A Lactation Story Pt. 02

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Note: As I stated before with my previous story, this story is done in a subtle style… It’s goal is to pique your imagination without begin too descriptive in its presentation… Enjoy!

All characters are over 18 years of age!


“Did you get enough sleep? I kept you up pretty late last night. It was close to 5 in the morning last time I looked.”

“Yea, I’m ok. I just can’t believe I slept the whole day away. I really slept good while I was with you.”

“So did I baby. It was nice having someone naked in bed with me. I forgot how much I missed it. Thank you.”

“I could tell you liked it. You held onto my cock all night. I really liked the way you stroked it. I could get use to that pretty quick. Thanks for the fun Mom.”

“You don’t have to thank me. I enjoyed myself too. In fact, that’s all I’ve had on my mind. I can’t stop thinking about it. I figured that I would be a little sore this morning. But, guess what? I’m not. I feel good enough to go for another round. How about you?”

“You wouldn’t have to ask me twice. When it comes to you Mom, my cock is always ready for some action. You just tell me when and how, I’ll be there!”

Jane was just testing the waters. Her son had gave her the answer she was looking for. He was ok with last night, and she didn’t have any problems with it. Sam had done really well with satisfying her lustful desires, and she was ready to experiment some more.

“Why do you keep looking at me that way? You need to eat your supper.”

“I’m not really hungry, sorry. I just can’t help looking. It feels kind of weird now knowing what you look like under those clothes. I keep thinking about you naked.”

“You do need to eat something, it will help keep your strength up. Don’t make me come over there and feed you!”

“Why don’t you just do that. I’m hungry, but not for what you put on my plate. Come over here Mom, let me say hello to the twins. Jiggle on over here.”

“Sam, what a thing to say to your Mother. Sounds to me like the man of the house is a little horny. Is Mr. Stiffy wanting to come out and play?”

“So, you’ve gave them a name? I like their name better than what you’re wanting me to call something else. You see baby, your dad called me a cunt when he left. It worked for me last night, when I was horny. But, just be careful when you use that word, ok. I prefer pussy, or snatch. Do you understand?”

“Sure Mom, no problem. How about bringing the twins over here so I can get me a look.”

Sam could feel the heat coming through his Mother’s shorts. He slowly ran his fingers up and down the length of her slit. Jane jumped when one of his finger reached her clit. Sam took notice of this and started rubbing it even more.

“Hey, the twins are up a little higher. Easy Sam, you keep that up and your going to make me all wet. You know what Momma likes to do with a wet pussy? I like putting things in it.”

“Not a problem Mom, I’ve got just what it needs. It sure don’t take you long. I can see a wet spot already. Your soaking clear through your shorts. How about taking off your top for me?”

“There you go, I set them free! How about later Momma does a little posing for you? Didn’t you say something about wanting to take a few pictures? I think it might be fun!”

Jane had over come any fear of being naked in front of her son. She enjoyed his reactions

To her unclothed. Jane’s sex drive had got her in trouble plenty of times. Sam made her feel wanted, and gave her the attention she needed. He was good in bed, and she knew he loved her.

“Well, looky there, Momma’s starting to give somebody a stiffy. I guess I’m not the only one getting a little excited around here. I think I’m more excited now than I was last night. Take them on off baby.”

Jane loved watching his Mother’s nipples become erect. He rubbed his fingers around the outer edges just to watch them swell up, and puff out. He knew his Mother was becoming excited. Every time he would touch her, she would moan and gently push her pubic mound towards him.

“Mom, your tits are the greatest. They’re… well huge! I love watching them bounce up and down. I’ve always been able to tell when your not wearing a bra. I love them!”

“Tell you what. How would you like to put your cock in between them? Get up on the table and let me try something with you. I think your ready for a good old fashion titty fucking. I’ll do all the work, you just hang on.”

“You ready for this? Don’t look so terrified, I’m just going to stick that cock of yours between my tits. You’ve got this thing for tits, and I like cock. So, it seems natural that they should be together. Lighten up. Your going to like this. I want to test your control a little bit, see how long you can last at this. Just relax and enjoy the ride.”

After last night, Jane she needed to find some way to get the upper hand on her son. He had fucked her last night for hours. Jane was ready to go at it again, but knew her steamy pussy wasn’t kadıköy escort quite ready for the same treatment.

