A Lesson in Internet Dating: Cassie

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As cautiously as I could I peeked around the cubicle dividers that separated me from the other operators in my office. No one was watching. That was good. I was exploding with anticipation to get back to my favorite website, one of those internet dating websites where members could register and share information in hopes of finding someone interesting to take home.

I became a member one night after the thousandth irritating and frustrating date I’d gone on. Being in college I met a lot of guys, but none of whom made the grade to take my cherry. They were clumsy or unsophisticated or just plain boring. None had ever made me weak in the knees. So it was time to broaden the scope, and how could I go wrong opening up the World Wide Web?

I even went so far as to put up a photo of myself. Not wanting to go totally public, I posted a picture of myself from the neck down; sitting open legged on the edge of my bed, totally naked. The responses I got were overwhelming, might have been from the high state of arousal posing for such a photo put me in. They could see long blond hair cascade over my shoulders and over my 34C breasts, my pink erect nipples poking out. The hours of Pilates gave me a firm tummy, and I had my belly button pierced as a graduation gift. And right in between my long, lean, tanned legs I opened up to show my glistening wet, virgin tight twat. Always the neat freak my bush was neatly trimmed. Every inch of me was a living advertisement for just the right guy.

About a month ago just such a guy answered. Only this was no guy. This was all man. He was older, his profile said 44, which put him at my dad’s age. Normally I would never have gone for a guy that much older than my mere twenty years, but even on the internet young guys were so intellectually boring to me I just knew they wouldn’t know what to do with my body if I gave it to them. I got the idea to explore older guys, and one stood out from the rest.

And I say stood out because his photo on his profile was a simple, direct photo of his cock. He held a Corona bottle next to it, and to my surprise the head of his dick nearly reached the top of that bottle. It was thick too and every time I looked at it I creamed my jeans. I approached him, and he had even said that he never considered a girl so young before because most of the girls my age had a firm body but soup for brains.

We traded emails ever since, sometimes talking about sexual stuff, sometimes talking about normal stuff. He genuinely cared about me and wanted to hear more about what was going on in my life rather than what was going on between my legs. “There’s time for that,” he’d stated once. Older men had infinitely more patience than the young guys I was used to.

A couple of weeks ago I decided I had to meet him. We never traded any more photos than the ones that graced our profiles, we only spent time getting into each other’s heads. I knew he was married but they hadn’t had sex in years. She was married to her career, which reminded me of my own mother. My poor Dad had to take up golf and woodworking to find something to do while she went back to school, studied her ass of to become a lawyer and was now taking over the town as an assistant DA. I didn’t know what went on in my parent’s bedroom, but I expected it was much of the same.

I told him about my daily routine as a student and my nightly routine as an operator on call for a local mail order business. We were a huge company, employing nearly one third of the current student body at the local university. He told me his daughter worked there too, but I didn’t want to know that. I never wanted to meet any girl who could claim her dad was this fabulous guy with a monstrous cock I was so hungry for.

Once, when I was about seventeen, I stayed over at my best friend’s house for a weekend. I had to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and as I passed by her parent’s bedroom I could see her dad’s naked form sprawled out on the bed and in an obvious state of arousal. I ran back to my best friend’s room and stayed there until morning, and I never went back. It was just too weird. Parents aren’t supposed to be sexual beings. They’re supposed to be parents. So it wasn’t cool for my fantasies that I could be eating lunch next to this guy’s daughter.

About a week ago I told him I wanted to meet him. I also got brazen enough to tell him why. I wanted him to be my first. I’d finally found the one I’d been waiting for. He seemed reticent at first, but the conversations turned to how much he’d wanted me too. He even told me how he jerked off looking at the photo on my profile, and as the days went on he wanted nothing more than to stuff his enormous cock into my waiting hole.

Now it was all I could think about. Even as I sat there amidst all the hum of workers around me, suddenly nothing mattered as much as signing on and finding his name in my inbox. So even though I could so get fired for it, I risked it. I had to hear from him again. I had to see that photo again. bedava bahis My pussy quivered just thinking about it.

