A Head over the Clouds Ch. 02

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Thanks to the first person who commented on my first story, I wrote the sequel just because of your enthusiasm.

-All characters are over 18 years old.


I took a good shower and shaved my face, Thinking about the life changing step I took yesterday. I was even more excited for what is going to happen today. I looked in the mirror, at the reflection of a man who is more comfortable. This is how a sexually satisfied man should look like. Something only I was able to attain after sucking a dick. I looked at my mouth. Those lips I gave a man pleasure with.

“You insatiable cocksucker.” I mumbled with a chuckle, as I looked at myself in the mirror. I was insatiable. I promised him that I will meet him today again. Same time, same place. And damn I will be there. No power in the world can stop me.

I drove to the bar where I met him yesterday. Once I arrived I headed to the toilet. I looked around me cautiously as I walked in. Once my eyes fell on the toilet’s cabinet where I had my first cock yesterday, my penis started to get hard. I closed the door behind me, without locking it. I checked the time, I was 30 minutes early for the appointment. This is how much I was longing for this encounter. I waited trying so hard not to jack myself off. Eight O’clock at the dot. The bathroom’s door opened. I heard footsteps heading towards my toilet’s cabinet. The door opened. And it was him. He didn’t even bother to knock the door. He knew it was me. And that I was going to come back.

“Well the hooker came back for more?”

He said in a taunting tone, with a confident smile. I smiled back, and said.


After all, I didn’t know how to greet a guy who merely what I knew about him is that he shoved his dick down my throat. And my head into a toilet bowl. He pushed me towards one of the cabinet’s wall. Closing the door and locking it behind him. I took a deep breath, as he cornered me. Bringing his face close to mine. He güvenilir bahis had a gentle smile on his face, as he tenderly caressed my face with the back of his hand. I thought he was going to kiss me. My lips trembled in anticipation. I closed my eyes waiting, but he didn’t. Instead, I felt him pushing me towards the floor. Forcing me on all four.

He placed his feet over my back, as he unzipped his pants taking his cock out. A stream of pre-cum dribbled from his throbbing pole to the floor. He poked my elbow with his feet, and pointed at the droplets of pre-cum on his other shoe, and beneath it. I got his drift, I lowered my head, and licked the drops of pre-cum off his shoe, and off the grimy floor. Feeling like a dog under his owner’s feet.

“What are you waiting for? Remove your pants bitch!”

He scolded. Straightaway I obeyed. He didn’t remove his feet off my back, so I tried to take my pants off in that position. After a bit of tugging and struggling, I did. My ass was exposed to him now. I already predicted from the position I was in what is going to happen. The thought itself made me on the verge of a climax. But I succeeded to stop myself.

“Are you used to have things up your ass, or I am going to take your cherry today?”

He asked confirming my predictions. That moment I felt a cold liquid being poured over my pucker.

“I only dated women before. You know…” I responded.


He scoffed. And continued.

“Let me show you then how does it feel being fucked by a man. With a man it’s a bit painful. Yet the pleasure is double.”

I started to feel a pressure against my asshole. An unusual sensation. It was his dick, teasing at the opening of my sphincter. The first dick to penetrate me. Slowly I felt it going inside me. It started to hurt, the more his big dick gone deeper into my insides. Stretching its way within my bowels.

I lowered my head more in submission as he mounted me. Trying to türkçe bahis cover my mouth to suppress my grunts. The pain was immense, yet I never wanted him to stop. I never wanted his dick out. It was the best feeling I had in my life. The kind of pleasure that is so vast, that any pain comes with it, is worth it.

His full length was inside me now. I was getting sodomized doggy-style in a public toilet. How far I would go to enjoy intimacy with a man? He paused letting me savor the moment, with his full length up my ass.


I let a deep grunt of pleasure, as he started to thrust. Ravishing me with raw lust, and sexually driven defiance. With one hand he grabbed me by the neck. By the other, he clenched my hair tight as he let a deep groan.

“Yes! Take it, whose bitch you are?”

He barked.

“Yours… yours Sir.”

I answered submissively.

“What is up your ass fag?”

He snarled.

“A di…a dick. Your dick Sir.”

I barely were able to answer, I just managed to spread my ass cheeks more. To give him more access. Sweat covered my body, and my flushed face. As he pushed my head back to the floor. One side of my face was flattened over the tiles beneath me. My head on the floor, and my ass up, getting fucked.

“You better get used to it up there, because I will be there a lot.”

He chuckled. His thrusts became more aggressive and hard. Whereas, his balls slapped against my perineum. He took his dick out and shoved it back roughly in one thrust, making me grasp for air during my anal invasion. He done it several times. After that, he quickly spun me around on my knees, snatching my head towards him. And stuck his dick into my mouth, freshly out of my ass.

I was on my knees now like a whore. Taking his dick into my mouth. I looked up at him, as I passed my hand over his toned abs. And the short hair under his navel.

“Suck your ass off my rod, Dick smoker. Suck your shit-hole’s güvenilir bahis siteleri traces off.”

He commanded me, I sucked fervently. As he used my head to jerk himself off. He moved my head rapidly up and down his cock. Suddenly I started to feel a wet sensation, a very warm salty fluid trickling down my mouth. He was pissing in my mouth!

“Drink the COCKtail faggot!”

He laughed, as he pissed more. I gaged a bit, but I swallowed. He cleared his throat and spat some mucus over my forehead. While shoving me towards the cabinet’s wall, and fucked my face as if it was my ass. I unbuttoned my shirt. Passing my fingers over my wet with piss, and drool chest. Letting out moans of pleasure. He stepped backward as he forced my legs open, I opened them further shamelessly. Offering him my hole again. He took me once more. My ass became a bit loose, so the pain slightly subsided.

This position made my orgasm inevitable. And eventually I came with his dick deep up my ass. My cum spurted, hitting the cabinet’s wall behind my head. Some splattered over my chin, and my right eye.

I groaned overwhelmed by my climax. I couldn’t keep my voice down,even though I realized there was someone else in the toilet. I saw from under the cabinet’s door a pair of shoes standing behind it.

I gulped, still panting from my powerful climax. I didn’t even recognized someone entered the bathroom, As I was carried away by my orgasm.

But what happened next almost gave me a heart attack. As his dick was still deep up my ass. He reached to the cabinet’s door, unlocked it, and pushed open.

The stranger behind the door was standing looking at me now. My whole world came shattering down. As the stranger wasn’t simply anybody. He was my boss, my boss at work. And oh man how I can look him in the eyes again? After he saw me on that dirty bathroom floor. Spread-eagle, getting ass fucked hard by another man. With cum shots and piss covering my messy hair, my chin, and over one of my eyes. He didn’t even bothered to take his cock out of my ass. He simply stated coldly.

“Surprised? He is not only your boss now, he is your other master too. Didn’t I tell you to prepare your mouth for more?”

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