15 Paradise Avenue

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A stranger walking along Paradise Avenue and stopping to look at number fifteen might have concluded that here was an ideal middle class home. A quarter acre block of land, beautifully laid out gardens, swimming pool, summer house, three cars. If the stranger had entered the house he would have had his view confirmed: expensive furniture, a gleaming kitchen, spa bath, computers (3), wide screen television sets (2), softly carpeted floors and — well, all those things that the home beautiful magazines praise.

If the house conformed to the home beautiful ideal, then so did its occupants. Sally Watts might well have been one of those home beautiful models who inhabit the pages of the magazines. Forty years of age but looking much younger, around five feet seven tall, with dark hair swirling over her shoulders, a slender figure (not thin), long legged with an achingly beautiful bust line (34C) – not large but firm with delicately pink nipples.

Her face; well, what can one say? Triangular with a broad forehead and a narrow chin that just missed being sharp; large dark eyes, a nose perhaps a little longer than fashionable but well shaped, its tip turning up slightly and her mouth, full lipped but not overly wide.

This was not all. Sally’s husband Richard was a well paid television executive, forty seven years of age, with handsome looks in that middle aged way some men are fortunate enough to acquire; shall we say “distinguished”?

There was one obvious flaw in this ideal picture; Sally and Richard had only one child, Jordan, and thus they failed to achieve the notional ideal of three children. Not that they hadn’t tried to achieve the triad, but they had tried in vain.

Son Jordan; a handsome young man of eighteen years, academically average, but in sports well above average, the pride and joy of his mother, but a bit of a disappointment to his father. An exuberant, and it must be said, a potent young man.

To round out this almost ideal image I must add that Sally was a firm supporter of the local church wherein she was a flower arranger, organiser of the couples club, organist and she also served as the church secretary.

Her secretarial skills derived from the days when, at the tender age of nineteen, she had become Richard’s secretary at the television station, and a mutual attraction had led to Sally’s pregnancy and their marriage.

And so our notional stranger, had he or she been able to briefly take in the Watts family scene in the year 2004, might have concluded that “They’ve got it all.” Well yes, almost all so it seemed.

That however would not have been a true assessment. If to the observing stranger it seemed like Paradise, then it must be pointed out that even in the first Paradise there was a snake in the garden. That snake, so it seems, has replicated itself throughout the history of humankind to blemish even the most outwardly idyllic circumstances. And so it must be said that even in the Watts Garden of Eden, the snake lurked, awaiting its moment to strike.

To this I must now turn.

* * * * * * * *

As with the snake in the story of the Garden of Eden, the Watts snake focused its attention on the woman, who of course in our case was Sally Watts, and it is her situation we must consider.

However physically attractive she was, she was also in her fortieth year, and for women this is frequently a difficult time; I shall call it “The Age of Doubt.” Their youth is in the past and their doubts centre on their physical attractions.

These doubts are frequently reinforced by their husbands who, as in the Watts case, after many years of marriage, have lost interest in the more intimate side of married life.

What is often not realised is that the male libido peaks in his twenties but for many women the peak is in their thirties and beyond, and thus it was for Sally. Richard’s lack of sexual interest in her was frustrating and reinforced her doubts about her physical attractiveness.

It might be noted that many older women, married or single, seek sexual relationships with younger and therefore more potent men. If they win the attention of such a young man, then they have a double gain; they are reassured of their physical attraction and they get the sexual gratification they need, often in abundance.

I must add another ingredient into the mix by pointing out that as Richard had climbed the promotional ladder in his chosen profession; he had to spend increasing amounts of time away from home, often travelling abroad. It was at his homecoming that Sally enjoyed a brief halkalı escort sexual union with Richard, which made her wish he went away and came home more often.

Sally was fully aware that his travels brought Richard into contact with many attractive women and she suspected that Richard enjoyed the sexual favours of such women. In short, they were getting what she wanted and was not getting.

And so the scene was set for our hypothetical snake to go into action, and the course of this action must now be our path.

* * * * * * * *

Consciously Sally had no intention of engaging in an extramarital affair, but she needed reassurance that she was still attractive. As is happened the means to achieve this end was close at hand. The means were called Jordan, Robert and Hayden, three young men who ever since elementary school day had been close friends; three healthy, lively young men whom most women in search of a young lover would have found very desirable.

Had she but known it Sally started with a distinct advantage since the young men, including her son Jordan, had long recognised her attractions and had agreed among them selves that Sally was very much a MILF. Had Sally known this she might not have gone to the lengths she did go to in order to draw their attention to her female charms.

The main centre of her attention getting behaviour was that most convenient location, the swimming pool. The advantage of this was that it would not seem obviously provocative if on a warm day she joined the young men at the pool wearing — let us be frank about it — a somewhat minimalist bikini. This she did one bright summer’s day when the three friends were all present by the pool, arguing, wrestling and occasionally diving into the pool.

