A Blizzard Thaws a Heart Ch. 02

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Thanks to all that read the first chapter. Please refer to it before reading this submission.


“I can’t BELIEVE how lucky they were,” Ryan moaned, still not realizing that he’d been snookered.

“Luck? That was pure SKILL! There was no luck involved in that game,” Donna replied. Then she turned to Maria, “I think we need to have a Chick Strategy Session, a CSS. What do ya think?”

“Let’s do it,” Maria concurred.

“Well, it’s my turn for the bathroom,” I said standing to my feet and heading down the short hallway.

“In a true show of sportsmanship I will pick up the games,” Ryan volunteered.

The girls were giggling in the corner and Ryan was putting the folded Twister sheet back in the box when I returned. “We have a plan,” Maria announced, still laughing.

“Let’s hear it,” Ryan responded.

“Okay, first, we need to make the sofa out into a bed. When that’s done we will tell you the first commands.”

“‘Commands’? I thought we were playing for WISHES,” complained Ryan with pretended anger.

“Commands. Wishes. Whatever. Just so we get our way, right Donna?”


I walked over to the sofa and removed the cushions. I gripped the handle, lifted out the bed, and unfolded it. There were already sheets and a couple of blankets on it. “That was easy,” I said.

“We like ‘easy'” Maria said, her enthusiasm obvious.

It was my turn to complain as I stood there in a stocking cap, my shorts, and some socks, “can I put some clothes on? I’m getting cold.”

“No way,” the ladies said in unison! “You can put more wood on the fire,” I was informed by Donna, “but you guys already have on more clothes than you’re soon gonna need.”

“That sounds ominous,” said Ryan who was clothed only in his sweatpants.

I stirred the embers in the stove and filled it with fresh logs from the wood box.

Maria asked Donna, “Do I go first”?

“Why don’t I tell them my wish first,” Donna replied. Maria agreed. “My wish for Mark is that he would finish what he started a while ago.” She smiled at me and winked. I smiled back feeling like I was the winner. “Your turn,” she nodded at Maria.

“Well, MY wish for Ryan is that he will be my sex slave for the next two hours.” Ryan swallowed and had a nervous look on his face.

I asked, “When do I get to start”?

“I like your attitude, Soldier,”Donna said to me. We will get started in a few minutes but I think part of Maria’s wish is something we all will want to see.” Maria’s grin got bigger. Ryan’s nervousness became more obvious. “At least I definitely want to see it”!

Maria, so brash for most of the evening, was now suddenly feeling twinges of nervousness. “How should I start,” Maria asked Donna? “I can’t remember what we said.”

“Girl, you just tell him what you want. He’s your boy toy. Relax and have fun with this.”

Maria’s smile was back. “You’re right. Thanks.” Turning her attention to Ryan she said, “follow me.” He followed her to the sofa-bed where she sat down. He stood in front of her.

Donna came to me, took my hand and led me to the easy chair. “Let’s move this so we have a good view,” she instructed me. I scooted the chair close to where Maria was seated.

“I’ve never done a public exhibition before,” Ryan said looking at each of us. “This is pressure!”

“Naaaa, Ryan, just remember it’s all in good fun and what happens here won’t go any further,” I consoled.

“Nobody is gonna hurt ya, Slaveboy, so just relax and have a good time,” Donna teased. Donna guided me into the chair and sat on my lap.

“Your first assignment, BoyToy, is to make like a Chippendale dancer and do a sexy striptease for me,” Maria grinned up at Ryan.

“A what-kind-of-dancer,” he asked confused.

“You know, a CHIPPENDALE dancer. A male stripper.” Understanding came over Ryan’s face. Now he knew what she was asking for. “We need to find you a bow tie,” Maria just had the idea. “I know what will work!” She hopped up, went to her coat and pulled out a scarf which she tied around Ryan’s neck. “There! Pretend that is a bow tie.”

