A Deal With The Devil

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“I’ve had enough!”

I slammed the bedroom door and stalked downstairs with a blanket and a pillow. Another argument with my wife Sammy was the cherry on top of a day bad enough to make Ned Flanders curse!

My 20-year-old daughter Rose was sat on the sofa, watching some shitty film. She took one look at my facial expression and hurried away.

It was one of the rare times when that stupid girl actually had any sense. I settled down on the sofa and tried to get as comfortable as possible. It was cold and the blanket was too small but I eventually managed to fall into

semi-sleep. My wife was in my dream, acting much like the real version.

She was screaming at me, calling me everything from impotent to incompotent and threatening to leave me forever (Which didn’t sound like such a bad idea, to be honest).

Flashes of reality kept on interrupting the dream, the dimly lit living room and the rough surface of the sofa against my skin.

I briefly saw a strange shadow in the corner of the room but I was still half-asleep and so didn’t think about it. The next few minutes, I attributed to my delirious state of mind. The shadow came closer everytime I opened my eyes until eventually it was kneeling next to me.

It had no real face but I could feel it looking at me, like a force pushing into the boundaries of my mind. By this time I was awake but I couldn’t move from my spot and the shadow was moving his face closer towards to me.

The featureless face seemed to split in two as I screamed and fell off the sofa. The daylight streamed through a gap in the curtains.

The memory of the shadow was already fading and seeming more like a hazy dream.

I rubbed my face and felt the pattern of the sofa imprinted on my left cheek. My 18-year-old son, Mark, bounded down the stairs.

“You alright Dad?”

I sighed and told him I was fine.

Mark looked at the crumpled blanket on the sofa and his face fell. He didn’t have to say anything, I knew that he hated it when we fought.

Mark went through into the kitchen to make his istanbul escort breakfast. As he passed by me I felt an annoying itch in my right hand. I scratched it pretty hard, leaving an angry red mark on the palm.

I decided to try and make up with Sammy, even though the peace never lasted, so I headed upstairs and into our bedroom.

Sammy was still asleep. She looked so beautiful with her dark hair fanned out on the pillow that I could remember why I fell in love with her in the first place. I tenderly placed my hand on her shoulder and her eyes flew open.

Her response was hostile so I took my hand away but she didn’t move, she didn’t even blink.

She was starting to scare me, I called her name a few times but she didn’t respond.

She turned to face me so suddenly that it looked painful. Her normally blue pupils were a deep brown and getting darker!

The darkness spread throughout her eyes, turning them completely black. My right palm was burning and the red mark was spreading across the skin. Sammy’s eyes began to clear, returning to blue.

She slumped back onto the bed, took a deep breath and said “Hi honey!” With an affection I hadn’t heard in years. She kissed me on the cheek, got out of the bed and left the room.

I was so shocked I couldn’t even respond, I just sat on the bed and waited for something to make sense.

Sense wasn’t any nearer five minutes later.

Sammy was in the shower so I’d have to wait to talk to her. I headed downstairs to the kitchen.

Mark and Rose were eating at the table.

The usual silence hung over the table, when Rose was around it was difficult to make conversation without her starting a fight.

Rose was clearly upset about last nights argument and I could see tears gathering in her eyes.

Normally I would avoid interacting with an emotional Rose but I couldn’t help but place a hand on her shoulder. As I realised what I had just done her pupils began to turn from brown to black. Mark got up from the avcılar escort table abruptly and backed away. Rose went through the same process as her mother and once again my hand began to burn. When she returned to normal she looked at me sweetly and began to clean up the dishes, something she hadn’t bothered to do in months.

I turned to Mark who looked at me with fear in his eyes. He stuttered “What the hell did you just do, Dad?!” but I couldn’t answer him.

We both stared at the busy Rose for a few minutes until Sammy appeared at the door and, without a word, began to assist her in the cleaning.

Mark pointed at his mother and asked “Did you…?”

I responded with a nod and he whispered “Jesus Christ”.

I grabbed Sammy by the shoulders and said firmly “Why are you doing this, Sam?”

She looked confused for a second and then said

“We’re just doing what you want us to do, Honey.”

That response was so surpising it almost psychically hurt me. Sammy and Rose had spent the last few years hating both me and Mark but something had caused them to become no better than slaves! Mark came to this realisation at the same time and couldn’t help but giggle with wonder. He said “Rose, come over here!” and she followed his order. In a breathless voice he said “Rose, take of your top.” She started to follow his order but I grabbed him (Making sure not to touch his skin) and pulled him out of the room.

I pushed Mark onto the sofa and shouted in his face “What the fuck are you doing?!”

The boy looked ashamed but he said “Come on Dad! Rose is smokin’ hot, so’s Mum. Thats why you married her in the first place right?” He was correct, all I did was accidently knock up a hot girl and then realised she was a total bitch! I’d also noticed Rose’s fantastic figure recently but the idea of screwing her was just weird to me!

Over the next five minutes Mark and I had the strangest conversation of both of our lives and somehow he managed to convince me that it was a good idea to turn the women into literal slaves!

We şirinevler escort both re-entered the kitchen to see the women continuing with their cleaning duties except Rose was topless. Obviously she had followed through with Mark’s orders after we had left the room.

Rose’s perky breasts were enough to make me hard almost instantly (Its not surprising, I hadn’t had sex in seven months). “Rose, Sammy” I said “stop what you’re doing and stand against the wall.” Mark was shaking with excitement as he said “Both of you, take your clothes off!”

As Sammy revealed her huge breasts he said “Oh my God”, stepped across the room, and began to grope her tits. You might be wondering how the hell I was just allowing this but, honestly, I had always been turned on by thoughts of incest and I had lusted after my mother during my teenage years. I couldn’t blame Mark for wanting Sammy like I did when I was his age.

Rose pulled her jeans down her lovely long legs and stepped out of them. She reached for the waistband of her panties but I stopped her by grabbing her wrist, I wanted to take them off myself. I slowly pulled them down, revealing her sex centimetre by centimetre. Her pubes were shaved into a thin landing strip that turned me on even more. I tentatively licked her pussy before digging my toungue deeper inside. I looked over at Sammy and Mark. Mark was sucking on her nipple and had two fingers buried deep inside her pussy, she was propped up against the wall and breathing heavier than usual.

With a jolt, my hand started to burn again, stronger than last time. I pulled away from my daughters sweet pussy and let out a grunt of pain.

I ran my hand under cold water, trying to alleviate the pain but my hand started to shake and spots began to appear in my vision.

I was thrown against the opposite wall, as if a giant hand had picked me up and thrown me, and blacked out completely!

I came too with the pleasant sight of two pairs of breasts in front of me. The two women and Mark both starting asking if I was alright but I silenced them with a hand-wave.

I didn’t know what had happened, I might have figured it out but at that moment the blood wasn’t heading to my brain, if you know what I mean. I stood on shaky legs and the women starting fawning around me.

Whatever had happened to the two of them, I knew that me and my son would have a hell of a lot of fun while it lasted.

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