A Lovely Girl

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Note: Thank you for the letters. Here is another story I hope you enjoy.

I was going the same way as every day, except this was not every day. As my driver drove past the bus stop, I saw a face I could not forget, it was the exact same feeling that I had 20 years ago as a college student.

The memories I had buried inside were coming out… in a flood…of feelings.

I was 18 then, just fresh into college in the big town, living as a paying guest. It was on old couple’s house and their daughter had been married almost a year before. A few months passed before I first laid eyes on her, she was absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking, with big black almond eyes and cheeks that were meant to be bitten. I could not take my eyes off her when her parents introduced me to her.

“This is Rajini, our daughter, she will be here for 2-3 months with us” They introduced her to me.

“I am Raja” I introduced myself excitedly.

“Hello” She replied and went back inside.

I used to wait to catch a glimpse of her and she noticed and acknowledged it with a flirty smile. I was waiting for a chance to speak to her and know more about her, it was love at first sight for me, but inside I was hurting as I knew she was married.

We finally started talking and and we always had a good time and finally asked her why she was staying here for 2-3 months. She said she and her husband never got along well and she was thinking of getting a divorce, but her parents were against the idea and just wanted to think over a bit.

“You are only 23, you don’t know anything” they tell me and we both laughed.

We did go out together a lot and one day at the movies, I just blurted out, “I love you and want to taste your lips”.

She was silent and I looked at her and pulled her near me and kissed her. She just closed her eyes and kissed me back. Durng the while movie, we were just kissing each other and as we reached back the house separately, and at dinner which we all had together, I kept eyeing her and she kept smiling and averting her gaze towards me. As we retired to sleep, I could not close my eyes, I was in love with a married woman and wanted to make her and myself happy so badly. I slowly tiptoed into her room and knocked. She opened the door “shhhhh”ing me and pulled me inside.

“You are crazy” she whispered happily.

“For you, my love” I whispered back pinching her waist.

She smiled “Kiss me”.

As our tongues locked, my hands played with her neck and she started moaning slowly, I lifted her nightie up and let my hands underneath inside her touching her smooth soft skin, while she opened my shirt and tugged at my hair on the chest. As I unbuttoned her nightie and removed her hands from the nightie, “You are so beautiful and lovely” and the nightie fell down on the ground and there she was just in her bra and pantie, and my head and face started playing with her boobs and nipples on their own accordance and as she moved my hands on her thighs.

As I moved my fingers across the length of her delightful sexy body, she moaned “Aaaaaaaaaah”, I continued to traverse across her waist and her breast, so beautiful, she had perky small breasts and nipples would not quit staring at me as she looked at me smiling, as I reached for her face and kissed her. She closed her eyes as our tongues locked and played. The silent night was our music as the breeze from the window swaying her hair over my face as I rubbed her long tresses across my face.

“You are so beautiful” I could not help but say.

“You are so handsome and wonderful” She complimented back.

I pulled her closer in a deep hug as I pushed her against the wall, she looked into my eyes in breathless anticipation as I pulled her panties down to her feet and kissed her toes and dragged my tongue along her lovely long legs and straight into the deep delights of her cunt.

“Oh, Don’t stop” She moaned squealing.

As I slurped her wet wet cunt, her hands playing with my hair moaning “Oh Raja, my darling man, I love you”.

I looked up and she smiled nodding “Yes, I love you”.

“Kiss me Raja” She spoke again.

I got up and kissed her sweet mouth, while she held my big hard cock stroking it and trying to guide it into her wet wet love hole.

My cock was in her as I started to move in and out of her even as we kissed and kissed, she bit my lower lips lightly as my cock continued to pound, faster and faster, my hands on her waist and breasts, her nipple in my mouth as I saw her closing her eyes and her hands grabbing my back hard as I thrust deeper and deeper.

“Raja, Oh, this is so good, I have never felt this way before” She moaned.

“Rajini, sweetie, you are so sexxxxxxy” I almost shouted.

“Faster, My sexy man, Faster” She pleaded into my eyes.

I pounded harder and harder, as we shook together and my cum exploded in her cunt as we both just lay there, exhausted by the sheer passion of our lovemaking.

“I love you” I said.

“I love you” She said but looking sad.

