A God’s Propositions Ch. 02

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Sorry I did not publish this earlier, I’ve been exhausted and so busy. I hope you like the second part!! I’m pretty sure I’m going to do sex scenes as their own chapter and plot scenes as another. I have been thinking hard and the story line will probably be more complex. This chapter is very kinky with quite of a few weird things going on, but I hope you like it and enjoy the twisted world of Gods and their freaky sex lives.

Apollo’s mind was racing with ideas as to where they were going. They entered a giant room with 50ft walls, when Apollo walked towards the center of the room, it lit like the sun.

Apollo turned around to see Poseidon shimmering as he was morphing into his God form, 18 feet tall, with a swimmer’s physique. He was beautiful, with pouty lips, raven wing hair, and eyes the color of the deepest emeralds. He always looked like he was brooding but right now he had a huge grin on his face that looked as if it was chiseled by Prometheus. He was huge man, especially his 16 inch engorged cock that had Apollo drooling. Poseidon’s glow had a sea foam green hue to it. He was spectacular in all his glory and more than Apollo had fathomed.

He had many dreams of being bedded by his uncle, but now it was actually happening. But what came next threw Apollo off.

Poseidon snapped his fingers and Apollo’s clothes vanished then Poseidon was all of a sudden lounging on a bed. Apollo’s ass felt empty now too, his dildo must have vanished as well.

Apollo shifted into his God form 15 feet tall dancer’s body, graceful and nimble, with his foot long fat cock and yellow glowing from his body like the sun. Being a dancer Apollo had a firm bubble butt, that everyone coveted. He had long, slender fingers and eyes the color of the sky on a beautiful, clear day and his hair looked as if it was spun gold, long flowing locks.

After his body finished shifting, four tentacles wrapped around his body like a harness and his body went rigid. He turned his head around a saw a man, but when he looked down what should have been legs and feet were 8 tentacles. 4 were smooth and the 4 that had grabbed him had suction cups on them. This man was gorgeous, but also freaking him out!

Apollo tried to struggle to get bahis firmaları out but it was futile. He heard Poseidon chuckle and quickly turned his head. “Who is this and what is so funny?”

Poseidon responded, “Oh Cetus? He’s my son also known as Kraken, in his partial human form. I’m laughing because you look like a fish wriggling around like that, albeit a sexy one.”

Apollo was about to reply, when next thing he knew a tentacle was rammed up his ass! Apollo yelled in shock and then moaned as it hit his prostate hard. The tentacle was about 3 inches thick and stretched Apollo pretty well. As he moaned again, a tentacle went in his mouth, he was surprised, but he submitted like a good boy and sucked on it.

Cetus move the tentacles on his chest so his suction cups were positioned exactly on Apollo’s nipples, eliciting another groan from Apollo. The tentacle was leaking precum like a spigot and Apollo loved it. As he reveled in drinking Cetus’ yummy nectar, Apollo felt something enter his cock. He snapped his eyes opened and saw a very small, thin tentacle going through his piss slit. He liked the feeling and his cock throbbed in need, Apollo needed it hard and his ass was waiting to be filled more. He managed to say around the tentacle/cock in his mouth, “More!”

He then felt the other tentacle probe at his already occupied hole and wiggle in. He almost came as soon as it finished entering him, he was being filled with two fat tentacles/cocks in his ass. The tentacles were speeding up and pounding his ass like whore. Poseidon got up and replaced the tentacle in Apollo’s with his beautiful uncut cock. It tasted like Olympus, the smell of man and the ocean filled his nose, it was so intoxicating.

Poseidon’s precum was leaking profusely, tasting almost like sweet salt water, which was weird yet addicting and delicious. Poseidon had moved the tentacles on Apollo’s chest and was pinching and teasing them, and damn did it feel good! Apollo came hard all over the floor when Poseidon slapped his ass, he almost blacked out as the cum was forcing itself around the tentacle in his dick.

He was in pure bliss, but he knew it wasn’t over yet. Poseidon bent down and licked Apollo’s cum off the floor and groaned as he kaçak iddaa swallowed it. Apollo thought that was the hottest thing he ever saw. As Poseidon was bent over Apollo saw his tight hole winking at him, and rammed his middle finger in Poseidon’s hole adding his index finger and proceeded to finger Poseidon’s hot ass and bite it while Cetus fucked him.

