A Lovely Love Making

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“You alright?” someone asked.
I’ll tell you, with all the loud noises in my head it sure sounded like he was whispering. I lifted my heavy head and a blurry vision formed. He stood in white something which was hard to make out.
“Sir, you want me to call someone for you?” he spoke again.
I lifted my hand to gesture a ‘no’. All I did was hit the table from below and settled my hand back. I looked up again. It was so hard to focus.
“Sir, do you have a phone?”
I shoved my hand in my pocket and pulled it out. It was still ringing. He took it from my hands and I dropped down from my chair. I hit my head and all went blank.

I opened my eyes. My head throbbed. I held it with both my hands. I sat up. The pain went up several notches. I hit my hands on my head thinking that would help. It didn’t.
“Arrrghhhhh!” I groaned.
I noticed movement and turned my head in that direction just in time to see someone enter my room. Somewhere behind my head a nerve twisted and the effect was a vibration throughout. I started rubbing behind my neck.
“Good afternoon.” a feminine voice said.
“Good afternoon.” a croaky voice said. Mine.
“You feeling any better?” she asked.
“If this is comparative I don’t know what was the positive degree.” my numb head said.
“What?” she was visibly confused.
He went back and brought a glass of water with some tablets. He handed them to me. I was in no state to argue or question. I took it.
“It’ll help get you sober” she smiled.
I smiled and gulped it down. It felt like something was burning like an acid inside my body. A sudden urge to pee made me straighten and try to get up.
“Pee.” I pointed towards my area.
I got up fumbled to wear my slippers and almost slipped. She held me instinctively.
I looked up and she guided me by my shoulders to the washroom. I opened the door and started to pull down my pants along with the underwear. I peed while she held me from behind.
I turned to wash my hands and she looked away.
“Pull up your pants dude.” she said annoyed.
“Oh righty!” I smiled and did as told.
“You”re gonna rest now.” she commanded and I obeyed.
I went to my bed and pulled up my covers and my eyes closed on their own.

I finally woke up and from what my body ached like, after a very long sleep. I sat up in my bed. I tried to recall and all I could remember was going to the club and waking up an afternoon.
I took a shower and changed my clothes. I opened the windows and it was almost night. The sky was a very dark greyish blue with the last rays of Sun for the day going dimmer by the second.
I picked up my phone from the table and tried to switch it on. Dead. I kept it on the charging dock and Alexa declared in a voice I hated from overuse; “charging”.
I looked at the clock and it said 21:00. Looking at it I got aware of the enormous hunger evolving in my stomach. I went downstairs.
My landlady was in the kitchen with her back towards me. I could smell the delicious food, bacon was it? I love the food she cooks. She is an amazing woman. Very helpful. Helpful…
I remembered something. There was a woman, she helped me. She had a commanding voice. Who was she….
“Oh got Daniel get a grip on yourself my child.”, she said without turning.
“Is that bacon?”, I said moving towards her. Hunger taking over all my thoughts.
“Atleast your senses are working again.”, she turns and looks at me up and down.
“Why do you do it, how does it help at all, huh?”, she says like a mother.
“Where is the mustard sauce?”, I say with a strip of bacon in my mouth while I search for it.
“On the table. Stop drinking Daniel, it has never done anyone good.”
“I can’t write sober, you know that.”, I reply as I pick up the remote and switch on the TV.
“Always the same excuse, and to be honest, always the same story. She won’t come back son, you have to move on. Stop killing yourself this way.”, she says. She’s actually concerned.
I bahis firmaları am worried too. I think I will lose myself like this, but I have too much vanity to ever claim that.
She puts a plate with a bacon wrap in front of me.
“Here. I am going now, take care you for God’s sake.” she says as she takes her apron off.
“Yourself.” I correct her while seeming to take interest in the TV show.
“Wait, did you say you’re going..” I realize all of a sudden and I turn.
“It’s Sunday, drink more and you’ll forget the month too.” she is annoyed. Anyone would be, with such a guy renting her place, but I’ve lived here so long I’m almost like a son to her. She’s like a mother to me too.
She goes to her actual son every Sunday night for a family dinner. This is the time I enjoy the most. I can do anything I want. I could have a party if I were that sort of fella or maybe a hooker if I were that sort of fella, but I am the sort of fella who would close all the doors and windows and sit down to write. In total mental peace and silence.
Actually I wasn’t a heavy drinking or a club going kind of fella either, it all changed when she left.
“Have a good time!” I say as she is almost at the door. I wave my hand.
“You too.” she smiles and closes the door behind her.