There was no message when I signed on, and I once again went to check his profile. He hadn’t yet signed on. I squirmed in my seat as I looked at that photo again. That long shaft stood up regally from his body, I could almost feel it inside me. My breathing was ragged as I squirmed more in my chair, my clit engorged and tingling each time I shifted against it. I looked around again to see if anyone was coming by but everyone was so busy with the work I should have been doing. I, however, disconnected my headset.

I ran my hands up my bare thighs just under the hem of my short denim skirt. I moaned a little as the electricity shot through me as I saw his status changed from “not signed on” to “online now!” A little message box popped up.

HARDONE4U Hey gorgeous. I was just thinking about you.

My hands shook as I typed back,

YOUNGBLONDE1 Ditto. I’m nearly masturbating here at work thinking about your big cock.

HARDONE4U You know what I like to hear, baby girl. Thinking about you sticking your fingers in your cunt right there where everyone can hear you, that’s hot.

YOUNGBLONDE1 You know what would be hotter?

HARDONE4U If it were me?

I moaned out loud.

YOUNGBLONDE1 Please. I can’t wait anymore.

HARDONE4U You know I want to, baby girl. I don’t think I’ve wanted anyone any more.

YOUNGBLONDE1 Then do it. I don’t want to masturbate anymore fantasizing about what it would be like for you to fuck me. I want to feel it. Tonight. Please say you can meet me.

He didn’t respond for a moment, and I got scared. Would he run away from a pushy, impatient virgin? Would he go find someone more his speed? More sophisticated? Less complicated? My heart broke at the thought. I’d only been talking to him for a month, and now I suddenly couldn’t imagine life without him.

HARDONE4U Your wish is my command. I’m at the Stratton Hotel, room 11316.

I felt flush all over. He was at a hotel? He’d been planning this! I wouldn’t have to wait another day. I glanced at the clock. Four more hours to go until my shift was over. I couldn’t bare it.

YOUNGBLONDE1 I’ll be there. I gotta get back to work.

HARDONE4U Do me a favor first.


I meant it too.

HARDONE4U Take off your panties.

Again I looked around. No one was watching. And suddenly I didn’t care if they were. Without moving much I wriggled out of the bright red thong I was wearing, which was drenched.

YOUNGBLONDE1 They’re off.

HARDONE4U Good. Now think sexy thoughts for the next three hours and fifty two minutes. Like how I’m laying here on this bed, naked and rock hard, waiting for you.

My eyes shifted to the photo again. I groaned a little louder. A couple of other operators looked my way. That meant masturbation was out of the question. I would just have to wait. Damn. I heard my boss, Lucas Fisher, talking to my coworker in the next booth. I quickly stashed my panties way back in the back of my drawer and clicked out. He was a no nonsense boss who wouldn’t tolerate my playing on his nickel.

He entered my cubicle next, and I had already plugged my headset back in, had a standard computer frame up and was helping a customer. He glanced at me as if he knew I was getting away with something and he just hadn’t caught me yet, after a few agonizing moments of his standing over me, he moved on. I breathed a sigh of relief. Trouble with that hardass I didn’t need.

The night drug by. Even with the headset plugged back in it was so slow that all I could think about was what was waiting for me in that hotel room. Each time my thighs parted cool air danced over my throbbing hot cunt it drove me nuts, and I was a mess by the time it came to clock out.

“Hey Cassie,” my friend Debra called. “Ready to go to Jake’s?”

She meant the local college pick up bar. We had plans to go, which is why I was wearing my guy-getting denim mini, silky beige halter and my high heeled leather boots. The thong waited back in my desk, tucked in the back of the drawer.

“Something’s come up,” I told her, thinking about the erection at the Stratton Hotel with my name stamped all over it.

She smiled; it was almost as though she could sense my hunger. “I just bet. What’s his name?”

I wanted to retort, “For your information, I don’t know.” But the story might lead to finding out if she was the mysterious daughter my guy had working here. I didn’t want to go there. I just smiled and said nothing.

“Okay. But I want all the details later.” She gave me a knowing wink and flounced away, looking hot in her leather skirt. I remembered a night where we had a few too many margaritas and ended up spending the night in her dorm room. We made out to the point of her wanting to take it to the next level. My telling her I was a virgin backed her off. She didn’t want to be my first. bedava bonus “Let’s let a guy screw that up for you,” she purred, her fingers dancing across my breasts. “But when you’re done, look me up.”