It was into this youthful hubbub that Sally made her rather shy entrance. If Sally had hoped for some response, she was not disappointed.

A stillness and silence fell on the scene as three pairs of eyes became riveted on her. This dramatic response Sally found embarrassing but at the same time gratifying. Very quickly the responses of Jordan and Hayden become even more noticeable, since in youthful fashion their swim wear was almost as minimal as Sally’s, the rise and extending of their male organs was obvious. Sally could not see Robert’s reaction because he was in the pool.

Trying to pretend she hadn’t noticed the effect she’d had on the three boys, she dived into the pool, swam for a while, and then after drying herself returned to the house with an intense feeling of satisfaction; she had achieved her goal. Two young men and possibly three young men, including her son, had got horny just looking at her.

Success tends to breed further success and Sally saw no reason why she should not repeat experiment. What she may not have realised was that our imaginary snake was given entrée into the situation. Put in other terms, Sally could not foresee the possible outcome of her behaviour.

Sally visited the pool several times scantily clad when the young men were present, and the effect followed the same pattern as her first such visit. No longer shy when she made her entrance on the scene, she came to realise that when a woman can get a man horny over her, she has power.

Given enough provocation, especially where young men are involved, the male will do anything; promise anything, in order to get his penis into the desired vagina. So it was that Sally came to enjoy the power she had over these three virile young men.

Sally thought herself safe from any overt sexual approach by the young men. One was her son and he would never dream of making a sexual approach to his mother; the other two she had know since their childhood and they too would never make an approach.

In this Sally was being very naïve, and naivety is what the snake enjoys most. The innocent succumb most easily to its blandishments. In the Sally circumstances it says, “You are attractive to these young men, they enjoy looking at your body, so why not give them that pleasure?”

Sally did give them that pleasure, extending her bodily displays beyond the swimming pool to when the young men were around the house. She chose her garments with a view to letting as much of her body be seen as possible without quite being completely naked; even the bikini was worn around the house, and that left little to the imagination.

There was but one more step to be taken for the snake to triumph.

* * * * * * * *

In sexually arousing the young men there was taksim escort something that Sally had foolishly not counted on; her own arousal. The sight of three young penises, erect and eager to penetrate her must have its effect on all but the most frigid woman, and Sally started to fantasise having those penises in her vagina. Sexually deprived as she was those young male sexual organs became a day and night obsession with her, and despite the use of her vibrator she always seemed to be sexually aroused.

The wetness at the top of her thighs, the extension of her nipples, and the feelings of agitation that accompany sexual arousal should have been a warning to her, but if she recognised the warning, she ignored it. She had power and wanted to keep it.

All the ingredients were present but one, and for this the snake waited, ready to strike.

A delightfully warm summer’s day; Sally working in the kitchen, wearing her provocative bikini; the boys by the swimming pool wearing their male version of the bikini, and the final ingredient, the absence of Richard on an overseas business trip.

The snake struck.

Sally sensed rather than saw or heard that she was no longer alone in the kitchen. Alarmed she whirled round to see the three boys stranding just inside the door. They were only wearing their swimming shorts and Sally could see their erect penises struggling to escape their confinement. In fact her son’s penis had partially escaped because she could see the head of his penis had come into view above the top of his shorts which indicated it was much larger than his father’s penis..

“God you frightened me coming in quietly like that,” Sally gasped.

Jordan came up to her saying, “Sorry we didn’t mean to frighten you.”

Sally now had no doubts about what they wanted, but nevertheless she asked breathlessly, “Do you want something?”

“I think you know what we want,” Jordan said, putting his arms round her, “you’ve been begging for it for a long time now, and so we’re going to give it to you.”

Too late Sally tried to play the innocent saying, “I don’t understand, what have I done, what do you want?”

“We want you mum, and we’re going to have you. We don’t want to hurt you and it’ll be better if you don’t struggle or scream because the three of us can hold you down and no one will hear your screams.”

“Ber-but Jer-Jordan, you can’t, not you, you’re my son and…”

“Please mum,” Jordan said quietly, “try and relax and you might enjoy it.”

Robert and Hayden had moved behind her and Sally felt first her bikini top being removed and then the bottom, leaving her naked.

Sally knew that Jordan was right; any attempt to resist them would be futile if they were intent on fucking her. “You won’t be rough with me, will you?” she said weakly.

“No, we won’t be rough as long as you don’t resist. Where do you want us to do it, in here?”

“No…no, not in here, on the bed…my bed,” she said.

Jordan nodded to Robert and Hayden and they picked her up and carried her to the bedroom where they gently lay her on the bed.

Sally had experienced dreams in which she was gangbanged and now it was about to happen in reality. Three potent young men were about to take her, but she had only ever experienced one man before and she wasn’t sure how three would use her, or what was expected of her.