I switched off all the lights in the ground floor and climbed the stairs to my room.
I sat on my bed.
“Alexa how’s my phone?”
“It’s charging Daniel” she says. Definitely her intelligence is artificial.
I get up and pick my it up. There were so many missed calls and notifications from mostly all my apps. I replied to all of them in the next half an hour or so.
I opened my messages. There was a notification there too. What even I thought, I thought I had blocked all the spams forever.
“Hey it’s me, remember me? I hope you do. I met you yesterday for the first time and delivered you home once you were as good as a dead body at the bar.”
This was a message sent from my no. to an unknown no. And there was a reply to about three hours ago: “Up yet?”
It all came back like a boomerang. She was the girl. She helped me with the peeing. She was here. Oh my God, she even texted herself from my phone!
I went down in a cyclone of thoughts. Should I message her, no way, I am definitely gonna ignore this. What even is this how could she be texting herself from my phone, she is insane. She helped me a lot though, the least I can do is make contact. And so on.
“I’m up” went my reply after 20 minutes.
The next message was instant: “Finally, I was waiting.”
“You were?”
“Yeah, I don’t even know your name!”
“And yet somehow you’ve texted yourself from my phone.”
“Hehe, I wanted to meet you again.”
Okay what is going on, my mind kept wondering. I don’t want this. Definitely nope. I can’t. I don’t wanna. And yet again somehow what my landlady says all the time made its way into my head.
“Alright, I would give you my address but I guess I wouldn’t need to.”
“I am at the same bar we met right now, wink wink wink.”
“Ah not the same bar two nights in a row, wink.”
“Hahaha, you want me to come over?”
I let out a breath and waited for a second. I haven’t dated anyone since she left me. It’s been almost two months. Is it time now? Should I be seeing this girl? What could go wrong? Can it get any worse? What the hell, let’s do it.
“If you choose non-loud music and places with normal lighting and just a sober me to a bar, sure.”
“Move over mister, make some room in the bedroom, naughty devil smile.”
I throw my phone aside. I let out a long sigh and blink my eyes several times.

We are both sitting in bed a little while later talking rapidly. We both are so alike. Her boyfriend left her too, about a week ago. She says she feels as devastated as me, I hope not.
“So you helped me because you liked me?” I ask her seriously.
“I helped you because I wanted too and also because I was the only one apart from you that was not kaçak iddaa dancing. I was just sitting at the bar looking at random things when I noticed you.”
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.” she smiles. I look at her face clearly for the first time, she is pretty. And her smile is perfect, perfectly aligned teeth with full pink lips. Her eyes have a golden shadow above it which is perfectly blended and match her one piece dress. She is very attractive.
“You are very beautiful, inside out.” I say with a little blush.
“No one has told me that ever.” she smiles again. I blush a bit, how long has it been since I made a girl smile?
“People seldom say what’s true.”
“Not even my own boyfriend ever said that to me.”
“Then this is definitely not your loss but his…” I look in her eyes. She is already looking in my eyes. I think I am falling for her. I think she is too. I hope she is too.
“Can I kiss you?” she says so innocently a deep desire is aroused in me. When people say the purest things they feel, they have effects even they can’t imagine. Truth definitely has magic. Her innocence kills me. I lean in.
“You beat me by one millisecond.” I smile. She leans in too.
Our lips touch and a long lost feeling runs in my vein. It felt as if a fresh jolt of electricity ran through a very old rusty machine. I felt my blood rushing south after ages.
I run my hands along her back while we kiss and soon our tongues are lapping in each other’s mouth. She has closed her eyes, she looks so innocent. She hasn’t even put her hands on me. Her purity and decency are making her irresistible right now.
I pull away and she opens her eyes. I keep looking in her sinless eyes as I run my hand along her soft cheek.
“You look nothing like you chat, you’re so innocent, I think I love you.” I say and shift my glance downwards.
She looks down too for a while and we just sit there in a moment long as infinity.
“I hoped you’d say that, I think I love you too since yesterday night, when I saw you for the first time.” she doesn’t look up.
I pull her body towards me and hug her. She finally puts her hands around me. It feels like heaven. It feels like home. It feels like everything.
Being loved is still underrated, even today in the age of social media. It’s incomparable.

