A Daughter’s Love Ch. 03

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Anal Creampie

I don’t know why, but I slept like a lamb that night. Somehow, against all reason, it just felt right.

The night before had been beautiful. My daughter came to me mad and crying. I had been feeling guilty, but somehow, we made our peace and we found each other again. I felt so bad when she told me she wanted me to get over her mother’s death and be with her again. I wanted to make it all up to her.

I never imagined I would make it right by cumming down her throat, but it sure felt good at the time.

Now, in the bright light of morning, I had second thoughts. By all accounts it is wrong to teach your daughter to deep throat. Sure, she wanted to at the time, but how will she feel about it when she wakes up? Even if she isn’t angry at me, she will undoubtedly tell her therapist. Her therapist will call the police and next thing you know, my picture will be on the front page of the paper. “Local Degenerate Sodomizes Daughter, Prosecutors Vow Harsh Punishment.”

Dread and guilt weighed on me like heavy stones. I couldn’t get up to face the reality of what I had done. I had perverted my little girl. Even though she was an adult, I wondered if she would be permanently harmed by what we had done. Would she have Posttraumatic Stress Disorder because she sucked her old man’s cock? Would she have to take anti-depressants and talk to a psychiatrist? So, I lay on my back and ruminated.

I heard Misty get up. I heard her shuffle toward my door. I tried to psychologically brace myself, expecting her to burst through, yelling at me. She will pound away at my face with her little girl fists . . . but, I remembered, she’s an adult now, and plays tennis, and she’ll probably bruise my face. I’ll have two black eyes, maybe even a broken nose.

The door cracked. “Daddy, are you awake yet?”

“Yeah, Misty, are you . . . are you okay?”

Misty rushed in and jumped on my bed. She was wearing her old pink pajamas from when she was in high school. She must have got them out of her old childhood dresser in her room. “Am I okay?” She straddled me and pushed at my chest with her hands. “Are you serious? I love you so much Daddy and I looove your cock!” She rubbed herself over my groin as she said it. “Daddy, I will suck your cock every single day if you’ll get over your stupid depression and be with me again. I will. I really really will.” She came down on me and kissed my cheek. Her hand slipped under the blanket and found my dick. She stroked me lovingly and hummed in my ear. I was hard in an instant.

“You aren’t mad at me?”

“Don’t be silly Daddy. I haven’t had this much fun with you in a long long time. Besides, I like seeing you happy for a change. You looked happy when . . . you know . . . you did your thing in my mouth.”


“But, today, I’m not going to be so easy. Today, it’s your turn to do something for me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well first, sorry, but you kind of stink. So, like, you are going to get up and take a shower.”

I frowned.

“Yes you will, and you’ll want to. No more moping. That’s my first rule. Then we’re going to go to the mall and go shopping. You haven’t bought any new clothes for like two years, and Daddy, you are way out of style.”

“I don’t know Princess, I still don’t feel ready.”

“Oh yes you will.” She rubbed my dick faster and whispered in my ear, “do you like it when I suck on your dick Daddy? Do you like fucking me and fucking me in my mouth until you get your cum all inside of me? You like it don’t you Daddy?”

“Yes, Princess, I do.”

She sat up and dropped my dick. “You can cum in my mouth after you get up and we go shopping. Otherwise, you can just jack off or whatever.

“You don’t have to have to do that for me Misty. I never asked–“

“I want to and I’ll do what I want,” she said getting off the halkalı escort bed. “I’m going to take a shower and then I’m going to the mall. If you want to go with me you better get up right now Dad. You aren’t going to make me take my clothes off all by myself are you?”

She turned and headed for the bathroom. I jumped out of bed quicker than I had in years. I trotted after her, my sweatpants tented with my raging hard-on.

My daughter stood still and looked up at me as I slowly unbuttoned her pajama top. I opened her top exposing her pert breasts. Her little nipples were hard and dimply.

I slowly pulled the cord of her bottoms and let them drop. I saw my daughter’s pussy for the first time. She has the kind of puffy outer lips that hid her little inner lips from view. Her tuft of hair was neatly trimmed.

Misty yanked my sweatpants down, letting my hard-on flop out. She laughed happily.

In the shower, she stood under the water and handed me the soap. She smiled sweetly at me. “Do you want to wash me Daddy?”

My dick was pounding hard. I looked down at my little girl, all grown up, naked and wet, waiting for me to touch her.

I sudsed my hands and pondered her.