“I still remember washing this when you were little. The head of it was smaller than the tip of my little finger. I really never thought I would get to see it again. It’s kind of funny now things turn out. But, look at me now. I’ve had it in my mouth, between my legs and getting ready to put it between my tits. After this Momma will only have one other place to share with you. But, that one your going to have to ask me for on your own.”

Jane didn’t know if Sam understood what she was talking about or not. But if he wanted her ass, he was going to have to ask her. She like anal sex, in fact, she loved it.

Sam watched as his Mother squeezed her tits around his cock. She was violently moving them up and down the length of his shaft. Watching her do this was more than he could take, he exploded, but to his surprise his Mother made no attempt to move her head out of the come path. Not only was it hitting her in the face, but he could see squirts going directly into her mouth.

She would roll his come around in her mouth, then she would swallow. What was even better, he could see that she was enjoying herself. In fact, she seemed to like the stuff in her mouth. Sam had always thought from what he heard, that most girls won’t do it, or they spit it out. His Mother was quite a find!

“Well, that didn’t take long. After last night I was starting to wonder if I had lost my touch. At least now I know what I can do to make you come quickly. A good blowjob will come in handy when your Momma is “broke”. If you know what I mean.”

Jane climbed in her son’s lap and pushed one of her tits in his face. Sam quickly went for her hard nipple, she loved the attention he gave them. He didn’t just suck on them, he also did wonderful things with his tongue. She had been horny all day, just waiting on this moment, hoping that tonight would go as well as the last time.

“that’s it baby. Lick it, make them yours. Sam, you make me so horny. I want to fuck baby. I need to feel your cock inside me, Sam. I’ve been so lonely since your father left, I’m glad your willing to fill the void. I have something I want to share with you. Your Mother can’t get enough sex. I love it, and if you wanted it everyday., I’m fine with that. You keep this between just you and me, and I’ll do anything you want in the bedroom.”

Jane hadn’t exaggerated one bit. Her first for sex was almost uncontrollable, the perfect situation was unfolding for Sam. He could go out on a date, and if the girl wouldn’t put out, his Mother would be at home waiting on him, willing to experiment with any form of sex he was interested in.

As Jane stood back up, Sam couldn’t resist just one look. He couldn’t see her pussy. It had a thick covering of pubic hair, but the musky scent of her womanhood was filling his nostrils. There was something about the smell that excited him. He could feel his cock starting to stir again.

“Do you see something you like?”

“Sure do! Man you’ve got a lot of black hair down there. It looks like a slice of pie.”

“Do you see how wet you made me? Brand new shorts, this is the first time I’ve worn them. Now they need to go in the laundry. I need you to work on an itch I have. Do you think your up to another round of hide the weenie? I know just the place to hide it!”

“Oh yeah. I wondered when you was going to ask me! Maybe I can last a little longer this time. I was really nervous last night.”

“Last longer! I’ve never been with anyone that lasted like you did last night. The best your father ever did was ten minutes, and he had a hard time going that long, and I never come with him. Your great in bed bay. You don’t have to prove it to me. I seen what you can do last night, that was the best fucking I’ve ever had, really, I mean it! I need to get out of these, they make me look like I pissed my pants. I shouldn’t need any foreplay, you should be able to slide right in. It looks like your ready for some action yourself.”

“More than ready. Being inside you is the best thing I’ve ever felt. I can’t even describe how good it feels, you’ve got some hot pussy on you Mom, hot!”

“I’m glad you like it, you’ve got quite a cock yourself, and it fits me just perfect. That just makes us perfect for each other, doesn’t it? Let’s go over to the sofa. Come on.”

Jane was till horny, so she knew this was as good a time as any to let her son take some pictures, she would be more than willing to pose while she was in her current state of mind. And, the thought of him taking nude photos of her was exciting, she was more than willing to pose in any suggestive way he asked.

“That’s it, move your arm forward so I can get your tit in the picture. Hike your ass up, a little higher too, shit this one is going to be hot. The next one I want you to get up on the sofa on all fours. üsküdar escort I want to get a shot of you like your ready to fuck, one that shows your hairy pussy.”

Jane was finding this quite exciting. Sam would tell her how to move, and she would do it. She knew he was getting some revealing photos, but she just didn’t care.

