A Big Deal

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I had been having some trouble with my computer at home and a friend from work offered to come home with me to see if he could straighten it out or at least tell me what was really wrong with it. Tony is a good guy like that, always willing to help out if he can. He is also a very big black man and, though I didn’t know it, I was about to find out just how big he really is.

Let me start at the beginning. I have a stepdaughter who used to be a real pain in the ass. Always giving my wife and I grief over something. That is until a few months ago. She had a problem, (I created it for her though she didn’t know that) and I helped her solve it. That story is told in “Pay-Back”. She is still paying for it.

Anyway, Tony came over and got the ‘puter up and running again and we were having a couple beers and looking at some porno when Heather showed up. Heather is 22 yrs. old and 5’7″. She is slender almost to the point of being skinny. I would call her skinny except that she has a great pair of tits, 36D’s.

My wife doesn’t get home from work until 6pm most days sometimes must stay out of town over night. This was one of times when she would be gone for 3 days.

Heather knew that her mother wouldn’t be home and came over anyway, knowing full well that I would demand another payment. She didn’t know that Tony would be there though.

When Heather came in to the computer room and saw Tony, she tried to make some excuse and leave but I wouldn’t let her. I told her come on in and sit down, that we would get to her in a minute. She was a little embarrassed by the porno and the fact that Tony was there. Tony and I continued to look at the porno and make comments about the models on the screen. You know, things like, “I’d like to try that.” Or, “I’ll bet that feels good.” I was keeping an eye on Heather and she was looking at the screen but trying to look like she wasn’t. We had looked at all kinds of porn, anal, oral, bdsm, and lots of cum shots. Tony kept glancing over at Heather and each glance got longer until I told Heather to stand up. I got up and went into the other room to get the video camera.

When I had it all set up, I looked at Tony, and said, “Watch this”. I looked at Heather and told her to show us her tits. At first she refused until I told her that she would never make the final payment. She pulled her T-shirt up to show us her bra and I just shook my head. She knew that I wasn’t satisfied with that and pulled it on off. I shook my head again and told her that I didn’t ask to see her bra. She hesitated just a second and then took her bra off. Her tits stuck out in the same position with or without the bra. I told Tony that he could check them out if he wanted to. There was no hesitation to that suggestion! He jumped up and mauled her chest. His big hands covered her tits and his thumbs pinched her nipples.

When Tony stepped back I told Heather to get down on her knees and crawl over to me. The look she gave me was priceless. When she was kneeling at my feet, I told her to take my cock out and suck it.

She said, “Not in front of him.” I told that when she got done with me that she was going to suck him too, so he might as well watch. Heather gave me another look that would crack stone but started to pull my pants down. As soon as my cock popped bahis firmaları out in her face, she stopped pulling my pants down and went to work on my 8″ inch cock. I told her not to stop sucking but that might as well take my pants the rest of the way off.

Tony and I went back to looking at the porn on the computer, at least I did, and Tony kept watching Heather’s lips slide up and down my boner. She wasn’t taking it all in and I was getting a little impatient. I put both hands on the back of her head and pushed her nose into my pubic hair. I kept her down there for about 30 seconds and she started to make some pretty desperate noises so I let her up. When she pulled her mouth off the head, a long string of saliva stretched out and kept her lips connected to my hard-on. She knew better than to stop for too long and leaned in to me again. This time, she didn’t need any help to get to the bottom of things.

After a few more stokes, I told her that Tony was getting bored and asked her if she thought that she could get his interest back. She gave me another furious look but got up to go over to Tony. I said, “Get back over here and crawl, the way you are supposed to!” Heather did as she was told and crawled over to Tony and started to peal his pants down. She pulled them down about 10″ and stopped to look at me. Tony’s cock still wasn’t out of his pants. “Well, what are you waiting for?”, I said. She pulled another 2″ and finally his massive cock popped out and pointed at her face.

I laughed at Tony and said, “I don’t think that is a cock. It’s a homing missile!” We both laughed but Heather didn’t see anything funny. I ordered her to get busy and she lowered her mouth down to the head of that monster. She got the head in and sucked a little as Tony groaned. I looked at Tony and asked if he was satisfied. He just nodded his head. I told him that I thought he would want a little more of his cock wet. He agreed, but Heather didn’t.

She pulled back and said, “It’s way too big, I can’t get any more in.” I told Tony to put as much of his cock in her throat as he wanted to. He got a big shit- eating grin on his face and put both hands on the back of Heather’s head.

He said, “Take a deep breath!” Heather did as she was told and leaned over Tony’s 12″ X 2″ cock. He started pushing and about 4″ disappeared in her mouth. He showed great self-control and let her back off to take another breath. Down she went again. This time he got about 6″ hidden before she gagged. She came up for air and he pushed her back down again. I was really impressed by Tony’s self-control. He kept her bouncing on that 6″ for a few strokes before he started pushing again.

Heather was gagging on every stroke, but seemed to be getting a little used to it. By the time he got 8″ down her throat she had stopped gagging. He told her that he would stop pushing if she would keep bouncing to that depth. The next time she backed off, she nodded and went right back down to 8″. After just a few strokes she missed 8″ and Tony warned her about it. The next stroke was short too so Tony put his hands back on her head but didn’t push yet. The man had great control.

