take his hand and guide him out of Hannah and he lay next to her whilst Susan went down on Hannah, cleaning her sons offering from her daughter with her tongue.

As Hannah and Sam lay on the bed, their mother alternated between them, cleaning their respective sex organs before joining them in lying next to them.

“Best sick day off work ever,” Hannah said with a huge grin.

Susan looked her in the eyes and smile.

“It’s not over yet baby,” she replied as she kissed her gently on the lips and slipped her tongue into her mouth….

To be continued…

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