Poseidon was on his hands and knees ramming his hairy ass into Apollo’s fingers, groaning like a wild animal. Apollo’s dick was still at attention, no surprise considering he could keep it up for 7 whole orgasms. The tentacles were still up his ass, so far up he felt like he would explode. Then the tentacle started moving really fast and all came at the same time, Cetus groaning like a caveman. He placed Apollo’s body down on the floor and left.

Apollo felt the cum dripping down his legs and the emptiness in his ass. Poseidon picked Apollo up off the floor and put him on his and and knees on the bed. Poseidon licked and drank all the cum out of Apollo’s ass. Apollo writhed and moaned as Poseidon used his long, soft tongue in his hole. When Poseidon was done cleaning Apollo’s ass with his tongue, he rammed his 16 inch pole into Apollo’s hole with so much force, Apollo sprawled out on the bed.

Poseidon turned him over and as he fucked him, licked and nibbled Apollo’s pert nipples. Apollo was pushing back to meet Poseidon’s thrusts, creating more force, that vibrated through his body to the tip if his cock. He was panting as if he ran miles nonstop and fingered Poseidon’s tight pucker and he could tell Poseidon was loving it, he was rutting like a maniac into Apollo and them tensed up, his ass pulling Apollo’s fingers in and tightening around them then shot cum into Apollo’s abused ass.

Shot after shot continued for a couple minutes filling Apollo with his hot, white seed. He felt so full, wonderful, and ready to cum again; but Apollo was good and didn’t touch his own cock. Poseidon pulled out and put his fingers in Apollo’s hot sticky hole and fed Apollo his cum.

As Apollo ate Poseidon’s cum he noticed Poseidon adding another finger each time until he had his whole fist in Apollo’s ass. Apollo yelled out in ecstasy when Poseidon shoved his whole arm up Apollo’s kaçak bahis ass to his elbow. Apollo’s toes curled as Poseidon continued to fist his ass, he felt so wonderfully full with Poseidon’s muscly arm in him, pumping in and out.

Poseidon surprised Apollo by punching his prostate, causing him to cum instantly. He came so hard and for so long his body was shaking and quivering from the aftershock. Poseidon proceeded to add his other fist in Apollo’s stretched ass and pounded his chute like a machine. Apollo couldn’t stop cumming the whole time Poseidon was double fisting him.

Poseidon bent down and stretched Apollo’s ass wide and licked the inside of his hole, it felt so good Apollo pushed Poseidon whole chin in his ass. Poseidon licked Apollo’s delicious ass until his tongue started to hurt then he got up and snapped his fingers. A giant glass dildo appeared. It was 8 inches wide and 12 inches long.

Apollo saw it and was praying to the gods it was for him, he wanted it in him so bad. Poseidon licked the dildo until the whole thing was wet and told Apollo to sit on it. Apollo did as he was asked and moaned as he sat on the giant dildo feeling the cold, slick glass enter his hot, abused hole. After he sat down all the way he could feel the top of it hit is stomach, Poseidon bent down on the floor in front of Apollo and asked him to put his foot in his ass. Apollo thought it strange but he listened and did so.

His whole foot was swallowed by Poseidon’s greedy ass and it felt so warm. He slowly moved his foot in and out, with his toes hitting Poseidon’s prostate causing Poseidon to moan and groan in pleasure. Apollo then pulled his uncle onto his lap and entered his hole with his needy dick. Poseidon gasped as Apollo’s hard dick slid all the way in him and he fucked Poseidon slowly and lovingly as if he were Hyacinthus. Apollo reached for Poseidon’s dick and slowly jerked him off as he fucked his hole. Poseidon came all over Apollo’s hand and Poseidon licked it clean. He turned around and shared the cum with Apollo, when he swallowed what Poseidon gave him, he came in Poseidon’s ass.

Apollo started sobbing and Poseidon pulled him into his arms and they laid on the bed together Apollo crying as he thought of Hyacinthus and Poseidon shushed him and held him. Apollo fell asleep in Poseidon’s warm, protective embrace and Poseidon soon fell asleep as well.

Thank you for reading and don’t be afraid to contact me or leave comments!

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