A Mother’s Fantasies Ch. 02

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I was so knocked out by all the wonderful responses to my first story. Thank you all so much! I hope this story doesn’t disappoint. I really tried to go to the extreme edge of my fantasies this time. I must apologize. I should have made it clear I’m not writing sequels here; each story represents a different fantasy of mine. Maybe someday a story might have a second part, but for now each one stands alone.

Please keep those comments coming in. They are so informative and I’ve made many new friends that share my interests. BTW, the actual title of this piece would be: “My Hubby’s Gangbang Surprise!” I hope you enjoy it.

Lastly…I’m dedicating this to Sharon. Kisses, Heartslut!

It always comes without warning and I never pick up the phone expecting it. My day is spent doing my work in my little cubicle, processing claims and compiling data and whenever the phone rings, it’s with the expectation of it being either a doctor with a question about billing or administration with another request for information. When the phone begins its annoying loud chirp, I pick it up without a glance. “This is Shelly in Claims. How may I help you?”

“The cabin. Five o’clock,” my husband’s voice whispers, no, commands before hanging up before I can say anything. Before I manage to set the phone down, I am wet. The fire between my legs is but a spark when I first hear his voice and by the time he stops speaking, I am on fire between my thighs. I take a deep breath and let it out slowly, shivering as I do so.

I glance at the clock on the wall. It’s a quarter to three now. Good. I doubt I’ll get much else done today. My hands rest on top of my thighs and I now regret wearing slacks today. I so badly want to touch myself. I feel my nipples getting hard under my bra, scrapping against the soft material in the cups.

The cabin. How long has it been? I haul out my day planner and flip back through days past. Today is March Sixth. I have to go back to November of last year. Almost four months. It’s been too long since the last time, the sweet, incredible and nasty last time. I sit at my desk in almost a daze until one of my co-workers passes and she says, “Have a good weekend.” I look up. It’s three thirty. I hurry up and collect my things, a terrible thrill going through my body as I move. Every movement of fabric against my moist cunt makes me crazy.

Driving through traffic is a maddening exercise as I try to concentrate on the rush hour busyness and not let my imagination wander into the dark, naughty corners of my mind. I work my way clear of the city and into the rural countryside of my southern state. Any other time, I would enjoy the scenic view of hills and trees as I wind up into the woods. Off the main road onto a bumpy, pot hole filled lane and then onto the gravel road that ends up in our cabin.

It’s a lovely place. John bought the land, some 30 acres, over fifteen years ago and over a couple of summers, he built our family a wonderful place to retreat to from the crazy and loud world. In recent years it has become so much more. The cabin is two stories high, with three bedrooms on the second floor and a fourth downstairs along with a kitchen and a wide open family area. No cable, but there is a satellite hookup. It has bathrooms on both floors and a nice front porch and a deck out back.

John’s truck isn’t here, but I always arrive first. I unlock the door and go in. I hurry up and strip in our bedroom. I take a quick shower, glancing at the time on the bedside table clock as I towel off. It’s four thirty-five. I finish toweling my long blonde hair and stretch, trying to work out the last of the kinks from sitting behind a desk all day.

I look at myself in the long mirror on the back of the door. I run my hands over my naked body, trying not to excite myself too much. The truth is, I’ve never calmed down since the phone call. I cup my breasts, rubbing thumbs over my meaty nipples as I heft my heavy breasts. Not bad for thirty-eight, going on thirty nine years. My 38d tits don’t sag much. I’ve tried to take care of myself. I slip a hand down across my bare tummy, not too much fat here, not flat, but still a sexy belly. My hand travels lower to the swelling of my mound, my scant blonde muff not concealing my excitement. My labia have flowered, revealing my tender, moist flesh. My clitoris is just barely peeking out from its hood and I stroke it gently, sending new shivers up and down my body. My nipples swell more and cry out for attention, but time is running out.

At the end of the bed is an old steamer trunk. I open it and lift the mask out. I glance down at the handcuff sets and scarves and other things that make me shiver. I wonder what will be used. I go back to the bed and begin the arduous task of putting on the leather mask. First, I tie my hair back into a pony tail that will eventually peek out from beneath the back of my other face.

My other face, that’s what John calls it. A leather mask canlı bahis that goes completely over my head. The eye-holes are sewn shut and there are no ear-holes. It limits my ability to hear. There are nostril holes so I can breath and there is a mesh and Velcro patch over the mouth, so it can be removed when necessary.

