A Family Circus Ch. 01

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I sat there on the couch, smirking wildly as we set the disc into the DVD player, it quickly flashed on the screen and a nice pigtailed redhead was rubbing her clit against a beautiful Asian schoolgirl.

“Really?” she asked as we were about to indulge in after-dark activity that we only do when no ones in the house besides us.

She was gorgeous, she had this beautiful sandy brown hair and dark skin gained from her Filipino father. I grabbed my shaft and ran my hand up and down and she rubbed her clit and fingered herself. I looked at her sopping wet cunt wondering how I could control myself, doing this for so long. My eyes would dart to her pussy every few seconds, my towering cock standing at attention as I began to try and focus. I tried to focus on the video but my mind drifted to when we started this.

I remember a few months ago our elder sisters had left and our moms were at the table.

I sat at the table with them, my Filipino sister with her amber eyes and amazing long hair, her flawless skin, sat on my left. She was one of two sisters out of the whole “Amazon tribe” thing I connected to, and the reason I say “tribe” is because I have six sisters, one off to Oxford, one to Yale, another one a practicing gynecologist, she is one of the only two I can talk to not just because of jobs and stuff but also because the three of us get along.

My business mom sat across from me, I call her “business mom” because she’s a high-ranking businesswoman who almost always goes overseas. She was long blonde hair with corkscrew curls, twinkling twin pools of pale blue and again flawless skin, she was nice, elegant, profound woman.

I turned to my other mother on my right, who had carried me for nine months because they wanted to “share” the pregnancy, my blonde-haired mom’s egg using my other mother as a surrogate, kind of smart considering she came up with it. She had dark, dark skin, and short jet black hair not even past her shoulders. Her eyes didn’t twinkle they kind of burnt with passion, which I supposed is good but however she wasn’t elegant. She was sloppy, made us do most of the chores and drank a lot, especially when angry. They held hands, as I wondered how did my elegant mother Abigail get married to mother Anya?

“Um, Sasha, Cassie, Anya and I are going on a cruise, can you handle a big house to yourself?” she asked as I sighed.

“What is it?” she asked me.

“Sasha sounds so girly, please call me by my first name,” I begged as Abigail bent over her cleavage spilling in my face.

My face went crimson as my heart shot enough blood down to my nether regions I could barely think, but managed to control myself as she set the dishes down. I was the only male by some weird coincidence, which meant they didn’t understand I had nearly-insane amounts of hormones pumping through me.

Anya was the closest to understanding, when sober anyway, but that was rare. She hit her head on the desk and fell asleep, Cassie’s smile splitting from ear to ear. They left that evening and we were both incredibly bored. So me being that I had recently had the breasts of a beautiful woman in my face, despite being family, decided to watch some movies but I flicked the remote to a porn channel and my cock stood straight up.

“Damn,” I said almost inaudibly.

I started jacking off there as I needed to let one out but Cassie walked in, I threw a nearby blanket over my lap as she sat down with her legs spread.

“Watching porn casually, eh?” she asked as I remembered it was still on.

“Yeah,,” I noted.

“Mmmm….I like Asian schoolgirls,” she said as she began to rub herself and fondle herself as the schoolgirl got pounded by some caramel-colored guy.

I couldn’t help but follow her lead as we watched porn together and began to come as the ending credits rolled, which as I realized was half an hour later. Longest time I had ever taken to climax, but she looked like she enjoyed it.

“Hey, Sasha?” she asked.

“Yeah?” I responded as my cock began to harden while looking at her cum-covered thighs, her pussy lips covered in it which only made my cock rise into a tower just all the quicker.

“Wanna do this, I mean, its cool if you don’t and only when their gone but, I think it may be just the company but I haven’t felt that great ever,” she said as the few months journey of re-creating a greater moment began.

Which brings us here, Abigail was overseas again and Anya was working the extra-long shift as a nurse. Being that only three of us went to high school and Dianna was abroad, so lately we had been doing this everyday. It may have taken longer when I cam while masturbating next to Cassie but it felt better somehow. We would sometimes go for really long like only ten twenty minutes before Anya got home, just to get that extra thrill. The Asian girl was now getting fucked by a double-headed dildo, one end already deep inside the blonde. They both ground up against the length of the dildo and experienced spasms as they cam and in unison both of us esenyurt escort began to cum, not realizing the door had already opened and closed before we finished. This time my cock shot bolts of cum onto the TV and as we finished we heard a gasp.