She needn’t have wondered because the boys took over. Hands and mouths were exploring her, pressing, licking sucking and whatever resistance she’d had melted away and she gave herself up to them. She wanted to know what it was like to be fucked by three young men.

She felt her legs being raised and looking down and she could see Jordan between them and her legs were over his shoulders and his tongue in her genitals. Someone was sucking her nipples and then Robert was kneeling beside her head and brushing her lips with the head of his penis. She knew what he wanted and so she took it into her mouth and begun to suck. It was exuding precum and so she got a foretaste of what was to come.

Jordan had moved up to suck her nipples while Hayden had replaced him and was licking her genitals. It was Hayden who found her clitoris and as he gently nibbled it she screamed.

She heard Jordan say, “She’s ready,” and she was turned over and drawn up onto her knees at the edge of the bed. It was Jordan as if by right of being her son, who stood behind her and was the first to penetrate her vagina. Robert was again beside her with his penis in her mouth.

All şişli escort four of them were too far gone to hold back their orgasms and she was never afterwards quite sure who came into her first, Jordan or Robert, but she thought Robert because as Jordan ejaculated into her she wanted to cry out, but Robert’s sperm was filling her mouth, and all she could manage were muffled cries, “Ah…ah…ah…”

They had come into too soon for Sally to have her orgasm, but as soon as Jordan had emptied his sperm into her Hayden took over, and even before Jordan’s sperm had started to ooze out of her Hayden was fucking her relentlessly. He caught her at the right moment and this time she did scream, in fact she screamed and screamed and screamed as Hayden filled her already overflowing vagina.

The snake had won.

* * * * * * * *

Sally, for whom the words “Paradise Street” had taken on a new meaning, gradually came out of what had been an orgy of sexual pleasure to find her self lying on her back, the taste of Robert’s cum still in her mouth and sperm seeping from her overflowing vagina.

Beside her the three boys were sprawled out, their eyes fixed on her.

“Are you okay mum,” Jordan asked anxiously.

“Never better darling,” Sally said in a tremulous voice, “it was wonderful.”

That seemed to be the signal for more action. Robert who had not cum in her vagina was the first. Sally lay back, relaxed, telling herself that this was an experience she might never have again, and she give her self up to the sheer ecstasy of being fucked.

They each took her in turn, and this time it was no hurried affair. They brought her to orgasm repeatedly until they all seemed to be satiated. They lay quietly for a time, and then it was clean up time. The room reeked of sex, the bed covers had patches of sperm combined with Sally juice and the boys sperm was still running out of her vagina, and the boys’ now slack penises were redolent of their recent activities.

“Let’s use the spa bath,” Sally said.

In what almost resembled a triumphant procession she was carried to the spa and soon all four of them where in the swirling, bubbling, water, and the temptation was too great. It was Jordan who took her first, then Hayden and Robert.

Sally with her limited experience of sex wondered where the boys got the energy and the sperm from, but they were young and vital, and it was still only the beginning of their sexual experience with Sally.

She was amazed at her own response to them and even more amazed at having had multiple orgasms; it had neve been more than one with Richard and Sally wasn’t finished with her new found lovers yet, but unfortunately two of them had to leave.

Alone with Jordan he asked her, “Was it all right mum, was it what you wanted?”

“Being raped?” Sally replied with mock seriousness.

“Mum, it wasn’t rape, you…”

Sally laughed and said, “No, not rape, it was just a surprise, and it wasn’t even my birthday. I think you’d better come to my bed until your father comes home.”

Had the snake really existed it might well have chuckled.

Richard of course did come home, and on the first night after his arrival Sally had to accommodate herself to his more pedestrian approach to sex.


Robert and Hayden continued to visit the Watts’ home and their ministrations combined with those of Jordan, meant that Sally was a very happy and contented woman.

Eventually Robert and Hayden went on their way in pursuit of careers, but Sally and Jordan continued to occupy the same bed whenever Richard was away.

If by chance our imagined stranger was to walk past 15 Paradise Avenue on a fine day, he or she might catch a glimpse of a small boy playing in the garden. He or she might even see Sally seated in a deck chair holding a baby.

Richard was delighted that so late in their marriage, and after they had failed so often, he had at last been able to father two more children.

The stranger would obviously not be able to see how the small boy resembled Jordan quite remarkably, but then, Jordan did resemble Richard.

As for the baby, a daughter, it resembled its mother, which I think was fortunate for Sally.

Sally is now past child bearing, and the early days of her having three young lovers are gone, but she still has Jordan and if she can no longer become pregnant, that does not mean that she and Jordan no longer perform that act associated with pregnancy, quite the contrary.

Contrary to the negative press that the snake in the Garden of Eden gets, I take a positive view. Without that snake and its wily ways we might have been for ever without life’s greatest pleasures.

And by the way, 15 Paradise Avenue still looks like an ideal middleclass home, and if it really existed the snake would now be curled up and contented.

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