If I played my cards right, my weekend could be a two for one. I had twenty years of virgin frustration fueling me, with no stopping point in sight. It was an excited place to be.

My heart beat a hole in my chest as I headed over to the Stratton. It was a five star hotel smack dab in the middle of downtown. Quite an elaborate setting for a first date – first meeting, first everything. That was the kind of class I would expect from this guy.

I stepped into the lobby. It was so beautiful, with a huge chandelier hanging from the high ceiling illuminating the marble floor and the velvet and satin décor. There were plants everywhere, real ones, and flowers that assaulted my senses from the moment the two heavy glass doors shut behind me.

My heels echoed loudly in the deserted hallway as I headed toward the elevator. It was a glass elevator that faced out over the city, and I stared out the window as I was lifted up the eleven floors to where my lover waited.

As the doors opened, I stared at the long hallway with a breathless anticipation. I couldn’t believe I was here. And that tonight was THE night. I moved along the wall, racing along until I finally found the room number. I stood there for a moment. I was exhilarated – terrified and excited all in the same moment.

Nothing could have prepared me for what waited on the other side of that door.


I tapped on the door softly and was met a moment later with the door swinging open, and my dad in one of the hotel’s terry cloth robes, cinched loosely at the waist. Our eyes widened and our mouths opened in honest incredulity.



It was a simultaneous exclamation on both our parts. We both looked each other swiftly, and embarrassed, our eyes met and held. He swung the door open wider.

“Here, come in.” He stood back, tightening the sash on his robe.

I nodded and stepped inside. He closed the door behind me and motioned to the table and chairs by the window. I was shaking a bit as I sat down, the ocean of lights from the city blinking up at me. “Would you like something to drink?” he asked, shifting nervously from foot to foot.

“Liquor.” He smiled a little and produced a bottle of champagne from a bucket of ice nearby. Our eyes fell away from each other as we realized that was supposed to be a celebratory toast to our finally meeting, and finally acting on all these wild impulses we were feeling. It broke my heart to realize now that the night was going to yield much different results.

He said nothing as he sat in the other chair and poured two glasses of the bubbling liquid. I lifted my glass and downed it in one gulp. He laughed nervously. “I didn’t know you were so familiar with champagne.”

“I didn’t know you were so familiar with the computer. Dad.”

He nodded, accepting the chastisement. “It’s a new thing,” he murmured. His eyes rose up to meet mine. “You were the first.” Electricity shot to my toes as I fell into the dark brown depths of his eyes. For that moment he wasn’t looking at me like I was a little kid with pigtails anymore. He was looking at a woman.

“Why me?” I eked out, wanting to look away but unable to. I was also unable to stop my knees from knocking slightly or my stomach quivering. Never had a man made me feel this way.

“Because you’re amazing,” he whispered. I knew in that moment he wasn’t saying that because he had to. Sometimes you feel like your parents say the things they say because they have to, because there is some unwritten law somewhere that says parents have to say their kids are great even if they don’t really feel that way. That would make them somehow lesser of a parent to admit their kids were anything less than amazing.

But now he was telling me that, and I really honestly believed he meant it. Not because I was his kid, but because I was a woman who affected him as much as he affected me.

My chin jutted out. I fought down all the impulses. This was my FATHER for God’s sake. I couldn’t act on this crazy wild hunger that was still stirring my hormones into a fitful, frustrated stew. “What about mom?”

He just sighed and downed his own glass of champagne. “What about her?”

“Shouldn’t she be the one you bring to a five star hotel and romance?”

He poured another glass. For both of us. “She wouldn’t come. She’s got her own ways of relieving her tension, and I have nothing to do with it.”

“She’s having an affair?” I asked. The revelations wouldn’t quit tonight.

He nodded. “With her boss. It’s been going on nearly a year now. We haven’t had sex in twice as long.” Another glass downed, and he tipped the bottle dry as he refilled it. “I figured what the hell? She’s comfortable in our charade of a marriage, so why shouldn’t I get some deneme bonusu of the perks she enjoys? I wanted to be more discreet so I went online. The photo I used obviously can’t be recognized by anyone who knows me. And I was only going to act on it if I found the right woman.” He smiled and lifted his glass to toast me. “And here you are.” He laughed bitterly and downed yet another glass.