Cassie tried to run to her room but ran into Anya who held her wrists. She looked over at us and threw Cassie incredibly close to me, my hormones still going crazy and by some perversion of a miracle my cock chose that time to become able to stiffen without chance of going down. I was too shocked and too worried about my punishment that I failed to realize it was still out of my pants.

“What were you two doing?” she asked, slurring her words a bit, obviously drunk, but before she got home? She only got drunk after work and it was still two hours to go till the end of her shift.

“We were um….we were ummm…..masturbating,” Cassie got out.

“Wait why aren’t you at work?” I asked her.

“Never you mind, you were masturbating with your sister, I am here to tell you why that’s wrong!” she shouted as a combination of her drunkenness my hormones and my strange affection for Cassie combined and formed some new version of me.

“Why is it wrong?” I shouted at her as Cassie shivered with fear and worry.

“Its incest!” she spoke lightly in contempt.

“No I never had sex with her, and even so, I am crashing with insanely high amounts of hormones, my libido is bigger than the ocean for god sakes!” I managed to get out before running out of fuel.

“Cassie, how do you feel about Sasha?” she asked her.

“Uhhh…..I like doing it with him, it sorta happened and it felt amazing doing it to,” she said as her pussy began to get wetter if possible.

“I’m sorry, I guess you two are consenting, and not even really doing anything that bad. Sure you two are half-siblings but you haven’t done anything that bad, I guess. Its just I got fired from the hospital today and needed to relieve some tension, so I’m sorry for yelling at you,” she said as I blinked rapidly in surprise.

We were given the OK to continue by our mom, or at least the one that gave birth to us if not the actual genetic mother.

I looked down, my pants hitting the floor, realizing Cassie had been staring at me or rather it. She averted her eyes but I smiled coyly.

“Now, please don’t think badly of me but I have a rock hard rager, could you help me get rid of it, in exchange for me owing you one? If I do it, it’ll come back in a bit,” I asked earnestly.

“OK,” she said as she began to touch it with her fingers.

“You know, telling me what you did at that slumber party would be just as good, if your not OK with it,” I said trying to make this less weird.

She began to tell me in full detail what she did with her friends, going as far to eat one of them out, again probably due to a genetic malfunction where more than most, our bodies seemed to be flooded with a libido bigger than the oceans. She told me this as she pulled my wrist, helping me gain speed as I shot a load onto the walls and quickly kissed her on the cheek and began to clean up.

I lay on my bed for a bit thinking of what transpired. I closed my eyes and began to dream.

It was one of the least strange sex dreams in a while as most involved Cassie, Anya and a certain aunt of mine. At first these dreams had made me feel ashamed but with all the hormones shame was completely consumed by passion. I dreamt of my elder adoptive sister, Amara, who was African. She came home and I pinned her down, our fingers interlocked. I began to kiss down her neck as light moans escaped her lips. I kept kissing down till I got between her thighs and began to massage her clitoris with my tongue. She squeezed my head just slightly as I picked up the speed of my tongue, and kept going till what I instinctively knew as an orgasm washed over her. Eventually the waves of her spasm died down and I held her, her soft dark skin warm in my embrace, the feel of our flesh melding together as I slid inside her and began gently but gradually picked my way up to where it felt like my limitations were erased and I went crazy. For a moment, pounding into her, as she gasped and moaned, and then when we were about to finish we cam together in a feeling of raw passion. But as always I awoke to find myself with a rager, and obviously not have taken part in what felt like an endless night of sex.

I remembered Cassie, and how she had told me those stories, but now I was so horny I would do quite literally anything. I looked at the clock and read it as 6 AM and heard the door open. My mom Anya stood in front of me as she locked the door behind her.

She pulled up a sears bag full of DVDs. And sat it down.

“What is it?” I asked hiding my rager.

“I wanted to try what you and Cassie were doing,” she whispered into my dark hair, my slightly darkened Russian skin shivering in excitement.

“OK,” I tried to sound aloof, but even though she gave birth avrupa yakası escort to me, my genetic mother was Abigail, so I didn’t feel that bad about wanting to fuck her despite her being a lesbian her whole life, never once having had a boyfriend.

