A Gift from My Wife

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Big Tits

Our child was on a sleepover, so we could fuck like cats: loudly.


I was having a very good night for an old fart. She never gives extra credit, so I believed her when she said that she came four times. We did several positions.

And there was an interesting moment, when I touched her anus with my finger. She liked it. “Mmmmmmmmm,” said she.

We were on the drooly family couch mostly nude. I was wearing only socks, sitting with my ass at the edge. She wore a red derby and straddled me with her knees in the wells and her feet on my thighs.

My mouth and both hands were nearly overmatched by her big brown breasts. Oh, yes, she is a Harlem girl, sweet and dark and tough and smart. And mostly funny. I’m a tall skinny white guy.

Then I put a hand down to her pussy, reaching around from behind, scooped it up to her anus, and slid in the tip of a finger.

“Mmmmmmmmm.” “You like that?” “Yes. Wiggle some more.”

“Lift up, my beautiful chocolate girl.” And that first time i did her raw, with only her own juice for a lube. “You’re not all so tight.” I did come in her ass that night.

So we learned about enemas and rimming. It was fun — or we wouldn’t do it, of course.

Then one night, when there was another sleepover and we were being loud, I started talking dirty. “I sometimes wonder. What it’s like. Being fucked. pendik escort In the asshole.”

That night she fingered my anus as I came in her big black pussy. It was lots of fun. Her finger in my ass was exciting. I wanted more.

Weeks later, when we were free again with the child sleeping elsewhere, she gave me a lovely gift.

She had me lay my long pale naked body on our king sized bed and wait. My thick seven incher was fully engorged. I wondered what I had coming. I flexed my dick while waiting.

I was stunned when she came in. She was nude, in all her rolling brown flesh, except for a harness around her hips with an attachment: a big fat long purple dick!

My wife was going to rape my ass!

I could not wait!

She posed with it for me, showing several angles. It was obscene. Much like my own throbbing dick, it was about seven inches long and six inches around. I just laid there and waited for her orders. They weren’t long in coming.

“Ok, slut, pull your knees to your chest and hold them there.” I did, using my arms. My cock was hard and throbbing.

She lubed up my asshole, slow and deep. She also lubed up my balls just for fun. Then, when I was all ready, she eased the purple monster in. And she humped my little pink asshole. It hurt wonderfully.

The big purple dildo didn’t just go into me, it maltepe escort also pushed back into the top of her pussy, rubbing up under the hood of her clit. Being perspicatious, she made sure of this in the store when she bought it. She wouldn’t be left out.

She humped and humped my ass, hard. Her arms held herself above me, and i was holding my legs up. I put my feet on her hips — so I could have restrained her humping. But I didn’t. I let her pound my ass unimpeded.

The purple dong hurt, but was also thrilling. Her belly slapped my balls, and my swolen dick jumped and jumped.

She was not gentle.

Even alone and ignored, with my balls being spanked and my anus ravaged, my penis succeded in orgasm. I mostly came on my chest and belly, but I got some on her tits and belly. And I stayed hard, mostly — amazing for an old fart.

My wife pulled out of my ass — don’t worry, end act one — and flopped beside me. Then she leaned over and licked at the cum on my chest. And she felt up my balls. She was not trying to clean me up, oh no. She was just playing, making goopy paterns in my chest hair.

My prick started stiffening again, and she sucked on the big pink head. Seeing her big brown lips suckle my dick always gets me hard. When she was satisfied, she stopped.

“On your knees, slut. You’re about to be cornholed.” kartal escort I obeyed at once, and put my butt in the air and my face and shoulders on the bed.

Once again, my wife lubed up my arsehole, thick and deep. And lubed up my balls, too, just for fun.

She then reintroduced me to the fat purple buttfucker. He was still a hard master.

Hump, hump, hump.

“Has the Purple Monster rubbed your clit to orgasm yet?”

Hump, hump, hump.

“Yes. Just before our break, just after your orgasm. Do you like being cornholed by your wife?”

Hump, hump, hump.

“Yes. Enormously.”

Grind, hump, hump, grind.

“Shall I recruit a real dick to fuck you? Would you like that?”

Hump, grind, hump.

“Ohh. Would it be attached to a man? A big stinky hairy man? And would I have to suck it? And would I have –ohh, oohh– to lick and suck his cum from your cunt?”

Grind, grind, grind.

“That can all be arranged. But we could also recruit a tiny man. And we could wash him first, and perfume him. Oh! Oh! Ohhh! God, I’m coming again.”

Hump, grind, quiver, grind, sigh.

After she came we fell over sideways onto the bed. “Could we shave him first, too? And tell me more about sucking his cum from your cunt.” I was undoing the harness.

When I got it off her, I slipped my own dick into her, pumped a little, and had an enormous orgasm. She had a third from the force of mine. We collapsed.

“Where will you troll for this real dick for my ass? Roadside Produce Stands?”

“Shut up. High Schools and NRA websites.”

We went to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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