Later that night at about 00:00 we’re holding hands and sitting up inside the bedsheets. We’re both very comfortable where we are. We haven’t for a while now.
We have already talked about each other and I think she is the one for me. She’s a reader. I am writer. She loves all the things that I love. It’s all perfect, and to think how it started I can’t stop smiling.
There is a faint smile on her face too. She is going down the same trail of thoughts. Yep.
“You know my ex never used to sit like this in bed and talk with me.” she says. She doesn’t look at me and is still lost in some thought.
“He always liked to get intimate, there was hardly ever a night when we didn’t do it. It’s not like I didn’t like that but this is what I lowkey wanted, always. It feels so easy to tell you things like these, I never told him this.” She turns towards me.
I can’t imagine another moment in my life where I felt this happy. I kiss her. How could I have not? She kisses me back.
Somehow the way she kisses you tells you everything about her. Her personality. Her likings. Her mind. Everything.
And her kiss said only one thing and it was that it never wants to end.
I hope my kiss said the same thing too. We’re made for each other.

“I haven’t had sex in a while now , be gentle please.” I smile.
“You beat me by a millisecond.” she mocks. We both share a smile. I lean forward and kiss her on her forehead.
“Go for it as you want it. All yours.” I lay on my back while she pulls down the covers and then my pants and underwear.
She giggles. My erect penis twitches at that.
“What?” I ask.
“It’s much harder and desirable than in the morning.” she holds kaçak bahis it in her fist. Her small hands wrap around it completely. She strokes it very slowly. She is enjoying it so much. I am enjoying it so much. It’s splendid.
She strokes it for a while dreamily. She is lost in the moment.
My body is reacting to her every touch explosively.
Her hands are tender but firm. They are very kind yet a little mean. Just how I like them. Just how I want her. Just how she is.
She keeps on stroking it and increases her pace gradually. She looks at me after a while.
“You like it?” She squeezes it.
“I’m Lovin’ it.” I wink. She blushes and smiles a bit.
“Let’s make some love honey, shall we?”
“Alright baby love.” she leans in and kisses my bare chest. A small soft and tender kiss. It is definitely going to remain on my heart forever.
She turns around and I unzip her dress. I opens it from the top and stands up to pull the whole dress down out from her feet.
She looks terrific. Her body is bikini fit and her hips are so curvy just like her chest. She can make me go to my knees any day she wants I dreamed and blushed a bit.
“Like what you see?” she was wearing a pure black panties and a matching bra. Her breasts almost popped from her tight bra.
“I can’t take my eyes off. No one could be better” I pull her by her waist with me on the bed.
“Ah” she exclaims and falls on me. She lies on top of me and I kiss her again. I am getting addicted. I know it for a fact because I’m getting boners on boners.
I extend my arm and open the bed table drawer. I pull out a condom.
“What flavour would you like?” I sway it from the drawer.
“Your flavour.” She shimmies down me and puts my already dripping with precum penis in her mouth. She keeps sucking on it gently.
I am blasted with pre-orgasms. I pull my head back to absorb all the pleasure. It’s too much. She is amazing.
I open her bra with one hand. My other hand is holding her hair back.
She pulls her bra away from her breasts and gets back to sucking.
I grab her shoulder and make her come closer to me. I lick her nipples. I bite one of them and she gives out a moan. She is damn hot, and the moan took it to the next level.
I get up and push her on her back. I start licking her from her breasts all the way down to her panties. I lick her vagina from over the lace.
She moans again. I can’t resist her. I pull her panties to one side and expose her vagina. Her hand instinctively comes down to stimulate. I hold it before it reaches down there and continue the licking.
She squirms as if being tickled all over.
“I want you right now.” she tells me looking at me straight.
“And me you’ll get this right now and every other right now.” I nod.
I pull the panties down all the way and push the head of my erect penis through her vagina opening. She keeps looking at me with so much love. I start the motion and it’s so soothing I barely feel anything.
I am just there with her in my room, in my life and I know I want nothing else. Our bodies are at sync.
I feel my climax getting closer and closer. I try delaying it, I want her to cum too. I keep going.
Soon I can’t hold it any longer. How I wish she would have cum too. Or maybe she did and wasn’t loud about it. Maybe she didn’t cum that much.
“I am gonna cum.” I declare with a sigh.
“Me too.” she says reassuringly looking at me with a nod.
I go to her lips and kiss them hard while I ejaculate inside her. She cums at the same time. Her pussy gets filled with fluids and the heat makes the love making all the more orgasmic and expressed.
“You were amazing.” she says immediately. How cute is she, I will never be able to stop falling for her.
“It was all because of you.” I say slowly as I pull out and the stream of cum follows from her pussy.

About 6:00 next morning she is about to leave. My new girlfriend. She. It feels so amazing.
She kisses me goodbye and I do the same. When she is about to close the door I stop her and kiss her again.
Hehe. She giggles.
“Can I write about us?”
“Would you let me read it?”
“Obviously, why wouldn”t I.”
“Bye baby.”
“Bye bye.”

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