“Wait, I thought you were a lesbian, why are you asking me and not Cassie?” I asked as she ripped the sheets off to reveal my cock.

“I never really saw a cock this close up, besides I’ve never done this with a guy,” she said as she took a swig of alcohol her giant tits being able to make Abigail’s look modest. She was Russian too, and had said that she wanted a Russian baby as well, so they bought from a donor and nine months later I was born. She had beautiful skin, a few tattoos in more intimate places and turned at me grabbing a handful of dirty movies.

“Which one do you want to watch?” she asked me.

“That one,” I said as I pointed to a picture of two Chinese twins on either side of a French blonde.

“This one’s pretty kinky,” she said as she plopped the disc in, my dick standing at full attention.

I saw her hand stray into her panties as she rubbed herself with her left hand and squeezed her tit with her right, she even began pinching her nipple as we got into the movie. I could barely keep my eyes on screen, it wasn’t this hard to do before (no pun intended). My eyes kept drifting to Anya’s pussy, technically she wasn’t related to me, so maybe if I tried something, she’d be OK with it.

No it was just the rush of hormones eating away at my common sense, I told myself. I rubbed up and down the shaft as I began to watch the blonde force one twin to finger the other while holding her down and sucking on her tits. Then after they had done as the blonde wanted, the blonde got out a cane and caned them, so Anya was into so light BDSM? They were hogtied and soon the blonde in her skin-tight black leather dominatrix suit got out six guys each with collars on them and had them almost torn apart by stuffing them full of cocks, after a while she order one fucking her ass to shove his head between her legs and eat her out.

I turned to look at her cum-covered thighs and looked at her right breast covered in cum as well from switching hands and I pulled her ear in, so I could speak.

“Wanna try this without the movie?” I asked her as she smiled and seductively pressed her cleavage into my face.

“I want you to know, I am in control, with one phone call your lives will be shattered, so take your hand off my ass,” she said as I realized what I had done without thinking.

“Sorry,” I said as she grinned down at me.

“Your punishment is your not allowed to cum for a week!” she said as I looked shocked, my mom, Anya had clearly not seen what happens to me without masturbation.

I was an OK looking guy I supposed but I had such a large libido that I was afraid who I’d try and seduce with all that build-up.

She was about to leave when I caught her and fondled her lightly, if I couldn’t cum, I might as well get my fun out of it. I slid my cock between her thighs and she looked back.

“You’re going to hate yourself, I am going to make you squirm,” she said, she had always been a slave-driver but now I knew why, she got off on it.

“I just needed to feel the perfection of every curve in order to sculpt a statuette of you,” I lied, I had allowed my gates to drop a moment and I was already harassing her.

“Really and wouldn’t your teacher find it odd you fancy your own mother?” she asked as I looked into her eyes.

“Passion comes in many forms, to some its devotion, other equality, some sex, but my passion for you is none of these things, its admiration, admiration of beauty is the simplest art form, and if I can create anything like you, then its perfect,” I smirked, sure my sweet words would warm the heart of this ice-lady.

“One week, and if you start on that sculpture its two,” she growled.

“Why?” I asked her.

“Because your trying to turn me into your little sex slave, but I am still a lesbian, I just found out I get off a little on you watching me is all,” she said as she slid her panties on.

I slumped over, I needed to relieve my sexual tension and I couldn’t come for a week. She was extremely drunk and when drunk she turned into a slave driver. I got into a cold shower, getting ready for high school, I stayed in a bit too long because lately my erections were impossible to get rid of.

I slid on some boxers and jeans and grabbed a random dress shirt. I got into my shoes and walked with Cassie to the school twenty-minutes away. I hated my life, Cassie wore a skirt and those black laced panties she had worn the first time we experienced mutual masturbation. We walked to our classes, and I took some sleeping pills in order to not have to stay off a sexual topic. Then at the end of the day I began painting on a canvas, sweeping strokes creating a gentle tone to the painting. anadolu yakası escort I only got the background done before class ended, I looked at the clock and decided to stay afterwards.

“Wow,” she said as she looked at the multiple hues with the sunset.

“Its OK,” I said as I sighed, she was beautiful to, and now her breasts were rubbing against my back and she even turned her breasts brushing against my forearm and when you haven’t masturbated in a while it makes little things like that…..show.

