A Letter to My Wife Michelle

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This was the last letter I wrote to my wife Michelle when I was traveling for business. After we were married I was promoted to a high level management position which I coveted all the years we dated. Unfortunately the responsibilities changed as well as Senior Management shortly after we wed. The job now required me to travel to California frequently and sometimes for weeks at a time. On this specific trip I felt very lonely and sat down and wrote this note. It was late and I was horny (go figure). I couldn’t stop thinking about the last night with my wife. It describes my feelings and the sex we had the night before I left.


My dearest Michelle,

It’s been three weeks since I’ve been with you. I hate my job. It takes me away from you for days, weeks, and sometimes months at a time. I know it allows us to live luxuriously but the travel has been wearing me down since we were married less than a year ago. This position would have been great 3 years earlier, just not now. I’m at a different point in my life. I want to be with you so we can start our family. I can’t do this to us any longer. I feel like I’ve see less of you now that we are married.

Right now I’m sitting in my five-star hotel room here in Beverly Hills and the only thing I can think about is you. You’re three thousand miles away in New York and it will be another week before I can get back. I knew this trip was going to be tough, but I’m falling apart without you.

I miss everything about you: hearing your voice during our nightly talks, looking into your light blue eyes, staring at your long fire engine red hair, and its sweet fruity scent. I miss your soft milky white skin and the way it feels pushed against my body. I miss kissing your thin lips and the bahis firmaları way they feel pressed against mine.

Our last night together feels like forever. I think about you and dream about us constantly. I replay our last night together over and over in my head, just like college kids watching their favorite movie for the thousandth time. I remember every detail of that night and how it made me feel emotionally and physically. I just can’t stop thinking about the way you kissed my neck. I’m getting goose-bumps right now imagining you’re in bed with me. The hairs on my neck are standing up as I think about your lips moving across the right side of my neck under my earlobe then taking a little nibble. I can still feel your touch even though you are across the country.

I remember your hands rubbed my arms gently and eventually moved under my short sleeve shirt. I felt a tingling sensation through my whole body when you did that. I recall the felling of my penis growing and leaking in my pants as we made out on the couch like high school kids.

I’ve been dreaming of removing your tight black tank top and exposing those perky little breasts just like I did that night. I have the image of sucking on your pink little nipples while rubbing your shaved pubic region.

The movie that plays in my brain stars us. It’s a movie that would only be on Cinemax after midnight (at least the edited version/and you know that’s not the one that plays on a loop in my head). I’m watching us make love. It’s everything we normally do and more. I see your wet pussy in my face as I licked every inch of your lips and clit. I go over the patterns you love so much, outlining your outer walls, alternating from the outside left to the outside right and everything in between. I make big, long, kaçak iddaa flat tongued licks, even plunging my tongue inside you. I lick your clitoris the same way I licked pussy lips.

I feel like I can taste your sweet juices as I write this. It’s a taste I know and love so much. I hear your moans growing gradually louder. You are getting close to an orgasm. You start to mumble my name as you tell me not stop. You pussy becomes extremely damp just before the final climax. I hear a muzzled popping sound for a split second which was followed by a warm wet splash on my chin. I feel three separate bursts hit me as your body convulsed violently. My chin was drenched with your hot love juice as well as my lips. I lick your pussy and inner thighs trying to lap up as much of the sweet tasting nectar that came from inside you. The bed sheets are soaked and my penis feels like a tree trunk (then and now).

It took you a few minutes to catch your breath. Once you did that, you quickly slid down my body to my erect love muscle. I’m so turned on by you squirting in my face there was a minimal loss in hardness. The elapsed time between your orgasm and regaining the feeling in your body was minimal.

Once you reached my crotch you squeezed my testicles with firmness. It doesn’t hurt, but it lets me know you are in charge. I love the feeling of my sack in your hands. You seductively tell me how you plan to drain me of every ounce of cum. My penis leaked as you licked the pooled pre-cum off the top of my swollen purple head. You put your lips over the opening of my dick and sucked the head as if you were drinking through a straw. You moved your whole mouth down the shaft and suck even harder. It hurts slightly, but not enough for me to tell you to stop. I enjoy the slight discomfort kaçak bahis as it caused me to get harder and harder.

Eventually your tongue slid up and down my cock until you found the way to my sack. You know how much I love my balls licked. You did this for an extended period of time with various strokes and techniques. You always pay special attention to them licking as far down as you can go. This makes me the hardest. It sent a tingling sensation throughout my body. I literally could not take it anymore. I wanted you to make me cum. I begged you to do so. Once you gave into my demand, you licked my sack one last time from the very bottom to the top, then all the way up to the head of my cock. You engulfed my entire shaft as you bobbed your head forward and backward.

I remember getting ready to blow the biggest load I had. I wanted to cum on you. You wanted me to cum in your mouth. As you drew me closer to orgasm I pleaded with you to let me cum on your tits.

Just as I was ready to cum, you gave me the approval to shoot my hot sticky load on your breasts. I tell you all the time how much I love your tits; they are firm perky 32A’s. Your skin is the palest I’ve ever seen, milky white in color, with small pink nipples.

I moan your name as the sensation to cum overwhelmed me. I yelled “Now” and pull my penis out of your mouth and aimed it at your chest. Four long white streams splattered against the middle of your chest. My seed dripped between your breasts. You moved your hands to your chest and rubbed my sperm into your skin. It drove me nuts seeing you do that. And your grand finale was licking your fingers clean. You told me how much you needed to taste me and the next time I cum it better be in your mouth.

I’m getting chills just thinking about you in bed right now. I’m sending this to you and then I’m going to jerk off. And when I cum, this time I will be thinking about you swallowing my hot cum, just like you wanted.

Love always,

Your devoted husband

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