The next stroke made 8″ and so did the next. Then a short one. Tony pulled her head off and tilted it to look in her eyes. He said, kaçak iddaa “Take a real deep breath.” He lined her head back up with his missile and pushed her down to 8″ again. He fucked mouth with 8″ of cock a several strokes letting her take a deep breath between each of the strokes. When she got used to that, Tony looked at me and winked. On the next stroke he didn’t let her back up as she expected. Instead, he kept pushing – and pushing! After about 20 seconds, he had her nose in his pubic hair and held her there until she squealed. I could see the bulge of Tony’s cock in her throat! When he let her come up for air, She came all the way off his cock and smiled at both of us then went right back to base of his cock! She loved it! This just wouldn’t do! She’s not supposed to like it THAT much!

I told her to stop and stand up and get out of the rest of her clothes. She didn’t argue at all and was soon naked. I had her spread her legs, bend over at the waist, and spread her ass cheeks. She asked if she could suck Tony’s cock some more. I asked Tony if he could get it up again if she sucked him off and he said yes, so I told her to go ahead but to be ready to turn around and swallow my cum. I got behind her and fucked her cunt as hard as I could. I tried to time my thrusts so that I was pounding in as she was trying to pull back. Tony saw what I was doing and tried to meet me in the middle. Soon I was ready to burst. I ordered her to turn around and deep throat me. Big Deal! Anyway, I filled her mouth with cum and told her to gargle with it before she swallowed it.

Tony asked if he could fuck her and she said “NO WAY! IT”S TOO BIG!” I looked at her and said, “That’s not your decision to make”. Right away she said that even if he could get it all the way in that it would stretch her out too much and her husband would be able to tell. I said, “You’d better think of something to tell him but you’ll have a few days to think about it because you’ll be too sore to fuck for a few days!” I looked at Tony and asked how he wanted her. He decided to have her on top. That way if she couldn’t get it all in I could help out by adding a little weight to her shoulders.

We all got into position with me standing in front of Heather and straddling Tony’s chest. As heather started to lower herself on his cock I fucked her mouth. Heather tried, she really did. But he was too much for her. I couldn’t see how far she got but Tony said that she had a long way to go yet. I started putting more pressure on her shoulders and felt her fighting it right away. That wouldn’t do, so I really shoved down on her shoulders and she hit bottom. I held her there while I made several strokes in her mouth then let her up a little and shoved down again. She didn’t squeal quite as loud that time. After several more shoves she stopped fighting me and started to fuck all of Tony’s cock.

I asked Tony where he wanted to put his load and he thought that he would like to see her swallow it. I gave them both instructions to set up the shot I wanted for the camera. Heather was to get off Tony’s cock and kneel in profile to the camera with her head tilted back and her mouth wide open. Tony was to get up and stand in front of Heather. She was to give him a few deep stokes then start jacking him off into her mouth. I told kaçak bahis Heather not to swallow it right away, but to show it to the camera. It all happened perfectly. When Tony started, it was a real gusher! I didn’t think he would ever stop! Heather’s mouth actually filled to over-flowing! When he finally got done, Heather stuck her tongue up through all that cum! It was great!

We all rested for a few minutes and had a beer. While we were drinking that I got back on the computer and found a good picture of a giant slab of black cock shoved deep into a very small white cunt. I asked Tony if he would like to try that and almost jumped out of his chair trying to get at Heather. I told him that he would have to wait a few minutes because if I let him go first, I would probably fall in! Heather looked at that and tried to get up and run! Both Tony and I grabbed her and I made her get on her knees in front of me and start sucking to it hard again.

As soon as she accomplished that I had her turn around and sit on my lap with my almost insignificant cock buried in her one brown eye. I told her that she had better fuck it good and hard to TRY to get herself loosened up a little bit. I told her that Tony was sure as hell going to fuck her tight little asshole. Tony told me to go ahead and shot a load up her ass because he was going to need all the lubricant he could get. Heather really went to town on me and tried to get herself loosened up for Tony’s massive slab. When I finally pumped a big load (for me) up her ass she asked if there was anything a little bigger that we could use before Tony had his shot at her. I found an old soda bottle and gave it to her along with a jar of Vaseline. She took both of them and greased up good. When she started to put the bottle in her ass I told her make sure the camera could see it all. She worked for quite a while before she felt that she was ready. She kept working that bottle in and out and told Tony to grease his cock and get ready. When he was in position she told him not waste any time when she took the bottle out, but to shove his cock in all the way on the first stroke. She took the bottle out and he slammed home. Heather passed out right away! I told Tony to pump real slowly while I went to get a cold washcloth to wake her up. I wanted her to feel all of this! When I finally got her to come around Tony speeded up his strokes and soon was pounding away at her for all he was worth. Heather looked like a rag doll stuck on the end of his huge cock.

After about 10 minutes Heather started to push back and meet him on an occasional stroke and before too much longer was shoving back hard on every one! She was begging him to fuck her ass harder and fill her up with his black sperm! Tony, being the nice guy he is soon did just that! When he did, Heather passed out again. When Tony pulled out we shoved the bottle back in and left her there on the floor.

Tony and I sat there talking and looking at Heather as the bottle slowly filled with his cum. There were small traces of blood in it and one little spot that had to be shit. Finally, as Heather started to come around, I took the bottle and slowly fucked her ass with it. When her started to push to meet it I pulled it out and waited for her to sit up (very gently) and then handed it to her and told her to drink-up! She hesitated but finally tilted her head back and, holding the bottle a couple inches above her mouth poured all of the mixture into her mouth and then showed it to the camera before swallowing it all.

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