A Biochemistry Backfire

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Uhhhh, what have I gotten myself into. Why is this happening to me? Now, now Sherri, keep your mind and concentrate. Concentrate. Breathe in and out. You know why you are in this situation. Just look at Daddy right now; the person you love most, and right now hate most, in the entire world.

Let me think, how did this all start? Oh yes, it was about five or six years ago, when I was twelve and thirteen. My parents were starting a really nasty divorce. Mother was especially disparaging about Daddy, saying all kinds of mean things about him. She was trying to get custody of me, but after I recorded some of her make out sessions with other men the judge let me stay with Daddy.

One thing that Mother said really stuck out. She kept saying Daddy’s cock was small. I had a hard time believing this. But one night I happened to see him dash from the bathroom to his bedroom when he wasn’t aware I was there. I felt sad for Daddy; his cock was indeed minuscule. Then again, the cocks I had seen by that time were all porn star ones; when I once sneaked into the boys locker room I realized his wasn’t as bad as it seemed, but still. It was Daddy; the most wonderful man in the world. He deserved to have a cock worthy of him. So for most of the rest of my grade school life my goal was simple; give him a cock that would make women drool.

When I started, I was under the impression that the ideal dick was twelve inches long, although I never understood how a woman could fit that much in her. With study, I realized that 8-9 inches was closer to the ideal, with only some “size-queens”, or as I came to regard them as, masochists, needing more. I did more research and saw that all those silly ads for pumps and what not promising permanent length additions were mostly bullshit. Viagra was merely temporary; I wanted Daddy’s blessing to be permanent.

Daddy was always curious why I wanted to start a guinea pig collection, but I couldn’t tell him the truth. I wanted them to test out various remedies for Daddy’s problem. I also began friendships with various girls who lived on the farm, so I could check out their animals. (I remember being terrified at the size of a pig’s balls; Daddy and other men would never be able to walk with balls that big!) When I was sixteen I realized I was waging an uphill battle; how could I with meager resources manage to discover something that many rich researchers couldn’t. But the answer was simple; my love for Daddy drove me on.

When I was seventeen I had actually made headway. About five months from my 18th birthday a couple of the girls figured out that I was researching how to make bigger cocks; they thankfully did not discover that I had a particular individual in mind to receive the fruits of my labor. They began volunteering their boyfriends to experiment on, and over the next couple of months until my birthday I was able to extend cocks a couple of inches. The format was usually that I applied the treatment, which was part drink and part applying a paste on their cock. Once the paste dried the boys always began having sex with their girlfriend who brought them. I never got the chance to get fucked by the cocks I had just grown; all I ever got was some pussy licks.

My 18th birthday fell on a Wednesday, and I was glad it over, as I felt I was so close to the final formula. My friends and I celebrated my birthday shortly after school, which was followed by an excellent dinner with Daddy at my favorite restaurant, with an excellent view of the Licking River (or at least the best view possible for that river.) That Friday, after one more new test subject, I felt I finally had it. I could now improve Daddy’s cock. Now Daddy could anadolu yakası escort go to some bar (which he never did) and get some woman interested in him. Now came the problem of applying it to Daddy.

Since I was already well on my way to become a biochemist, I figured out some sleeping potion to give Daddy. Slipping it into his iced tea, I offered Daddy a drink. He was shocked I had made it for him, but he was appreciative. Forty-five minutes later he claimed tiredness, and went to bed. I waited another thirty to make sure he was asleep. In the meantime I dress in my uniform; what I normally wore when I applied my formula on cocks. I wore a white labcoat that was Granny’s (God bless her soul), but tied to better fit my slim waist. As Granny was 5’5″ and I am 5’10”, I had serious legs sticking out, which I wore white silk stockings upon. I had a white bra and cotton panties on, to complete my ensemble. I looked in my mirror and thought “Damn!” Fortunately I had gained my Granny’s breasts, as I had C-to-D cups. (My Mother was an A-cup at best, and Daddy seemed to like his breasts plump, but did he ever disparage her tits like she did his cock? Noooooo.) After combing my rich brunette hair with its comely streaks of red, I went to work.