“How’s this baby? You must have me good. I’m still draining all over the sofa. How do you want me now?”

“Sit back down on the sofa and spread your legs as wide as you can!”

“So, you want me in the “come and fuck me” pose. I know that one really well. We need to wrap this up after that one.”

Jane had received a phone call from her Mother, she was driving in from California for a visit. He knew her Mother would stay for a couple weeks, and she had no idea how she would go that long without some of her son’s cock. If need be she would take him in the car just to have some time alone with him.

Jane sat down on the sofa and spread her legs like a hooker getting ready to turn a trick. Sam could see her pussy glistening, quivering for some attention, wanting him.

“Come on over here Sam, I’ve been waiting all day for this. Don’t tease me, show Momma how bad you want this. You shouldn’t leave that cock of yours exposed to the night air, come on over her and put it in some place warm. I’ve got just the place for it. That’s it baby, see how hot and wet you’ve got me! It’s all for you and that sweet cock of yours. I want it inside me, as deep as you can put it. This is your pussy now. Momma’s giving it to you, use it any way you want.”

It’s kind of weird Mom, yesterday the smell of this kind of bothered me. Today it’s making me horny, I like the way it smells. When I pulled your shorts down earlier, I could feel my cock starting to get hard, do you think that’s weird?’

“No, your not weird. The scent is there to attract a lover, it should help excite you. I’d feel really bad if you thought it stinks or something, you need to quit trying to figure things out, and get busy. It’s time for less talk, and a little more action!”

Tonight Jane would take the time to explain to her son just how she liked to be fucked. Her plans would mold her son into the lover his father never was. Sam would soon find out just how wild his Mother could get, and how addicted she was to sex.

“Line it up, and push it in hard Sam. I want you to take me, make it a little rough. I like to be taken, I want you to be in control. Just use it like this is the last time you get any. Oh yeah, that’s what I needed. Put it the rest of the way in. I love it. Your so damn hard, I hope you can last as long as you did last night. I’m in the mood for a fuck marathon. How about you, do you want to fuck all night?”

“Sure Mom, I’ll go as long as you want. I’m not going to stop until I make you sore, your going to have to beg me to stop.”

“You sound pretty sure of yourself. What if I’m the one that makes you sore? Sounds like your challenging me. I guess we’ll just have to see who gives in first. I went easy on you last night, no way will I let you win tonight! It feels good, but your going to have to do better than that! I’m not one of those inexperienced girls you run around with, I’ve got a few more miles on my pussy. Fuck it like your mad at it. Harder!”

“No, your not one of the of them, they won’t put out. I love you Mom, but your one easy fuck.”

“So you figured out I like nasty talk! Let’s see just how good you are at it. How about telling Momma a little more of what your thinking.”

“I like talking nasty to you, so don’t give me hell if you hear something you don’t like. It don’t take no work to get in your pants, if I had known it was this easy. I’d have done it a long time ago.”

“It’s your own fault you didn’t try this before, yeah, I would have fucked you months ago if you asked!”

“I figure it goes this way Mom, good girls have pussies, bad girls have cunts, so what do you think your sitting on?’

Jane loved being talked nasty to, it just fueled her fire. The comments Sam was making had her hotter than ever, she wanted to say things while they were fucking.

Sam had figured out what his Mother liked. He was starting to enjoy talking nasty to her. This was new to him, he liked the control he had over her. She seemed to get hotter with every comment he would make.

“Yes, damn Mom, you fuck like those sluts in the movies, you should have been a porn star, you sure have the tits for it.”

“Keep talking baby, I love it!”

” Have you ever thought about using your pussy to make some money?”

“Sounds like you want to sell Momma’s ass, nobody would want this old butt of mine, besides your doing just fine, so get those thoughts out of your head and get back to pumping me!”

“Your wrong Mom, guys make comments about you all the time. They always tease me about wanting to help you out with dad gone. Asking me if you have started dating again. All my tuzla escort friends think your still hot. Your close ain’t you. I can feel your pussy quivering.”

“Yes baby, Momma’s close. It’s not going to be long, you feel so damn good!”

“You know you want to. Juice my cock up for me. Let it go!”

“Damn you Sam, your just too good at this. I’m so horny I could pass out. Just a little bit more, yes…”

“Come Mom! I want to watch your ass shake, work your ass for me, that’s it, grind my cock. Oh yeah!”