I watched him go back over to the refrigerator in the suite. He withdrew another bottle and uncorked it.

“I’m sorry.” I don’t know why but I felt the need to apologize to him.

He looked up, surprised. “Why? This isn’t your fault.”

“I should have never gone online.” It dawned on me suddenly that my dad now knew I was trolling for dick online. I felt like I was ten and I got caught stealing that ten out of mom’s purse for a CD I wanted.

“I’m glad you did,” he said, taking his seat across from me. “I am glad to know you the way I know you now. You’re not just some cardboard copy of your mother or me; you’re your own individual person who is passionate, smart and fun.” His eyes darkened a bit. “You’re also sexy as hell.”

I smiled a bit, and drank more of the champagne. “Ditto.”

My eyes traveled down his body, relishing how the dark hair on his chest poked out of the beige terry cloth robe. His body was still long and lean, and I realized how strong his hands were, and how long his fingers were. Somewhere under that robe was that magnificent cock I had masturbated to on more than one occasion. As much as the thought should disgust me, I found myself more turned on than I’d ever been in my life. I stood up suddenly, nearly knocking over the glasses on the table.

“I should go.”

He jumped to his feet as well. “Cassie…”

He gave me a helpless glance, and then offered his arms. I went into his embrace. This was my Daddy. How could I be mad? He rubbed my back and shoulders as he gently rocked me side to side, my face in the crook of his spicy smelling neck. I rubbed my hands along his back as one of his hands wound into my long hair. I felt his member begin to rise and grow against my tummy, and his breath was hot against my ear. “I don’t want to let you go,” he murmured. I didn’t say anything, I couldn’t think past how his cock felt in the semi erect state.

He pulled my head back a bit to look me in the face, trying to read my silence. His eyes devoured my face, as if he were looking at me for the first time. “Do you want to go?”

My eyes were probably as big as saucers as I stared at him. What did I want? Did I want to go back to searching from guy to guy to try and find what I had right here in my arms? How long had it taken me to find it? Would I ever find it again? I glanced at his lips, sexy and framed by his goatee. I groaned a bit as I thought of that mouth dancing over my body.

He responded by crushing his mouth to mine in a scorching kiss. When his tongue darted through my slightly parted lips I was so glad he was holding me in his strong arms. Otherwise I would have wilted right to the floor. My arms went around his neck as met my tongue to his and kissed him back. He grabbed a fistful of hair in his long fingers, tugging my head back so that he could explore the nape of my neck with his mouth. My body was alive under his touch, my nipples straining against the thin fabric of my top, wanting to break through so that his hot mouth could surround them and suck them in. I used one of my hands to press his head in that direction and he quietly obeyed. I leaned back in his arms as his mouth surrounded one of my nipples, the tip of his tongue lapping over the tip, using the fabric that covered it as an extra layer to his teasing. I moaned out loud and I felt his robe slip open.

His cock fell heavily against my bare thigh. It was long and hard and thick, and much better than even the picture could have described. My pussy dripped at the thought of feeling that inside me. Suddenly I couldn’t stop myself from reaching down and grasping it in my small hand. It was his turn to groan, which made me even hotter. I began stroking it slowly, feeling the ridge of the head slip through the tight circle my fingers had formed around the thick shaft. My fingers didn’t even meet.

His mouth left my breast as he straightened up, his eyes cloudy with passion as he looked at me. I glanced in between our bodies to watch myself jack him off. The head was purple as it pressed through the sieve my hand had created. It was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. I knelt immediately to my knees to get a closer look.

His cock was large and pulsating, a drop of pre cum glistening on the tip. Without even thinking twice I leaned in to clean it away with my tongue. He gasped as he felt my hot breath against his raging hard-on. I glanced up at him and looked him right in the eye as I began to lick up one side of his cock and down the other. I positioned my mouth over the tip and slowly slid him inside. My tongue lapped over the head and swirled around the shaft as I took him deeper into my mouth. By the time the head of his cock was tapping the back of my throat, he was only about half way in. I made up for the difference by jacking off what was left with one hand, and cupping and caressing his balls with the other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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