A Fill-Up At The Truck Stop

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Now here’s the scene; Doug was the driver and me a young student fresh from college. I had been chosen to go with him to oversee loading of this big milling machine we were supposed to be collecting.

It was the boss who gave the order but Doug had done the choosing. There had been knowing smiles when we left the yard. Perhaps the sight of a big muscular guy and me, a handsome shapely youth, were reason enough.

Anyway you can read what happened that day and the following night in ‘A Trucker Drives it Home’ and ‘Truckers get full on in oil’. For legal reasons I must make the point that I was over twenty and that I had consented to everything that happened to me.

In brief I had been playing up to him. I admired his physique so I took my shirt off to show off my smooth chest and enlarged nipples. He nearly came off the road a couple of times looking at me so we stopped and went for a swim at a local beauty spot. We really had no idea some other truckers had sneaked up behind some trees and the price of them keeping quiet about it was obvious.

Doug however took it badly and got particularly annoyed at the way I just ‘lay back and let it happen’, as he said. I am afraid I have to confess that I loved every moment of it despite the danger of the situation. Those guys fairly filled me up and I just felt so good after.

As for the events the following night they will become clear from the arguments later related in this story. Anyway when we got to this truck haven place, where there was a hostel, Doug made himself scarce and started arranging things behind my back. Whatever he thought he was trying to do, it backfired badly and I was literally left to fuck my way out of a difficult situation. And then yea, I ended up getting ganged. But let’s leave that for now and move on to the next morning.

“OK now for the real job; let’s hope you’re up for it.” Doug was trying to reassert his authority now. He saw himself as the older man with experience like he had a proper job; he was a trucker while there I was, at best just an inexperienced student and at worst; then Doug sort of completed the sentence out loud. “Because yesterday the way you behaved was more like a fucking Cum-slut. Anyway” he said shaking with anger then added “Enough said on that; now let’s get this fucking job done properly, right?”

We got to the place late morning; I remember Doug parked near a weighbridge and got told to move on somewhere else which seemed to annoy him. “Doesn’t anyone in this place know we’re coming?” he muttered. “Hey excuse me.” he shouted to one guy. “We’ve come to collect the mill.” All he got was a shrug. The guy pointed vaguely in the direction of an office.

Doug strode over commandingly with me trailing obediently behind. “Yea right who’s dealing with this? We’ve come for the mill right.” he said to a guy at the desk.

“Yea well er..” the guy looked at his watch. “I don’t know who’s around, we’re on a very critical run right now you know. You’d better take a seat over there.”

On our way over I had noticed a rather smart looking office surrounded by flower beds with a sign ‘Director’ outside. I excused myself from where we were sitting and went over.

“Oh yes come in. You must be Carl then yes. Greg said you were on your way. My name is Angus by the way and you are most welcome”. he said smiling and looking me up and down. “Right now you’ll be wanting to get that mill loaded because you’ve quite a long way to go haven’t you. Let’s go to the office”

Angus quickly took command. Everyone stood up and immediate arrangements were put in hand. In less than two minutes several guys arrived, I introduced them to Doug and made as if to accompany them to the truck.

“Oh no need for you to along, my guys all know what they’re doing. Hey come with me we can snatch a bite to eat while they’re at it”. Angus ushered me into his spanking new 4by4 and drove me the short distance up to his house. It was a big spacious bungalow set on a low hill overlooking the plant. It was pleasantly cool inside with air-con and lots of indoor plants.

“This is my wife Cindy” he said as she too seemed to look me up and down admiringly.

“So you must be Carl then.” she commented

“Oh yes I’m very sorry I should have introduced you properly” said Angus hastily apologising.

We sat down to an excellent cold buffet during which Angus quizzed me about my work, my experience, my hobbies, my ambitions and everything. Although it was interrupted by pleasantries about passing the salad etc., it almost seemed like a job interview.

“I must apologise for Angus, he can be so boring when he goes on about work all the time. Why don’t you two go for a quick dip?” Cindy suggested then going over to the window added. “They won’t be ready for a while so why not just relax for a bit?”

Taking it as a cue Angus leapt up from the table and beckoned me to accompany him. I mean there wasn’t any ‘would you like to?’ about it. Also he was supremely fit and athletic so not to accede would have looked bad. After he had stripped casino siteleri naked and dived in, I did the same.