Donna and I began to hum The Stripper, music made famous in the old Noxema shaving cream ads. “Shake that moneymaker, boy,” Donna yelled.

“I feel stupid doing this. I don’t know how to strip,” Ryan fussed.

I thought I could help, “Ryan, bahis firmaları just think about how you’d like for HER to strip if the roles were reversed. Pretend you’ve done it a million times, and just let yourself go.”

“Easy for you to say but I’ll try.” With that, Ryan closed his eyes and started moving his hips side to side in time to our humming. He began running his hands over his upper arms and torso.

“Yeah! Now, you’re talkin’,” Maria encouraged. “Good job!

Ryan had a little too much weight around his middle to have a six pack but I could tell the girls were liking this. I wrapped my arms loosely around Donna. She responded by squirming a bit in my lap.

Ryan ran his hands over his stomach and up to his nipples. He cupped himself as if he had breasts and began to tweak his nipples which were fairly large for a man. It was obvious that his nipples were responding and had become hard. “That’s what we’re talkin’ about,” Maria cheered. His confidence was beginning to increase with the encouragement. Still moving his hips, he turned his back to Maria and flexed his biceps, elbows out. Maria reached out and pinched a butt cheek. Ryan dropped his hands and began running them over his upper thighs and butt. He bent at the waist for a few seconds and firmly grabbed his ass cheeks.

Donna now encouraged, “yeah, baby”!

It was obvious that Ryan was overcoming his initial modesty and was starting to enjoy the attention. He turned back to face Maria. His swelling cock was pressing against the sweatpants. He ran his hands over his belly and chest, pausing to pinch each nipple. He let his hands drift lower and glide over his bulge. He moved a bit closer to the seated Maria as he grabbed his cock through the cloth. He gripped it with both hands at once to give a clear indication as to just how large it was. He swayed his hips and slowly lowered the sweatpants to the base of his hard rod, showing us his abundant brown pubic hair. Next, he lifted the waistband back up but let his hands glide inside and it was obvious that one hand was making long slow strokes on his penis while the other hand was caressing his testicles. Maria was watching every move intently and was unmistakably aroused.

Meanwhile, as we watched Ryan’s show, I ran my hands repeatedly over Donna’s awesome breasts and, as the heat of his performance escalated, so did the action of my hands. I began concentrating more and more on her huge, hard nipples. Donna cheered Ryan on, “more! More!”

Ryan turned his back on Maria again and began working the sweat pants lower and lower. When the upper half of his butt was exposed he bent over at the waist and lowered them until his entire ass and his balls were clearly visible. Maria reached out a hand and grabbed a cheek appreciatively. He responded by standing up and facing her again, the waistband down against the pubic hair at the base of his member. His long shaft pointed right at her. He moved closer so that he was within easy reach and said, “go ahead. I think it’s time you had a look.”

“Yes, I think so too,” she responded swallowing hard and taking the waistband with both hands. I felt Donna strain forward for a better view. I slid my hands up beneath her shirt and cupped her heavy breasts with my palms while my thumbs and forefingers caressed the rubbery nipples. She moaned her approval. My erection strained against her butt.

Maria stretched the waistband toward herself but Ryan’s rod was too long to spring free. She reached inside the pants, bent it back toward his body and tugged the sweatpants down to clear his huge penis. Both women and I experienced a sharp intake of breath when it came into view. I have not seen many erect cocks in real life. Ryan’s was by far the largest. Now, I have seen bigger ones in porno movies but it was very impressive. “Wow,” Maria said in awe as she took it in both hands. Ryan is uncircumcised in contrast to me. It was interesting to me to see just the tip protruding from the foreskin. His cock is somewhat wedge shaped, the head no larger than my average size but the shaft keeps getting larger and larger as it nears the base. As for length, I was guessing it was half again as long as my 6 inches. Maria looked over at us, with both hands still wrapped around it, “look at this beautiful monster”!