We halkalı escort spent as much time as possible together.

“Would you get divorced?” I asked her finally.

“That is what I intend” she said

“I will marry as soon as you do that” I said

She hugged me hearing that.

I had got my holidays after the exams and had to go home after that. When I came back, her parents told me, her husband had come and apologized and they persuaded her to go even though she refused, she confided they had a tough time in making her leave, and said I could have helped convince it make easier for them. I was angry at them unable to tell the real feelings inside me and immediately took a transfer and moved to a different college not wanting to stay in that place again. That was almost 20 years ago.

Today was a beautiful day, I was feeling those feelings again, I had seen a wonderful sight and loved it. I asked my driver why so many girls were standing here and he replied, they come to this new college built nearby. I passed the place everyday and saw the same lovely girl standing at the same time. I was always struck by her beauty and how much she resembled my Rajini. The college folks one day came to me and asked, if my company could help with employing their students as part of their internship. I was more than glad for it and almost jumped out of my chair while saying “Yes”.

It so happened, this girl came into my office and was waiting as I came in. A look at her and my heart melted, I immediately asked her to be ushered in.

“I am Raja” I introduced myself to her.

“I am Nalini” She said.

“Please sit down” I said.

She brushed her red skirt aside and sat down on the chair, I looked at her resume and she was just 19 and asked what she wanted to do. She said she was looking for a part time job and hoping she could get one saying the college recommended this place to her. I said I have a secretary’s position on Saturdays and Sundays if it was okay as my normal secretary was on leave on those days. She excitedly accepted it.

I drove past the same way, this time with the windows down and she noticed and smiled at me. It just made things thrilled inside of me. I could not wait for the Saturday to come up. As she came in to my office, in a lovely white skirt, I ushered her in, nobody being in the office on the weekends. She helped and did everything I said, I was surprised and impressed and when she asked if she was okay with the job, I said she was doing fine and invited her out. She reluctantly agreed and I took her to an ice cream parlour and as we sat eating the ice cream, I could not but help notice, her lovely lips and wishing I was kissing them. She being the inquisitive young girl, wanted to know whether I was married, had kids etc etc, I said I was not married and no kids. She said, a wonderful man like not finding a woman is bad and in her girlish enthusiasm offered to find a girl for me. I said, I am fine with the way things are. She was very insistant and I gave in to her demand!!!

She used to show pictures of various girls, and I used to say something or the other to put her off, she got angry at me for mocking every one.

“I wonder what you think of me” She said.

“I think you are beautiful” I said.

“Yeah, behind my back, you will say something” She said.

“You are beautiful in front and behind my back” I teased her.

“Really?” She blushed.

“Yes” I said and pulled her closer to me.

She closed her eyes as I lips moved closer to hers, “You are the lovliest girl” I said.

“I want you Nalini” I said.

“Just for fun, right?” She asked.

“Those days are over, I want to settle down with you and have permanent fun with you” I said.

She hugged me and I kissed her.

“I love you” I said without realizing I said it aloud.

“I love you” She said

That was the first time I had said that to anyone else but Rajini. I held her in my arms for a long time and asked if she felt okay at the age difference, and she said she did not care as long as I with her all the time. That night I took her out to my house and welcomed her.

“This is where you will live from now on” I said.

She just loved it and asked me where the bedroom was with a wink. I lifted her and walked up the stairs and opened a big room with a huge bed in it and lay her down on it.

“This is our bedroom, sweetheart” I said.

She rolled across and back in her light yellow skirt. I just smiled and hopped onto the bed, I hugged her and kissed her.

“I love you” She said.

“I always wanted to know you, ever since you used to pass in the car staring at me” She said.

“I could not help it, you are so beautiful” I said not knowing how to say it.

