A Cabin in the Woods

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My wife had died, so I downsized. The insurance had paid off the mortgage on our three-bedroom, two-story home, but it was too much more me, filled with too many memories and such. So, I had a small, 800-square-foot, two-bedroom home built for me up in the woods, with more land than before, and no nearby neighbors. My military pension and VA pension took care of all my needs, so I took an early retirement. I was still relatively young (mid-50s), so starting out anew with no more rat race or office politics was easy to do. It was a little lonely at times, but it was bearable.

About three years on I received a call by my son in the Air Force. He was going on a remote one-year tour and he wondered if his wife could stay with me. They had no kids, her parents were persona non grata for some reason, and this would solve a lot of problems. She wouldn’t be alone, they could save on rent for a year, I had the room, and I wouldn’t be alone (at least for one year). In short, if I could take care of his wife he’d appreciate it. I agreed, and immediately started getting the second bedroom ready. About a month after his initial visit, she moved in. In her mid-twenties, a little bit chunky, but friendly as all get-out.

It took a little while getting used to having someone else in the house again, but she was more than willing to help out with the cooking, cleaning, handling the firewood and grocery shopping. After a while her dress got a little less formal and I’d occasionally get a downblouse or upblouse view of her as she bent over, or a pokie when she went braless. The occasional hugs seemed to get more frequent. And, of course, with only one bathroom we were bound to have accidental meetings. Getting up in the middle of the night wearing only boxer shorts and a t-shirt, I’d occasionally meet halkalı escort her going to or from the bathroom, with her wearing a short, semi-sheer nightie just barely covering her panties. (Hmm, nice tits and nicer nipples.) We would both go through the “Oops, sorry ’bout that” routine, and continue on. One night, out of habit, I walked into the bathroom in my shorts without checking first, only to find her toweling herself off after a shower. That was a bit embarrassing, but I did get a nice view of her 34Cs and a quick flash of bush. I apologized, backed out, and waited for my hard-on to subside before visiting the bathroom again.

Doing the laundry was initially embarrassing for her, especially when I took her bra and wore it on my head like they did in the movie “Weird Science.” She said I was horrid, but she smiled when she said it.

At night, watching television, she’d snuggle up to me every now and then, with me struggling to avoid getting too friendly or letting my hands wander. She was, after all, my daughter in-law. I think she was struggling, too.

Then, about two months in, we had a thunderstorm one night, a real boomer. When the power went out I wasn’t too concerned – too many years in the military made this a minor inconvenience (and that’s why I had a few kerosene lanterns around the house). To her, however, it was a frightening experience. “Knock, knock,” I heard on my bedroom door. She wanted to know if she could cuddle up with me – the storm frightened her. I agreed, and she initially snuggled up against my back, me in my boxer shorts and t-shirt and her in her short nightie (and panties). “Boom, crash,” went the storm, and she asked if I could hold her instead of her holding me. We both rolled over, my hand went around her waist and her şişli escort rump up against my groin. Well, we all know what effect a rump against a groin leads to.

After a small readjustment my hard cock popped out of my boxer shorts and ended up rubbing up against her ass. She, in turn, wiggled her ass. She took my hand and moved it from her waist onto her tit. My hand naturally started squeezing and fondling, and she started grinding her butt even more against my groin. I nibbled on her neck and she went wild. “I need a hard cock in me, it’s been too long without,” she whispered. She pulled down her panties, I slid down on the bed a little and entered her from the rear. Softly, gently, lovingly I entered her. She gasped with the initial entry. I nuzzled her neck and fondled her tit as I slowly slid my dick in and out of her. Growing more passionate, I pulled out, rolled her on her back, finished her removing panties and spread her legs while I climbed between them. She removed nightie, I my t-shirt, and my hands and lips attacked her tits. Nibbling, kissing, sucking, tongue-flicking, fondling. One hand roamed down her front, found her hairy pussy and started playing with it. I was starting to breathe heavy, she was writhing and moaning, and then she stiffened up, her pussy clamping down on my fingers, her legs keeping my hand in place. As I removed my hand I replaced it with the head of my dick.

Now I could pound her into the mattress, watching her tits bounce around while doing so. My lips found her lips, our tongues doing battle, and her legs wrapped around my waist. She was tight, hot and juicy; I was hot and hard. Slowly at first, my tempo increased until I shot my load into her in multiple spasms. I was panting, she was panting sarıyer escort – I think we both needed that. When I pulled out I grabbed my t-shirt and stuffed it between her legs to catch all the cum leaking out of her pussy, and it wasn’t any small amount. We laid there in each other’s arms and fell asleep.

I wasn’t sure, but during the night, with her ass snuggled up against me, I think we may have fucked each other in our sleep; it was either that or a very realistic dream.

The next morning I awoke, on my back, finding her riding my morning wood. Just watching her tits bounce up and down was mesmerizing. I came, she came, and she collapsed on me. “Your son said you’d take care of me while he was gone,” she announced, “and you certainly did last night. Thank you, I needed that.” And then she added, “Oh, and don’t worry, I’m on the pill.” I told her we both needed that, and it was I who should be thanking her. Still inside her, we kissed, untangled ourselves and got up to take a much-needed shower. We reeked of sex. Of course, the two of us taking a shower together resulted in more fondling, me fingering her to an orgasm, again, and her mouth draining my cock empty.

For the next ten months, as my son requested, I took care of my daughter in-law. In the bedroom, mine or hers (not that she was sleeping there any more), in the shower, in the living room, on the front porch or out in the back yard (no neighbors to see us), sometimes twice or three times a day. We did missionary style, doggy style, cowboy style, reverse cowboy style and even an occasional sixty-nine. I’d eat her out, covering my face with her pussy juices, and she’d wrap her lips around the head of my cock, sucking furiously and swallowing everything it had to offer. Being retired was indeed fun.

And then my son returned, thanked me profusely for taking care of his sweet little thing. I don’t know if he knew the details, but I didn’t ask. And then he took her away. But she did call back a few months later and asked if her younger sister could “vacation in the woods” between college terms. How could I refuse?

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