Donna said, “it’s a first for me. I’ve never seen one kaçak iddaa nearly that large in person. I’ve never seen an uncircumcised penis in person either.”

I thought it was appropriate to inject a bit of praise for my nephew at this point and added, “it’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen and I’ve never seen an uncut cock in person that was erect before.”

“I’ve seen a couple that were uncut but not nearly so big around as this one. I’m not sure it will all fit, Ryan,” Maria said seriously as she tried to touch her thumb to her middle finger around the base.

“Oh, I’ll bet it will fit. It just might take a few minutes of patience,” the older Donna said.

“It’s never been a problem before,” Ryan said in defense.

“Well, we are gonna find out,” Donna grinned up at him.

“I hope so,” Ryan responded with a smile.

Maria now began to let her inquisitive side come to the fore. She pulled the foreskin back and traced a finger all the way around the rim of the exposed pink head. “Does that feel good,” she asked.

“Oh, yeah,”!

“How about this?”she asked as she smeared a drop of precum around the opening at the tip.

Ryan jerked involuntarily, “almost TOO good,” he responded. She moved both hands back and forth.

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” she took the head in her warm wet lips.

“Let’s leave these two alone and have some fun of our own,” Donna said to me as she rose and pulled me to my feet. She led me to the bedroom where we stopped at the edge of the bed and wrapped our arms around one another in a long, deep kiss. Our tongues explored, teased, and tasted.

“I love how you kiss, Donna.”

“Mmmm. We’re just starting.”

I slipped my hands inside her sweatpants, beneath her panties, and pulled her into me. Her skin was warm and soft. Her butt was ample and feminine. She ground her pubic bone against my erection. “I love how you feel,” I whispered against her cheek between hungry kisses. She responded by putting her hands in my shorts with fingers spread and grabbed my butt.

“What a sexy ass you have, Mark. Let’s get back to where we were earlier, shall we?”

“And just where, exactly, was that?”

She chuckled very softly, “my knees in the air. Your tongue deep in my wet pussy. An orgasm just waiting to happen.”

“Oh, I like the sound of that! Let’s lose this shirt, shall we,” I said as I raised it over her head.

“We don’t need this one either,” she responded lifting mine up and over. She wrapped her arms around me again.

“Mmmm! I love how your nipples feel pressing against me.”

“You like these nipples, don’t ya,” she asked.

“I sure do.” I bent down and sucked on one, then the other.

She shuddered in response. “I’m glad you do. Are they my best feature?”

“I haven’t sampled all your features yet but I’ll let you know soon.” We laughed before kissing again. I pulled the blankets down and she sat on the exposed sheet. “We don’t need these either,” I said as she raised her hips so that I could slide her pants and panties over her flaring hips. I noticed that not only were her panties wet from excitement, but even her sweatpants had a damp spot at the crotch. Grabbing one of the pillows I said, “raise your hips. I want full access to that beautiful pussy!”

“Oh, come on! I don’t want to wait anymore,” she encouraged as I immediately buried my face in her sopping wet center. All the games and sexual play had her at a high level of arousal. After tonguing her opening and sensitive clit for just a minute or two she was grinding her pussy against my mouth as her hands pulled my head into her. She orgasmed. I could feel her body convulse in wave after wave. Meanwhile, I had my lips around her clit. I was just holding suction against it, not moving.

“I’ve never come so hard in my whole life! Oh, it’s been too long!” she said breathlessly, loosening her grip on my head. I moved my tongue lower and started to lick her pussy lips but she jerked her hips away and pulled my hands. “Oh, not yet! It feels TOO good. I can’t take more just yet.”