I tug it on, feeling myself getting wetter as I lose the ability to see, to hear, to speak. Blackness envelopes my world even as I feel the heat increasing between my thighs. I sit at attention on the side of the bed, trying to hear something, anticipating what will happen next, wondering when it will happen. Time passes. In the quiet darkness, things play tricks with you. Did I hear something? Was that a car coming up the gravel lane? Was that a door shutting?

I shiver with anticipation as I register the vibration of feet walking across wood. He’s here. The footsteps come closer. My flesh rises up in goose pimples as I sense him standing next to me. I give a start when I feel his hand stroke the top of my head. I turn towards him as if I could see him. He steps away and then back. He takes my hand and I feel cloth and metal and slight tightness and know that he’s cuffed my wrist.

Roughly he pulls me back towards the headboard. My arm goes up and away and I am handcuffed to the metal ring screwed into the bedpost. My other arm is next, then my legs are cuffed to the lower bedposts. I am on my back, spread-eagled on the bed, my cunt open and visible to anyone on the bed. Then nothing.

I flex and see how much movement I have. Not much. I cannot close my legs. I wonder what my husband has in store for me. Whatever it is, I want it, I want it now! I tremble as I have so many times over the last eight years. Waiting for what is to come, I let my mind wander back and let myself be aroused by earlier adventure.

It started as silly weekend getaways. We were the typical little family. John and me and our son. Although John and I had always been sexually active, by the time I was turned thirty, our love life was in a bit of a rut. One weekend, when our son Jessie was about ten and he went on a weekend trip with his Cub Scout group, John and I came up here to the cabin for a get away. We were making out in the bed when John teasingly took some scarves and tied me up. It was like someone had set off an explosion in my cunt.

I discovered how much I like to be controlled and John realized how much he likes to be in control. It was more dominant/submissive roleplay that sado/machoism, but it fired up our sex life like nothing ever had. We experimented as the next couple of years went by. We invested in all sorts of toys, restraint items and clothing. The first time I was tied up and in the mask, I came as soon as John slipped his hard cock inside me and was a happy, hysterical mess by the time he shot his seed inside me. It was after that fun day that the phone calls came. And then John began to make even more changes and we discovered together what a slut I actually am.

I feel more than hear the floor creak again. Hands are on me! I jerk as I realize they aren’t my husband’s. Thick, man hands, but softer than John’s. His construction foreman’s hands are rough to the touch. I feel my cunt quiver. John brought a friend! It excites me even though this isn’t nearly the first time. Most of our visits to the cabin result in visitors. Most of them from over the years I still haven’t a clue. I rarely get to meet them with the mask off.

His hand is on my breast, squeezing it softly and then more firmly. He pinches my engorged nipple and I groan, savoring the pain and the pleasure that the pain unlocks. I arch my back, trying to press myself into that hand. I hear noise, muffled and vague, laughter maybe. Another hand, again softer than John’s, grabs my other breast, but the angle is wrong. Someone on the other side of the bed! John has brought more than one friend to play!

More hands follow. They’re on my thighs and on my ankles. Someone is stroking my stomach and then someone is touching my cunt.! They palm my mound, rubbing against my slick, rubbery lips, brushing against my aroused clit. My nipples are being pulled and pinched, harder each time they are grasped. Fingers penetrate my cunt and I try to drive up into them, getting them deeper to scratch the nasty itches inside me.

I’m not sure, but I think there’s four of them, none of them my husband. All have softer skin, men’s hands, but not the rough callused hands of John and his construction friends, too soft, almost like new. LIKE NEW! Pleasure shoots through me and I almost have an orgasm as I realize my husband has brought me younger men to play with. There is a large university nearby. My mind reels as I imagine several healthy young college boys fucking me senseless.

Hands trade places and I know they’re moving around, trying new things. Hands wet and sticky with my cunt sauce tug on a nipple then give me a slippery pinch. New fingers bahis siteleri probe my cunt and my pelvis strains to welcome it, to give it a deeper place to explore.

Somebody’s mouth is on my nipple and I feel a tongue awkwardly, tentatively circle my aching rubbery nub. He begins to suckle on me. Another mouth closes on my other nipple. I feel teeth and I scream vainly against my mask as he bits me almost hard enough to draw blood. My body jerks against my restraints but I’m not going anywhere. That both frightens me and arouses me. I am at their mercies and their desires.