We kissed again, our mouths entwined in each other, as she looked at me. My fingers straining at her thighs, her hands removing the buttons on my shirt as she watched taksim escort me. My hands went up her skirt and onto her tummy, and massaging it slowly. She kissed my chest and I kissed her on the mouth again. I removed my hands and unbuttoned her skirt from behind while I hugged her. She was moaning “Ooooooooooooh” as my hands felt her back. I sat on the bed and she sat on me. I removed her skirt and she was in just her loved red pantie and white laced bra. I could see her nipples from the bra and my member was as excited as I was. She sat on me and I embraced her from behind. We kissed each other and blew at her lovely neck and ears. My fingers tugged at her bra and released her lovely 34c breasts out of its clutches. I cupped her breasts and squeezed her nipples slowly not as to hurt her. “MMMMMM”, we moaned. My shirt was off and she leaned towards me closing her eyes, we were still sitting, she in front of me in the bed. I rubbed her tummy and played with her hair and she did the same, I tugged at her panties and played with her cunt surrounded by a thick bush. I handed her my cock that was pushing at her back. She squeezed it tight and wanted to taste it.

“I want to taste it darling” She pleaded.

I nodded as she took it near her mouth and licked at it, slowly and then kissing and hugging it tight. “Delicious” she murmured. I got her legs near me and kissed it, and then kissed her lovely cunt.

“I am a virgin” She said.

I looked at her smiling, “mmmmmmmm”.

“I will be tender, my love” I assuredly said.

I kissed her cunt lips and licked slightly wanting to have it a little wet. As I slurped at it, she tried to close her legs on me “Ohhhhhhhh god, this is so wonderful”.

“Mmmmmmmmm” I was moaning.

I kissed her breasts cupping it and then hugged her, my mouth again moved to her nipples and I sucked it slowly and then hard. She loved it as she kept pushing my head towards her nipples everytime I tried to lift my head. I kissed her on the mouth as I slowly tried to mount my shaft into her loving hole. I slowly penetrated trying to minimize the pain, as I plunged into her, I continued to kiss her, until I was finally into her and lifted my head as I thrust up and down, she was moaning in pain and pleasure, both at the same time, as I thrust harder and harder and harder, pounding with each breath. She lay there as our asses heaved in unison and my cock was getting sucked by her cunt over and over again.

“Harder Raja, harder Raja” She cried.

“Yes, my darling, your tight cunt is so wonderful” I shouted back.

“It feels so warm and wonderful” She said

“So do you, doll” I said

I banged her over and over until I came in her wet tight cunt, all my juice in her cunt. We lay there together in each other’s arms the whole night.

The next day, I immediately took her to the registrar and got married, not wanting to lose love a second time in my life. That was when I got my first big shock, her mom’s name was Rajini on the papers, I never asked her about it and she never wanted to talk about it. I asked her if I could meet her mom, and she said, they never talk to each other and about her dad, she had never seen him.

I could not help wondering, if this was the same Rajini that my heart had so desired and still did. Nalini was soon pregnant, it was bound to happen as we smothered each other with love. I literally bugged Nalini, about meeting her mother as that was the family she had and she should inform all this, finally she said she would take me to meet her.

As we drove to her mother’s house, my thoughts were all mixed up, what would I do if this turned out to be the Rajini I love, my mind was in a mess, but I was still able to concentrate on the road, Nalini was somehow restrained through the whole journey, looking away. I felt sorry I had forced her, but then I had to know!

We finally reached her mother’s place a couple of hours later, Nalini excused herself and said she will park the car, while I should go and surprise her mother. I rang the bell eager to find out. As the door opened, all that I was thinking came true, it was Rajini!!!!

I stood shocked and so was she, both looking at each other, Rajini looked at me with a big smile and hugged me instantly, “Oh Raja, you have come, finally” she whispered. I was unsure what to react while every bone in my body wanted to hug and kiss her so badly.

“What’s wrong?” she whispered not letting go of me.

Nalini came behind and stood shocked at her mother hugging me, a stranger in her eyes.

“MOTHER” she shouted.

Rajini immediately let go of me and looked at her daughter, “When did you come, This is your father” she shouted excitedly.

Both me and Nalini were frozen looking at each other not knowing what to say.

We sat down as Rajini, grabbed my hand, made me sit next to her squeezing my hand, “Oh Raja” I am so happy, she kept whispering, while all the time looking at Nalini and telling her this was her father. Both me and şişli escort Nalini were quiet, and she finally noticed her belly.

“What is this?” she asked Nalini

“I am married and pregnant” She replied looking away.

“Why did you not bring your husband?” Rajini asked a little unhappily.

“He is here and that is him” She pointed at me.