So I moved up beside her and lightly placed the palm of my hand over her pubic mound and began to kiss her face. I kissed her forehead and her closed eyes. I kissed her cheeks and the tip of her nose. I kissed her chin and lingered on her lips. I kissed her earlobes and her kaçak bahis neck. I shifted so that I could softly lick her areolas before licking the protruding nipples. I could sense her desire mounting so I took turns sucking one nipple then the other. I moved the flat of my hand against her pussy feeling her hips rock in response. I knew she was building to a second orgasm so I slid between her legs and began nibbling on her labia. I stretched her nether lips with my lips. As her passion built and she began to pull me into her again, I started caressing her clit with my tongue. I alternated sucking on it with my lips. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Don’t stop! Oh!” She reached her peak again. She was not as overly-sensitive after this orgasm. She hugged my hands to her chest so I teased her nipples with my fingers at the same time I began making long firm licks from her opening to her clit. After only five or six of these licks she was overcome with another orgasm. She held my head against her and even tried to wrap her legs around me. “Oh! So good! So good! I have to stop! So good!” she said breathlessly. She pulled me up beside her and opened her eyes wide as she looked at me. “You are the pussy master! I’ve never cum like that before in my life!”

I chuckled. “Well, I suspect all the buildup of the night had something to do with it.”

“Well maybe.” She paused to catch her breath. “Let me rest a minute then it will be YOUR turn,” she smiled at me.

“Sounds good.” I began placing kisses all over her face and upper body. My fingers played in her pubic hair. She began pressing herself into my kisses. She was moving her hips in response to my fingers. It became apparent to me that she could orgasm again.

“I have an idea,” I breathed into her ear.

“I like your ideas. What is it?”

“I’m going to make you cum again and just before you do, tell me and I’ll slide into you so that I can feel you cum against me. Sound good?”

“Sounds wonderful,” she said as I slipped off my shorts and socks while continuing to kiss her.

My fingers caressed her labia, ever so slick with her juices. I teased near her clit but did not touch it directly while I kissed her lips and nipples. Her hand found my cock and she started to stroke it. I could tell that it was breaking her concentration so I whispered, “just hold it. Let’s concentrate on you and it will be my turn later.”

“MMMkay,” she said with eyes closed. I sensed her orgasm building again so increased the pressure from my fingers. I rubbed around and around her clit, touching it directly as her breathing quickened. “Now! Now! I’m ready!” I rolled on top of her as she guided my rock hard cock into her. She was so wet that I sunk to the base on the first stroke and held it there. She exploded in anther orgasm and I could feel the walls of her pussy grip me time and again. I began to rock against her in concert with the contractions. She panted, “awwwww! Another!” as she came yet again. We both stopped moving our hips and savored the sensations. She was very snug and, even though very wet, gripped me tightly. Resting my weight on my elbows, I pushed her breasts together and sucked her nipples. She moaned and asked, “how can I make it good for you?”

“You’ve already made it good for me, Donna. You’re an awesome lover.” I started making very long and slow strokes. I would withdraw until only the tip was still inside her warmth. Once, I miscalculated and I slipped totally from her.

“Put that back where it goes, Lover,” she said as she guided me back in. Then she started caressing my balls.

“I like that,” I told her. “I’m starting to get close.”

I was still moving slowly when I would withdraw but was moving sharply when I would stroke into her. Her breasts would jiggle with each thrust. My orgasm was very near. Donna could sense this and was meeting each thrust with a movement of her own. “I want you to cum for me Mark,” she whispered in my ear. “I want your beautiful cock to fill me. C’mon! Make it good for you.” I erupted inside her. Not since I was a young man had I orgasmed so violently. Contraction after contraction pumped cum into her as her hands pulled my ass into her.

“Wow!” I was finally able to say as my breathing returned to normal. Donna put her knees down and I kissed her tenderly. “You’re awesome, girl.”

“Mmmmm. WE are awesome.” She had her hands resting on my butt. My softening cock was buried inside her. “Let’s stay like this forever, okay?”

“Okay.” I could hear the storm’s wind howling outside over our breathing and we were soon asleep in one another’s arms.

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