Suddenly they are gone. I can feel the bed shift as weight is removed. They don’t go far, I can sense them still close by. I hear muffled sound, talking or maybe laughter again. My body shakes with need. I scream “FUCK ME!” into my mask and can only hope somebody hears me.

Weight on the bed. I feel someone climbing. Legs brush the inside of my thighs. Weight settling on me. A body. A young man’s body. Muscled, but not heavily so, skin soft and unblemished by the scarring of age. Somebody is kissing my stomach, working upwards as more of his body comes to rest on top of me. COCK! I feel it, hard and throbbing, dribbling precum along my thigh as it moves upward. It’s long and big! Seven inches, maybe eight! I want it! Kisses on my nipples and around my heavy and firm tits make me shiver. I sob with need.

Something wonderful pokes me. A hard cock seeks my wet hole, pressing here and there. I twist my hips as best I can, seeking to guide this cock home. Fingers brush my quivering flesh and then I feel the bulbous head press into me. Oh, God, finally, finally cock, hard long cock! I scream into the mask as he slowly sinks into my flesh.

Flashbulbs go off in my brain and I feel like I’m being electrocuted by electric pleasure. Inch after inch of hard cock worms into my cunt. He’s big, thicker than John, and either cautious or unsure. He opens me up, my flesh reacting to his fleshy cock like its never reacted to a man before. My back arches as I begin cumming before I feel his pubic hair tangling in mine, scrapping against my sparsely covered cunt. I sob into my mask as my body quakes in orgasmic delight. I love this cock. He begins pumping in and out of me, thrusting slowly at first, but becoming more confident each time he rams his wonderful cock into me.

His lips are on me, kissing my tits, his tongue licking my nipples and then he sucks on them hungrily. His cock keeps me cumming. I don’t understand. I’ve had longer, I’ve had thicker, but it’s like erotic magic. Each moment his cock is in my wet cunt is sheer ecstasy. I feel my toes clenching as I just keep cumming. I can feel my steaming juices bathing his lovely dick. I want so badly to wrap my arms and legs around him and keep him inside me forever.

Too soon he shoves deep and cums. My orgasm reaches new heights as I feel his hot seed inside my womb. I begin to wonder if he will ever stop. I am screaming into my other face. I want him forever. Too soon he withdraws, me shaking my head frantically. I want to beg him to stay, to keep his incredible penis in my cunt forever!

Scarcely is he gone when another takes his place. This man is bigger, heavier, and I don’t think I’m his first. He lines up his cock with my cunt even as he rests his definitely bigger body on mine. His cock slips into me. Not as thick as the first, but longer. I groan as he slams into me hard. I like it and I’m still clinging to the vestiges of orgasm. My body doesn’t respond as it did to the first, but its still COCK and I’m a slut and I enjoy it as he quickly begins to fuck me, fast, assured strokes. His lips are against my neck, I feel his breath on my skin as he sinks into me again and again. He is long, maybe ten inches and I enjoy the rare touching of places within my cunt. Before long, I am straining against my bonds again, whimpering as I have another orgasm. He shivers and cums, another virtual flood of hot semen inside my clasping cunt.

He actually kisses me on each tit, a tender, almost loving kisses before he slips out of me, his still mostly erect cock dragging slowly and wetly across my thigh. There is a shifting of weight and someone else is on me now. His touch is uncertain and he fumbles a long time trying to get his cock into me. He is hard and of average size – perhaps six inches or so. It’s COCK and I want it. My body is on fire with need and lust as I start to really get into things. I quiver with the wonderful knowledge that I’m a slut and I want, no, need lots of cock.

Finally, after long fumblings, my third lover of the day finds my cum slick hole and shoves himself into me. He collapses on top of me and I can feel his heart going a mile a minute. He’s scared and excited. I moan and work my pelvis, anxious to be fucked even though his cock feels nice tucked in my cunt. I work my pussy muscles and he shivers and then without warning, I feel him shake and he floods my pussy with another load bahis şirketleri of semen. I feel bad for him. I wonder if he’s a virgin.