Her pointy upturned tits were perfect. I wanted to touch them. They needed to be touched. But, my fear from this morning came back to me. I started rubbing her shoulders with my soapy hands as I questioned whether I should be doing what I was about to do, but at the same time, I knew I was going to do it. My daughter was inviting me to. I could question and doubt all I wanted, but in the end, I knew I could never resist her.

I moved to her tits and caressed her. She felt small in my hands, not what I was used to with her late mother. I pinched her hard nipples, slippery with soap, and she smiled, amused.

I caressed her abdomen, and finding her tuft, I shampooed her naughty hair. I slipped my fingers over my daughter’s pussy lips and looked at her for approval.

She smiled at me and grabbed my hard cock. We rubbed each other with gentle moans of encouragement. Unable to resist any longer, I pressed a soapy, slippery finger into my daughter’s pussy hole. She inhaled sharply and squeezed on my finger, her eyes closed now. I gently finger fucked her. She sped up her stroking on my dick, focusing on my sensitive head.

I came in a wet explosion on my daughter’s stomach. My shower-diluted cum ran down her.

“Did you like that Daddy?”

“Yes Princess, thank you. I love you.”

“I love you too Daddy.”

* * *

I was in a trance at the mall. It had been ages since I had been in public. Now I was surrounded by people and plenty of young women and girls, but all I could think about was my beautiful sexy daughter, Misty.

I was following behind her from store to store, carrying bags for her. She was wearing skin-tight shorts made of some kind of soft material that just begged to be touched. She wore a spaghetti-strap pink camisole with no bra. She didn’t need one. Her tits were patriotically upright. They jiggled gently every time she laughed, and her nipples poked out defiantly, proclaiming her sexual excitement to the world.

I had lost track of time, the way you do in malls. I had been trailing Misty, staring at her ass, all day long it seemed. All I could think about was her body that I had caressed and came on that morning, the feel of her tits in my hands, and the feel of her her love canal squeezing tightly on my finger. She had picked out several whole outfits for me before she started getting stuff for herself. I bought her everything she wanted. I was nursing a hard on the whole time, trying to think of something else, anything else, but my eyes kept going back to my daughter’s ass and my mind şişli escort kept going back to the feel of her pussy on my finger.

Misty came out of the dressing room modeling a short black skirt. She spun around. “What do you think?”

“You look sexy,” I said without thinking. I immediately felt the shock of embarrassment and looked around to see if anyone had heard me. Thankfully no one was close by.

Misty stared at me intently. “You really think so Dad?”

“Yes” I said firmly.

She gave a little half-hearted laugh and looked at me sideways before she went back behind the curtain.

She was enjoying this. I could see that much. I stood there looking at her feet under the curtain, watched as she dropped the skirt to the floor and then pulled her shorts over her feet. My pants bulged. It is a powerful feeling to break through the taboo and just let myself be turned on by my daughter without trying to fight it. I couldn’t turn back what I’d done or what I felt. She felt it too, I was sure of it. That gave me a little comfort even though I knew what we were doing was wrong.

Misty insisted I take her out to a nice restaurant. I went with it. I was not going to deny her anything on this day.

She changed into her new skirt and blouse in the bathroom. She came back to the table glowing radiantly. I ordered a bottle of pinot gris. We shared an appetizer of oysters. I insisted she order a wildly expensive dinner. She protested at first, but then a huge smile broke out on her face, and she gave in.

We talked about her life. The life I had missed out on over the last two years–school, her friends, the dance class she took, her boyfriend. It was over with him now, she insisted.

We didn’t talk about the dead, my lost wife, her lost mother. Neither of us said a word about my depression.

It was nice. She seemed happy–happier then I’d seen her in a long long time.

After dinner we went to the movie theater. She picked the movie; some kind of vampire romance. We sat at the back with a bucket of popcorn. She cuddled against my shoulder and held my hand tightly.

At the first sex scene, she looked up at me with a smirk. I felt her pull at my hand. I let her guide me to the hem of her new mini-skirt and up. I felt the inside of her smooth young thigh. I found her pussy lips devoid of panties.

My large hand was snug between her thighs. I caressed her mound the way I once caressed the baby Misty’s bald head, not so long ago. From newborn to woman, she has always been the love and light of my life. How could I have withdrawn from her for so long? I kicked myself internally. But, Misty knew me, and now I realized how much she really loved me. She was bringing me back to her. Back to life. Back to love.