I hoped she would continue looking at the painting, then I quickly grabbed my sketchbook and flipped to the charcoal drawing. I slid it next to her and she picked it up and looked amazed.

“My god, this looks amazing, the curly locks, the skin, the breasts, this woman, who is she a girlfriend perhaps?”she asked as I sighed.

“Nope, single, unfortunately,” I said in false happiness.

She had long black curly locks and great yet modest breasts and dark brown glittering eyes.

“Marilyn Monroe-esque this woman,” she noted.

“I was going to make her skin darker, the planes of her face altered, her hair perhaps a dark red instead of a blonde, and perhaps scrap the curls, I have to make it perfect,” I said as with a darkened coppery skin tone coloration I swept across the page, making her almost nude figure perfect.

“So who inspired you to make this?” she asked as I turned back to answer honestly.

“She is supposed to represent all the complex beauty that lays within the simplest things,” I said as she blinked a bit fast.

“Well aren’t we deep,” she said elbowing me jokingly.

“I just paint how I feel, its nothing special,” I smiled at her.

“And a diamond amongst dirt isn’t either….” she jibbed.

“Hey, I’m not that good,” I smirked at her as she put on some music to help me work, she watched me painted for two hours straight, before I had to call it quits for the day.

“Its so beautiful,” she sighed.

“What you’ve made better,” I said as she looked taken aback.

“How did you know?” she asked me as I chuckled slightly.

“I saw that tattoo…..” I said as she looked play-offended and slapped me in a playful manner.

“You cheeky bastard,” she said as I desperately wanted to seize her and have my way with her but managed to hold back.

“See you on Thursday,” she said as I left and when I left I circled my neighborhood afraid to go join my family at home.

Damn a week without cumming, this was torture, I was to go through everything just so that I couldn’t cum? God damn, I tried to restrain myself but every time I tried to think of something non-sexual it always bounced back to sex. I relaxed and walked home and began to half-suffocate myself in misery as I noted Anya had left, I walked into Cassie’s room and told her about what happened.

“Oh,honey, want to do it anyway?” she asked me as I got caught up in the moment and kissed her…but she didn’t fight back she pulled inward and I began to wonder if this were a dream. I broke my lips from hers and stared at her.

“I’m sorry…I don’t know what came over me,” I said as she grabbed my hand and guided it to her….back. Damn it!

“I want you to give me a massage,” she said as I used my thumbs to create arcs in her skin as she seemed to like it.

My hands began to lower and she didn’t tell me to stop, my fingers gently pressing against the entrance of her pussy. Again my hormones were high enough for me to go practically insane. She gasped and turned quick pulling the sheets over herself, as if ashamed or scared.

“I’m sorry, I just got caught up in the moment,” I said as I heard her fuming breaths.

Anya was home, just in time to see me try and finger Cassie. She dragged me to her room and plunked me down on her bed.

“What were you doing?” she asked me.

“Nothing…” I lied as she held her mouth against my ear.

“I want you to tell me,who ever you had a sexual thought about,” she demanded.

“Um, Cassie, Amara, and um usually, um….” I trailed off unaware of what would happen.

“Spit it out,” she yelled.

“You,” i said a little too loudly.

“Dreamt of any of us?” she asked as I saw her bag, filled with sex toys.

“Yeah, I’ve had dreams about you in particular, I mean a woman so gorgeous must be amazing in bed, but I can’t because I am not good enough, plus I have a dick, something your not so fond of,” I said.

“Tell me, do you know, Abigail and I last had sex three months ago? I was being mean because I haven’t got to relieve any tension, and you look a little more tense than I thought, I am sorry, I mean you just grabbed my ass I am just REALLY horny is all,” she said as I began to undress.

“What are you doing?” she asked as I pressed against her, my bare skin, neither fat nor muscle but something between.

“I miss her to, I haven’t seen her in weeks, so just for a moment, close your eyes and pretend its her,” I said as she did.

I hugged her a little tightly but then began to kiss her, and as it did I nuzzled my head against hers. We both were extremely tense, and missed Abigail, her more so with losing her job.

“Sasha, I want to do something for you, if you ever need it, ask me any questions, on anything, because I really miss her, but she isn’t nearly as tall or muscular as you,” she smiled through tears as I held her close.

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