We played this insane ball game in the pool for a while. I’m not sure what the rules were but we had a lot of fun. I hardly knew this guy but there we were laughing together each time we made physical contact. Then at one point, as if correcting himself, he suddenly stopped looked me in the eyes and ran his hand down my side.

“Do you know what? You’re the kind of guy we need here. You’d fit in just perfectly”. It wasn’t just the words he used but as he said it he definitely touched my bum very briefly. Then was it imagination or did I feel a finger slip into my slit? Anyway what would be instilled into my thoughts for days after was what happened next.

He suddenly sprung up out of the water and sat on the edge of the pool facing me. His thighs looked even bigger as they took the weight of his body. His chest sported a few long hairs and his pectorals looked like those of an Olympic athlete. But that vision I would have for days was of his fabulous erection. His cock was easily the most impressive and exciting I had ever seen. There was no doubt this time it was for me; I was just about to go down and suck him when suddenly he jumped up as Cindy came in to tell us they were nearly finished loading. She lingered a bit while Angus walked over for his towel still and very obviously sporting his ‘flagpole’ erection.

“I see you’ve had a good time. Here Carl; there’s a towel for you” She said admiring my naked body. “Men never think of these things do they?” She remarked to me but with an eye to Angus. She had spoken in a way almost as if to another woman or was it my imagination again?

When I got back to the truck Doug was doing his best to ignore me completely. So I got chatting to some of the guys who had been helping him load while he revved the engine impatiently. “Are we to be off then or this going to take all day.” he shouted. The guys all laughed heartily as Doug was forced out of his obvious sulk.

Just a short way down and the near the entrance there was this security gate and we were held there for a few minutes for no apparent reason. Doug was getting really annoyed so he got down from his cab to ask what it was all about. Unfortunately for him at the very same moment a guy came running carrying a brown envelope which he handed to me directly while nodding to the security guys. They then opened the gate immediately before Doug even had time to get back in the cab.

“So what the fuck’s all this about? That guy offered you a job, I bet.” He meant it as a sarcastic joke of course. But when I opened the envelope I found it was true. I must have been staring at it with my mouth open with amazement for some minutes. I knew Doug was desperate to know what was in it so he tried a different tack.

“What kept you so long anyway? All I got off those guys was that you’d probably gone for a dip with their boss.” Then he lost his cool completely. “Do we fucking go anywhere without you taking your fucking pants off. I mean; shit! Am I supposed to put with this? You’re supposed to be helping me load but instead you go off to get yourself fucked by the boss, or something.”

“I did not get fucked by the boss.” I replied calmly, we only went for some food and yes we did take a dip in the pool and this” I said waving the envelope triumphantly “and yes this is a job offer.”.

“A dip in the pool. Huh, more like a dip in your ass I guess.” But I was feeling really confident about things by then, the job offer and the vision of Angus’ cock was ever before my eyes. Funny how the one you don’t get is the one you really want. Doug was sulking again so I went on the attack.

“OK Doug you’ve got this thing loaded quickly and safely because I spoke to the right people in the right way because otherwise you would still be sitting in that office. And on the subject of being there when needed, where the hell did you disappear to when we got to that hostel place last night? You just abandoned me in a crowd of truckers and folks I’d never seen before. I got whisked off with that Hank, he’s a real gay bottom guy you know. He was boring me to death with stories about his house decoration. I mean what the hell were you doing?!”

“What was I doing? What were you fucking doing? Apart from getting fucked by every guy in the place. Look that was exactly the reason why I arranged for you to be with him. I mean shit! How could I know he was a ‘gay bottom’ and what the hell does that matter anyway? All I know is they said he was safe. Yea and I knew only too well what would happen if you stayed the night in that hostel, once word had got out that you were an easy lay. I mean come on! They’d be queuing up at your door.”

“No Doug. I am really pissed off with being palmed off onto that guy and bored out of my mind when frankly I was hoping to spend the night with you. Looks like you weren’t man enough to defend me from a few randy truckers. What sort of a guy are you? With all your macho and bravado canlı casino you’re no different from Hank when it come to it are you?”

“What defend you! When you fucking bare you’re bum for them and egg them on? Don’t make me laugh!” he quipped.