“Yes… yes… Fuck yes!”

“Hell yeah! This is how I like it! Your big ass up in the air just waiting on me to slap it. Keep riding it, buck those hips! You like it, don’t you? Tell me!”

“Yes baby, I love the way you fuck me! I’m close Sam, make me come. I want to come all over your cock. Fuck me harder, that’s it… shit! I’m coming! Shit! How the fuck was that! Don’t you dare stop pumping! Deeper, slap my ass! You just wait, your fucking next, ohhhh!”

“You ok Mom?’

“Oh, I’m just fine, but now it’s your turn. It’s time you see how a real woman works a cock. No mercy this time, last night I was being nice, get your ass on the sofa!”

Sam was about to get the best his Mother had to offer. All he could do now was do as she said, and ride out the storm. Jane realized she no longer had to hold back, she could let go and be herself.

Jane kissed her son, not the Motherly kiss Sam was used to. When he would open his mouth to breathe, Jane would push her tongue inside. Jane held her son’s balls, they felt heavy in her hand. She knew that very soon he would be expelling their contents deep inside her, filling her up for the second time.

“You ready for Momma to empty those out for you? I bet I’ve got something that will make them feel better. Maybe I should sit down on it and work some of my magic. It’s time for Mr. Stiffy to do some deep exploring. Maybe while your in there you can find me another orgasm. I like coming on your cock. In fact, I like every thing about it, especially your control, it’s a gift baby, most men don’t have it.”

Jane climbed up on the sofa over her son, she could feel Sam rubbing his cock up and down her slit, lubricating the head of his cock. Wanting to tease him just a little, she would lower herself down, then raise back up. He was hard as a rock, like always, ready to service her again!

“Come on Mom, quit teasing, lower your ass down on it! I see you smiling, your not fooling anyone. If you don’t hurry up, I’m going to roll you over and take it. Get down on it!”

“Oooh, that sounds like fun, held down and forcefully taken, sounds like you know what Momma likes. One problem, you can’t take someone who wants it, remember, your Momma’s just too damn easy.”

Jane positioned her legs on her son’s shoulders. She ground the full weight of her body down on her son’s cock. Sam grabbed her ass and lifted her up and down the best he could. Jane used her feet against the wall to push down even harder.

“Am I too heavy?”

“No, it feels good. Hey Mom, I’ve got something I want to ask you, but I really don’t know how. And I don’t want to make you mad, and I want you to think about it before you say no.”

“Ok, spit it out, just go ahead and ask me.”

Jane had no idea what her son was about to ask her, but Sam had picked a good time. His Mother was horny enough to say yes to about anything. Sam made her feel good, and if she could do something to return the favor she would.

“Ok then, here it goes. I was wondering if you would mind dressing a little different when some of my friends come over. You know, wear something a little more sexy, or let me pick the clothes out.”

“I don’t know Sam, you sound like your father. I’m going to have to think about it, and it will also depend on which one of your friends it is. Are you wanting to tease your friends? It might be fun, but let me think on it awhile.”

Sam’s idea sounded safe, and Jane always loved teasing guys. She knew the answer was yes, but she just wanted him to wait awhile before she said it. Jane knew Sam had some really good looking friends, and a few of them would like to do more than just tease.

Jane now had all kinds of thoughts in her head. Sam had one friend that she would be more than willing to tease. She liked the way he presented himself, and how he would look at her. Jane knew his looks was undressing her every time he came over.

“Tell you what Sam, I’m willing to show off a little if your ok with it. You think it over and let me know when and how you want to do this, but we need to take this slow and easy.”

“I’ll be fine Mom.”

“And don’t get mad at me if one of them gets a little friendly! But if this is something you really want to do, I’ll give you a hand with it.”

“Don’t worry about me getting mad, your just too hot not to show off a little, and I promise not to tell any of them that you and I are fucking.”

“Teasing can get a little out of hand once in a while, and when I get wound up, sometimes I forget when to stop, or I get to the point that I don’t want to stop it. Are you ok with that?”

“I know where your going with this Mom. You worried about what I would do if I saw someone else between your legs.”

“Ok then, I was just making sure we was on the same page. You are so bad Sam!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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