I pressed the tip of a finger between her lips. Her legs parted a little. She gave out a subtle moan of approval. She was sticky and slick, letting me slip in easily. For the second time in her life, and in the same day, I finger fucked my daughter.

My thumb found her little button while I probed her with my middle finger.

I could see her eyes half closed in the flickering light. The corners of her mouth turned up.

My crotch was tight as my impending hard-on struggled against my jeans.

I squeezed my thumb and finger together, pressing down on her clit and up on the front of her warm love canal.

Her whole body shuddered next to me and little high pitch rhythmic noises escaped her. As I pressed hard against her special spots. Her hips moved as she pushed back against my pressure. She rubbed her clit against my thumb in accelerating movements. She gripped hard on my arm.

“Oh Dad . . . oh Dad . . . Oh Daddy . . .” she moaned under her breath.

I squeezed her tender spots even harder and loud squeak sarıyer escort escaped her mouth suddenly and seemed to echo across the theater. It was a quiet point in the movie.

Her hand gripped hard on me. “Oh God, Daddy. Stop. Please stop,” she pleaded softly in my ear.

I let her pull my hand out and guide me up to her mouth where she wrapped her lips around my middle finger and sucked her glistening girl honey off. I saw her grin at me in the dark.

She took a single kernel of popcorn between her thumb and forefinger. She showed it to me and with a flourish, her hand disappeared up her skirt between her open thighs.

Her grin grew even wider. “Are you hungry Daddy?” she whispered in my ear.

I hesitated unsure, but wanting to please her. I thought of the usher.

“I want you to eat it Daddy. You know, with your tongue. Eat it out of me. Don’t you want to Daddy?”

She sounded disappointed in me. It was more than I could bear. I nodded silently; I wasn’t going let my little girl feel ashamed of her generous offer. Without anymore uncertainty, I climbed down onto the floor in front of her, on my knees and between her open legs.

She lifted her skirt for me. It was dark and I could not see much but I moved forward until my cheeks pressed against my daughter’s thighs. I inhaled the heavy musk of her naked sex. Gingerly, my tongue found her dainty pussy lips. She was burning hot against me. I pressed my lips against her vertical lips in an incestuous kiss and slipped my tongue into her warmth.

Misty hid my head under her skirt and hugged my cheeks with her soft thighs.

I lovingly licked my girl’s pussy as she desired of me. I flicked her clit. I lapped her labia. I sank my tongue deep inside of her.

Her fingers tangled in my hair.

After an eternity of giving my daughter my oral love, I found the popcorn with my tongue and fished it out. My dick was like an iron rod in my pants when I finally emerged from under her skirt. I smiled at her with the soggy but precious popcorn kernel between my teeth.

“How are you doing Daddy?” she whispered with concern. She reached to my crotch as got back in my seat. She rubbed me groped at my hard-on. “Oh my, you really love me don’t you Daddy?”

“Yes Princess.”

“Do you want me to help with that Daddy?”

“There’s people Honey.”

“I’ll be quiet Daddy. Do you want to cum in my mouth now?”

“We better stop before someone sees us Princess.” But she was already unzipping me and I did nothing to stop her.

“I’ll make you feel better Daddy,” she exclaimed as she pulled my naked boner through my open fly.

And then my daughter, my loving loving daughter, leaned over in went to town sucking my dick right there in the theater. I looked up at the movie without paying attention to it as she pushed her mouth all the way down my giant throbbing dick.

I had a guilty moment of pride that Misty had learned to deep throat so quickly and easily. Yes, I had taught her to just the night before and it only took one lesson. Now I was sitting here and she was swallowing my rock hard dick with ease as if she’d done it a hundred times.

I came in her in seconds, an explosion of ecstasy in my daughter’s throat. She swallowed and swallowed letting me finish my last trailing spurts before coming up for air.

She kissed me full on the lips right then and I tasted my cum on her mouth. It may seem strange after everything else, but it shocked me when my daughter pushed her cum covered tongue into my mouth. After my initial surprise, I gave in to our moment of intimacy and pleasure, kissing her back in equal measure.

Then the strangest thing of all happened. Neither of us said a word, but we made-out like two teenage kids in the theater who never learned the proper order of things. We kissed, we necked and we fondled each other with a sudden passion. It was as if we had discovered each other for the first time. I don’t know why it happened. I think she was as surprised as I was. I do know my daughter loves me and I want to love her back just as much. She deserves it. She’s the best little girl in the world even if she’s not a little girl anymore.

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