“Doug you know as well as I do that I had to let those other guys do me yesterday. But last night I really wanted you Doug; you’re a fucking sexy guy” I said this running my hand over his bare arm as he was in a sleeveless shirt. It wasn’t difficult to arouse him as I had discovered.

“So what went wrong then?” he asked simply.

“OK I was bored so I went exploring and found this room full of erotic oil paintings he’d done. I recognised in them some of the guys from yesterday. Neil for example; so when I complimented him on his artistic talent, he wanted to know how I knew him and flew into a rage and hit me on the face.”

“Hang on you’re not telling me the whole story now are you? Why would he do that? You must have told him more than that” Doug insisted.

“OK look I had to. Anyway it seems Neil is a particular boyfriend of his. You see this guy Hank, he’s not a trucker, he just paints them in oil full frontal with cocks erect in return for getting them to fuck him. I mean I know it sounds bizarre but the guy is a bit pathetic really and the quality of the paintings is very good and worthy of an art gallery. No I’m serious Doug I mean it.” he had a sort of disbelieving look on his face.

“You still haven’t told me what happened”

“After he slapped me he went all apologetic and started sobbing. The problem is Hank looks as muscular as any of you truckers. Physically he’s like the rest of you but he’s a bottom at heart. He kept telling me he wished he was all smooth and effeminate looking”

“Like you then.” Doug commented.

“OK but J had to do something about it. I took him by the arm” I said this touching on Doug’s bare arm “and took him to his room. Now very fortunately he had a packet of condoms, Anyway he hardly tried to resist after I stripped naked and pulled his pants down. You know Doug I’ve always wanted to fuck a muscular hairy ass.” I had my hand firmly on Doug’s jeans as I said this. “At that point I just felt I had to give him a really good fucking. And you know Doug while I was up his ass I was imagining it was you” I said squeezing his biceps slightly.

“Don’t you get any ideas” Doug tried to say but I knew I was having an effect on him. “Are you ever going to tell me how you came to get fucked by all those guys or are you trying to say it didn’t happen?”

“Oh yes you want to know all about me being fucked don’t you. I nearly forgot; It’s a really nice feeling you know.” I teased him as I sensed he was getting excited. “You see one of them phoned Hank. It was at an awkward moment for him you see as I was up him and poor Hank was trying to talk normally.” I giggled a bit as Doug tried to maintain a look of composure. “You see Doug I’m quite slim and long. I can slip up a tight ass really easily you see and I have enough experience to know exactly where to go and what to do to a guy up his bottom. Like I can be in complete control when I get up into your internal genitals, you see.” Doug was trying to look normal but he wasn’t making a very good job of it.

“Anyway” I went on “he was attempting to speak normally but I was probing his sex gland. He was all over the place” I said giggling slightly. “So it soon got obvious to them on the other end something was up, a bit literally yea? So they hung up and I knew they would come straight over.”

“Once they saw what was happening, well… I mean I was there in the nude on top of him with my bum very exposed so they just took full advantage didn’t they. Honestly Doug they were big guys like yourself. I mean any one of them would be twice my strength, so I never got a chance to resist them.”

“You never even wanted to did you? You just lay there and let it happen all over again. Did they use any condoms?”

“I think some did perhaps but then I did feel spunk coming up me so I suppose maybe they didn’t. You see I was mainly concerned because they were all ignoring Hank. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings; I had started feeling really sorry for him by then. In the end Neil stayed behind with Hank for the night.”

“Oh and so where did you go then?” Doug asked as if surprised.

“Well they basically actually er.. well they just took me to the um.. Rugby club you see. I mean they said there was better accommodation there and that we could leave Hank and Neil undisturbed.”

“I see so I’m supposed to believe that was that the end of it, am I?” Doug said disbelievingly.

I was a bit hesitant about answering as I knew Doug would be upset by what happened next. “Almost all” I began “except you see I sort of got caught up in this wild stag party they were having. I mean there were more than twenty team members there, over twenty of those big guys you see. I’m sorry Doug; I’m really sorry. But you see the guy who took me over there; well he tried to make kaçak casino me look a bit normal. I suppose but I wasn’t even properly dressed really. I just had this T-shirt on and no pants. It just looked like I had a miniskirt on I suppose. Anyway I really couldn’t stop them feeling up my legs could I?”