I had long ago learned that Daddy slept in the nude, which is why he always closed his door and placed a blanket of top of himself; just in case I had to visit him. Well, as it turned out I did have to visit him, and I was thankful it wouldn’t be hard to get to his cock. I crept into his room and, after checking his pulse to make sure he was asleep (Daddy was good at faking that, I had learned before), I went to work. I pulled down his blanket and looked fondly at his cock. At last, the moment I waited so long for had arrived. For the first time ever I touched his cock. Something about holding it was magical. I had held other cocks before, of course; it was the only way to administer the application. But all those cocks had been circumcised; Daddy’s was not. Also, this was not just any ole cock; this is the one that made me. It was some 18 years and 9 months before that this cock and its desire for Mother’s cunt were responsible for my coming to life. (I wouldn’t dignify her privates by calling it something attractive like a pussy; I call it a cunt. Some cultures regard women as merely the fertile earth, with the men responsible for the real work of life’s creation; VERY chauvinistic, but in regard to my parents I’ll go with that.) I could not help but want to kiss it, which I did.

Telling myself to get to work, I applied my formula to Daddy’s cock. Previously when I worked on cocks it was very clinical, but with Daddy’s I did it with much gentleness. I owed everything to this cock, and had to make sure I did everything right. I then realized I had a problem…how the hell was I going to have Daddy imbibe the liquid portion? He had to remain unconscious, but how could I get him to drink it? I didn’t think to put that in his tea earlier. I took advantage of Daddy tossing a little by propping him up on his side; I was going to have to give Daddy an enema. Ugh!

After that perfectly unpleasant task was done, I knew I had but merely wait. Over the next couple of hours I saw Daddy’s cock grow. I was so happy; it appeared I had had success. Thinking Daddy was started to awaken; I left his room, but kept close watch.

Yep, Daddy was awake, and quickly stood by swinging his left leg to gain momentum. I noticed he looked down and stared at his cock. He said out loud, “What made you come out of retirement. That dream must have really had an effect.” Dream, what dream? ataşehir escort What was Daddy dreaming about as I administered his cock?

Daddy staggered out of his room and into his bathroom. I noticed he could not keep his hands off his new equipment. “Sheesh, why am I so horny?” I noticed he was starting to shake. “C’mon, Smuckers, why couldn’t you be this long and hard when Dora (my mother) was still with us?” Smuckers was the name Daddy gave his dick; I found out it was because with a name like Smuckers, it had to be good. Sigh…Daddy and his sense of humor. (I knew this due to hearing him say this to Uncle Dale, who said it was too much information.) I noticed Daddy was really starting to tremble and go out of his mind. “WHAT IS COMING OVER ME!!! I…I can’t play with myself now; Sherri might see. Ugh! C’mon cock, why now?”

What was happening? How come Daddy was starting to lose it when it worked on so many of the boys? Then I realized what happened…all those boys had pussies waiting for their newly grown cocks. But Daddy had no pussy available for him. He needed a pussy. I desperately tried to figure out which of my female friends might come over; one willing to have my Daddy fuck her and not ask me questions later about why I applied it to Daddy. Not coming quickly to an answer, I decided that maybe some soothing words would help Daddy.



But of course I went in. Daddy was sure shaking. I went to his side, with his boner still raging. That is when I had the biggest surprise I ever had.

Daddy gasped as he saw me in my white labcoat he turned and kissed me. I don’t mean one of those butterfly kisses exchanged between father and daughter all the time; I mean a kiss like one a man gives a woman he intends to claim. His left hand was quickly going underneath my labcoat and caressing my buttock. I soon gasped in fear; what had I done? Daddy was a raging beast who needed a feast, and that feast was appearing to consist of me.

Before I had knew it he picked me up, his left hand still clawing all over my buttock, and took me into his room. He threw me onto his bed and lowered himself upon me. Before I knew it my labcoat was displaced and my bra and panties were ripped off. I saw his raging cock and realized that Daddy was out of his mind with horniness and his cock, the very cock that had made me, was about to rape me, taking my virginity with it. (I never had time before for boys who were not patients.) Once beloved by me, I now feared this mighty cock; this mighty cock I myself made. But I resigned myself to my and my pussy’s fate; I should have foreseen his need for pussy immediately, and my pussy was the only one available.