It was Nalini’s turn to be shocked, “Oh no, Oh no” she started crying.

I tried to console her and she pushed me angrily,

“You married your own daughter and even got her pregnant, how could you?” She cried.

“All these days I was hoping you would find me and take me away, now you have taken everything away” She cried.

Nalini was angry at me and her both and asked her, “Why did you never tell me who my father was?”

She turned at me and asked, “How come you never thought about it”

“He also did not know, We fell in love when I was married to someone else and seperated from him” cried Rajini trying to console herself and her daughter.

“Why did you not tell me?” I searched for you for so long, I finally spoke.

“I was afraid of my husband, I was forced to go to his place by my parents, I did not let him touch me at all, and as soon I found it I was pregnant, I called my mother and told her, she said, you had gone without an address, and I did not want to lose our child, I ran away, I had some friends who helped me, but I was constantly hiding, I did not tell Nalini, because I was afraid she would go looking after that guy or you to find out what happenned and we would both be in danger” She sobbed uncontrollably.

“Oh Rajini” I said as I hugged her wiping her nose with my hand kerchief and asked Nalini to get a glass of water.

As Nalini brought her a glass of water, she noticed my hardon and smiled without saying anything. Rajini drank the water and said she was sorry to Nalini for not explaining earlier. Nalini said she was sorry for running away and she said she ran away so not to be hiding all the time.

“What do we do about him?” Nalini asked looking at me strangely

“He is your husband, why are you asking me?” Rajini said a little angry.

“Yes, but looks like he wants his mother-in-law too” she said pointing at my hard cock as I was sitting next to Rajini and still had her hand in mine.

Both me and Rajini were silent at this, and Nalini looked at me.

“You are my daddy now, can I hug you as a daddy?” She asked tears in her eyes.

I got up and hugged her tight, as Nalini kept whispering “Oh Papa, I have missed you so much, I love you Papa, I love you so much”. My hard on did not quit even after knowing she was my daughter, I just hugged and Rajini got up and joined us in the hug. We kept hugging all three of us and I kissed Rajini right in front of Nalini and Rajini just closed her eyes. My hard on was brushing both mother and daughter, my wife and my mother-in-law, my first love and my daughter. We hugged for a long time, when Nalini took her mother’s hand and slid it over my cock.

“Take care of my husband, mother” She said as she released herself.

“What are you saying, my daughter?” Rajini asked.

“He is for the both of us, mom, my father is my husband and your son-in-law is your lover and I feel hot just saying this” She said rubbing her cunt right in front of me and her mom.

“I want to remain my father’s wife, but also I want my mom and dad to be together, is that bad mother?” She pleadingly asked.

“Oh my daughter, what is done is done? Your dad is for the both of us, after all he is going to be dad of your child too, so he better take care of the both of us” She winked looking at me wickedly

“Is there any objection here?” She asked looking at me tapping my hard cock.

“No” I murmured slowly.

“I thought so” and she tapped my cock again.

“I will leave you two love-birds alone” Nalini said going out, “I have some work to do and she winked”

I kissed Rajini again and hugged her, her saree had already half way through and she made no effort to fix it, as I tugged across it and kissed her, cursing her for being away so long.

“Oh Rajini, I missed you so much”

“Raja, I missed you too darling, you seduced me, gave me a child and went missing” She said hitting me across the chest.

I grabbed and hugged her and kissed her again, she was a little plumper, but she was as beautiful as ever, as I kissed her eyes, my hands sliding down her waist and midriff, pinching her. I kissed her mouth, our tongues playing with each other, the refreshing sweetness the body had never forgotten all had come back and we just kissed each other over and over again, a battle of mouth and tongues, both winning at the same time. My hands unbutonning her blouse as I sucked at her tits.

“I wanted you to suck it with milk” She said

“I will fill it again, my love” and sucked harder.

“mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh” She moaned.

I removed her petticoat as my hands slid across her cunt.

“OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH, That feels sooooo goooood” She cried in ecstasy.

We were still on the couch as I removed her blouse and panties and threw it away. She was completely naked and so hot and sexy.

I removed my pants as she waited eagerly. She grabbed my cock as soon as it popped out of my pants and she rubbed it all over her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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