“Like you tried to. It sounds like you were fucking asking for it.”

“All I know Doug is that I got raw fucked by over twenty of their team members” I couldn’t begin to describe to Doug the effect these guys had on me. Their huge strong thighs, their amazing fit bodies and their gorgeous cocks, they were like Greek gods and the way they fucked me. They had me propelled me into these massive internal orgasms, right up my rectum. I could never tell Doug all that. The poor guy had endured enough. I couldn’t even tell him that we had managed to write off their guest mattress with all the cum that oozed out of my bum. “Look Doug” I said “I appreciate you were trying to protect me but you can’t protect me from myself. Those guys were unimaginably sexy and manly. I just loved every moment of what I got from them and everything they did to me. Doug if you’ve never experienced that feeling you don’t know what it’s like”

“It seems that everywhere you go you have sex with everyone. I just don’t know what to make of you.” Doug said rather pathetically and while doing so we turned into a large rest area where he had we had to stop for the tacho.

He had so many reasons to be angry with me but I sensed he was changing. He was getting titillated by hearing what I had experienced. I reckoned I had got him where I wanted him. In fact I was so fucking determined to screw his asshole for all it was worth, I just went straight into action. I wanted to rip his pants down: I felt some inner strength coming over me. I would get on top of him and get right up his fucking rectum and then he’d know who was boss. By the time he stopped the engine I was shaking with excitement.

“Come on Doug, this is coming off first” I said pulling his shirt up over his head, then I went straight for his belt. I had never tackled a real man before. His stubbly chin, thick many neck and sturdy shoulders had never been challenged like this before. I knew he wanted it. He was going to get it and he fucking needed it.

“Hey get off me!” he was shouting but he seemed all confused. He tried struggling like mad but with all his writhing around it was totally ineffectual and I was getting more excited. A sort of submissive look had come on his face. I soon had his jeans down to his knees and all he did was toss and turn and make a lot of noise.

“For peach sake pull over the curtains, every one can see us!” He protested. I was not stopping for anything and anyway didn’t mind if other truckers saw us. I was proud to be jumping this muscle man.

I soon got his pants down; it was such a cinch. His bum was all white compared with the rest of his body. He must have been sunbathing somewhere. Doug’s bottom was so masculine; his firm buttocks deeply separated by a tight hairy slit that was sending me wild. His upper thighs too were really white but fabulously meaty and hairy whilst lower down I could see the beginnings of a tan.

I bought time to get my pants down by sucking his cock and balls. Poor Doug was so taken by surprise he hadn’t even managed to get an erection. I had gone at him so suddenly I think it may have upset his manliness. Perhaps his masculinity was already compromised even before I got up him. I sucked at his flaccid dick. It was like a soft rubber tube but when I began to feel his balls I knew I was beginning to loose control

He had gone quiet and seemed to have given up trying to resist me. He was lying on his side across the front seat in the cab with his legs forward and his bum nicely accessible. I dribbled some saliva into his cleft and worked it in with my finger. His asshole felt really tight. I don’t think he’d ever been done before but he wasn’t even trying to stop me. My cock was throbbing hard now and without even thinking of condoms or anything I just had to thrust it into his bum slit.

This was like ‘Sissy prick challenges manly bum’. He tried to tighten his buttocks against my knob, but as I slipped between them it was a huge thrill. He was so tight> I loved the feeling of his strong bum muscles squeezing against my raging coc.. I thrust hard into his cleft and began kissing around his muscular neck and shoulders. It was that physical contact of my tongue and his masculinity that sent me over the edge. I could feel the spasm coming in my cock as I thrust deeper into his bum slit.

“Oh shit I’m going to fuck you!” I shouted. I started orgasming like mad. My long slim cock had found his ass cunt at last and the first few spurts provided the necessary lubrication. I felt him yield to my knob, then suddenly I was inside his bottom at the very moment of my climax. He was groaning loudly now and I couldn’t stop yelling out as I pumped my cum up this muscle man. It felt so good to feel my sperm spurting into his tight bum hole. I was spunking him, I knew I was shooting my sperm right up his rectum. I’d finally done Doug.. Now every time he tried to be man over me I’d know his big masculine frame has been forced to accept my boy cum. Oh Wow I’d fucked him!

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