His cock searching for my pretty pink entrance for only a few seconds, it soon started drilling into me. I winced in pain as my pristine cherry went. I looked into Daddy’s eyes, the entrance to his soul, but saw nothing. For at this moment his very soul was nothing more than a giant cock desperately conquering a pussy that mere moments ago was pristine. But within a moment my self-inflicted terror was replaced by a new emotion…exquisite pleasure. Pleasure that I never knew could exist. Pleasure I realized with what little thought I had left could only come from being fucked by the cock I loved most.

Oh, those ungrateful cunts, I thought. All those friends of mine whom I helped give this pleasure to by improving the cocks they had chosen; not once did they even think of allowing the cock I made for them reward me. Think of all those cocks that could have pleasured me for months. But with my final thought for seemingly ümraniye escort eternity I realized one thing; had they been grateful, I would not have given my pristine pink pussy to the one man who deserved it; my Daddy!

With him standing up and me still in his bed, he flipped me over. I was once again panicked-stricken; did he want to fuck my tight little rosebud of an anus? Was it unconscious revenge for giving him an enema scant hours ago? It was a relief when I felt the tip of his cock enter my wet, oh so wet pussy again.

Daddy really starting pounding his cock inside my pink little pussy. My head was soon being driven into the mattress but I didn’t care. Soon I did not exist and nor did my Daddy; neither did the universe exist at the moment. All that existed in all creation was a cock and a pussy; a cock that had made that very pussy almost nineteen years ago, and a pussy whose non-existential owner improved that very same cock. My existence was questionable until Daddy starting playing with my perky tits; handfuls of joy he was denied due to that cunt of a mother of my not having but I had plenty of.


Then I felt it…Daddy’s essence; the very essence that had long ago made me. What seemed like gallons of his manly milk flowed and flowed into my pretty little pussy; a pink little pussy that was unprotected, as it had not intended to be enjoyed for still some time to come. Daddy once again turned me onto my back and replunged his wonderful cock into my tight pussy. The aura I felt surrounding me was incapable of description.

Daddy broke the silence. “Sherri!!! Sherri?” Daddy wept. “I’m sorry honey; I’m so sorry.” Daddy had gone from pure bliss to pure misery, fearing he had forever crushed his relationship with his daughter. He started to back away from the bed.

“No, Daddy!” I quickly yanked on his arm to throw him upon me. “It was my fault. I wanted you to have a great cock; a cock worthy of you. But I didn’t think to have a pussy ready for you. Forgive me.” Now I started to have remorse.

Daddy decided to join me in his bed. “You need never beg forgiveness from me.” With that he embraced and kissed me; a kiss between lovers who had just shared their souls in sexual congress. He has me roll atop of him as we continued to kiss, with his hands slowly proceeding down to play with my sweet little ass. It is like this we both fell into sleep’s embrace.

That weekend we did not leave the house. Aside from a few trips to the kitchen for necessary subsistence, we stayed in Daddy’s bed, enjoying Daddy’s new cock and my warm, embracing pussy. Who knows how many times Daddy’s juices flowed into my pussy on those glorious days.

That was some nine months ago. I finished high school, and could have made plans for college but why? I’m already a better biochemist than any professor could be; Daddy’s new cock proves that. When I am able to explain my work I can sell my secrets for making better cocks to a grateful world, although I’ll probably have to go to another country, considering how slow the FDA works. What more could a college teach me? But all of this must wait for several months, due to this glorious, but painful moment that has almost finished itself.

“Congratulations! It’s a boy.”

I looked fondly at this new life I had created, a symbol of the love my Daddy and I shared. One could easily tell it was Daddy’s child, if they could even guess it was his. My friends just thought I finally decided to test a new cock for myself, and wasn’t careful. Well, I was uncareful, but do not regret it for a second.

Daddy came around to the back of my maternity bed, and placed his hands with love of my shoulders, our eyes staring into each other’s soul. There is little doubt we would share this moment again. Within weeks I will once again offer up my recovered pussy to my Daddy, possibly making him a Daddy several times again.

After all, aside from making love to me, being a Daddy is what he does best.

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