He moves away and I hear a general rumble of laughter. I wish I could speak. I wish I could suck him back to hardness and let him try again. I feel another body climb on board. He moves with a little more confidence. I feel his cock. Another one of average size. He’s definitely fucked before. He quickly finds my wet, sloppy cunt with his erection and shoves it in, so hard, it hurts when his pelvis slams into my mine. He’s like a jackrabbit, hammering my cunt rapidly with quick urgent strokes.

I discover he’s my biter as he clothes his mouth over my right nipple and quickly begins biting my rubbery flesh. I squirm in both plain and pleasure as he fucks me and switches from nipple to nipple sucking and biting me. I scream into my other face as he stiffens suddenly and gives me my fourth load of cum and another orgasm. His teeth tug my nipple as he climbs off, making me moan with pain before he lets me go.

My body quivers, partly from all the wonderful orgasms and partly from nervous exhaustion. I gasp for breath as my head swims and I wonder what will happen next. I need rest, but now my hunger is upon me. I want more cock. I feel a hand on my ankle. I’m being released! Both legs are freed and then as my hands are unlocked, I feel something being put around my neck. It’s leather and I know! A collar! I feel a leather leash brush my chest and then I’m jerked upwards and dragged off the bed. I land hard on the floor.

I hear someone say harshly against my leather covered ear, “Heel, bitch!” I am on my hands and knees and I follow the tug of my leash and crawl across the room and out the door. I feel carpet under my knees and fingers and I understand I’ve been led into the family room. I am put on display, I think. I’m led on the leash in a circle.

I start when I feel a hand press into my pussy. Fingers slice into me, stirring the sloppy mess that is my cum packed cunt. I feel more than hear the ripping of the Velcro patch covering my mouth. I hear a voice – a young man’s muted voice growl, “Eat up, slut!” Fingers press against my lips and I open my mouth. I’m sucking cum, hot, thick semen from someone’s fingers. More fingers scoop cum from my cunt and then feed it to me. I lick, suck and lap it all up happily. I love sperm, the taste, the texture, the sheer deliciousness of it when mixed with my own cunt juices.

Suddenly, the leash jerks me upright. My arms are pulled behind my back and I feel the handcuffs lock them in place. I’m led forward on my knees until I feel my shoulders brush someone’s knees. My face runs into cock! Hard cock! I smell cunt and sperm and that distinctive musk of a man’s crotch. Someone’s cock brushes against my lips and I know my duty. I open wide and begin to suck someone’s cock. I taste cum and myself and I know I’m cleaning the penis of someone who just fucked me. I take him deep and I know it’s one of my six inch cocks. I hope it’s my premature ejaculator.

I give him the blowjob of a life time. I lick and suck as well as I can. When I feel him tense up, I ease up. I suck him for a long time. Hands are on my leather covered face, working my head. I take him deep and gurgle and I feel my lover’s body shiver and then he cums. It’s a bucket load, choking me. I can barely swallow it all. I feel cum dribble out my lips, drip down my mask and then that sinful sensation of warm sperm dripping onto my chest. I barely suck him dry before I feel the leash shifting and then like the dogslut I am, I am jerked about and led to another cock.

My mouth quickly finds another cock. It’s my long dick fucker. I lick him clean of my juices, making appreciative coos at my taste mixed with cum. I try to deep-throat my sweet long cock, but I cannot take all of him. His hands grip my head and I learn he prefers to fuck my face. Slut that I am, I yield happily, sucking sloppily at him as he thrusts himself into my face again and again. When he cums, he slips out all but his cockhead, pumping another heavy load into my mouth, that I gobble in a greedy frenzy. He slips out of my mouth and pats me on the head like the little bitchslut I am.

My collar is jerked and I crawl submissively to my next destination. It’s another hard cock, coated in my juices and sperm. It’s my other six inch cockstud. I think it’s my nipple torturer because as I suck him, he reaches down and pinches my nipples, twisting them until I moan in pain as I suck his cock. He likes this, I think. His other hand pulls my head downward until I am deepthroating him. He pinches and I make his cock vibrate as I cry out in pain. He cums quicker than the others did. I almost choke on his thick sperm before he lets my head up. I cough and dribble cum out of my mouth.

My collar jerks and my face is in the carpet. My head is in someone’s hand and he rubs my mouth over the soft carpet and I barely hear the command, “Lick it up, Bitch! You don’t waste a man’s spunk, not ever!” I tongue the carpet and lick up the cum I spilled.

I gasp an apology, my voice hoarse, almost unrecognizable. “Forgive me.”

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